Bi-monthly poll results: Who would you vote for?

Posted on April 30, 2009 in Politics at Play

The previously conducted bi-monthly poll featured the question “Who would you vote for?” The results were as follows:

  • 41% voted for Congress
  • 38% voted for BJP
  • 20% voted for other

From the above results we can make out that there is a clear difference of opinion (or ideologies). While there is a difference in number for the two veteran parties, Congress and BJP, we can’t say much. It is clear that the competition is cut throat and the margin is very small. While some people support Congress ideologies, some support BJP’s.

What is interesting is to see that a considerable number of votes have come in for other parties, which might be BSP, SP, RJD, JDU, etc. People are taking to other parties and their ideologies. The 2009 Lok Sabha elections will certainly be interesting.

We want your voice, so mail us at [email protected] or comment to this article. Let us know what you feel, be heard.

Read Cong. v/s BJP analysis here.

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BK Chowla

I will not take these % seriously untill it is made clear as to what age group has voted,Which state hasvoted, What is the social and educational background of the voters and the like.However,I appreciate the effort being taken by you all.It may actually motivate voters to come out.Are you not disappointed with voting% at Mumbai yesterday?

Youth Ki Awaaz

Hi Mr. Chowla,

The poll that has been conducted has been done nationwide on Youth Ki Awaaz. It was done for a period of 2 months till the 19th of April, 09.

The age group of the voters is certainly between 18 to 35.

This is a vox populi poll sir, and I hope that people have voted in an unbiased way.


Youth Ki Awaaz

As for the Mumbai issue, I guess the media (that we rely upon) interviewed celebs, Page 3 people, activists, and others whom we know of, but forgot the common man. We saw only a small number of people like you and me being interviewed. The turnout is more or less similar to that of last year so personally I am not that surprised. I feel that the hype was created.

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