Weekly Poll Question: Should The Pub Culture Be Done Away With?

Posted on February 10, 2009 in Politics at Play, Society

Our last weekly question was: Should the pub culture be done away with?

From the response we found out the although 75% people do believe that it should not be done away with, there are 25% people who still think that the pub culture should be done away with.

From the poll it is quite clear that a majority of the population believes that the pub culture is fine. As we move towards modernisation and westernisation, the pub culture has certainly become a part of our modern day India. The urban contemporary population would never mind the pub culture. But the question is that if the pub culture shall not be removed then shouldn’t we curtail the moral policing hooligans? And if the pub culture should be removed, then what do you think is the reason? Is it unethical? Is dancing to loud music with people you know unethical?

Pub culture should not be banned, what should be banned are the misdeeds that go on within the pub and club premises. If there is something unethical going on inside the pub then the judiciary must take care of it. And for those who think that women who drink are violating the traditions of India, what do you have to say about our fundamental Right To Choose?

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Hello, this is the heated topic of discussion in many indian blogs. I personally feel people who want to promote indian culture, are kind of hypocritics.. Do they realize that they have adopted the western suit as opposed to the traditional lungi and dhoti.. Do they also realize, that the actual indian culture is to sit on the floor and have meals as opposed to sitting on the table..

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Youth Ki Awaaz

Hi “workhard”

Very well said. Promotion of Indian culture does not mean that one should hamper someone’s personal domain. The problem here lies in the radical methods taken up by the Indian fundamental groups, be it anywhere, in any state.

There is a code of conduct that needs to be followed. If they are talking about tradition and ethics then they must realise that bashing up of women and destruction on social places is not a part of our tradition and is unethical for sure.

Great comment. Keep reading Youth Ki Awaaz.

Youth Ki Awaaz
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