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India has always been subject to a number of crimes which have affected us directly or indirectly. One such crime has been that of child abuse.

Nineteen percent of the world’s children live in India, which constitutes 42 percent of India’s total population.In 2007 the Ministry of Women and Child Development published the “Study on Child Abuse: India 2007.” It sampled 12447 children, 2324 young adults and 2449 stakeholders across 13 states. It looked at different forms of child abuse: Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Emotional Abuse and Girl Child Neglect in five evidence groups, namely, children in a family environment, children in school, children at work, children on the street and children in institutions.

The study’s main findings included: 53.22% of children reported having faced sexual abuse. Among them 52.94% were boys and 47.06% girls. Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Delhi reported the highest percentage of sexual abuse among both boys and girls, as well as the highest incidence of sexual assaults. 21.90% of child respondents faced severe forms of sexual abuse, 5.69% had been sexually assaulted and 50.76% reported other forms of sexual abuse. Children on the street, at work and in institutional care reported the highest incidence of sexual assault. The study also reported that 50% of abusers are known to the child or are in a position of trust and responsibility and most children had not reported the matter to anyone.

Due to this, the future of our children is under threat. It is only when all of us act together can we make a change.

Youth Ki Awaaz launches its Act Against Child Abuse (AACA) campaign.

Listed below are the motives of this campaign:

* To write about child abuse regularly in order to bring forth the issue and address the people neglecting the issue.
* To create an impact on the way people think.
* To bring forward the atrocities faced by the child who has been abused.
* To create a sense of belongingness for the child and his/her parents
* To spread awareness about the issue and mobilize people to act.
* To motivate the victims to come out and register the cases.

If you feel there is more we can do, suggestions are invited.

In order to be a part of this campaign all you have to do is send in your comments, views, articles, or any other stuff you have on the issue.

We will publish it and make sure that your voice reaches every ear.

Click here to read the AACA articles.

Register yourself as a part of the Act Against Child Abuse campaign, CLICK HERE.

Mail in your entries, write ups, views or articles to us at [email protected] or click here.

Lets make a difference for our future generations. Join now.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 9:54 pm March 17, 2012
Neha jaiswal

Education for all must be made
mandatory for all children of school-
going age in all parts of the country,
and it should be free. Children should
be encouraged to attend school and,
if need be, their parents be given
incentives for sending their children to

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:20 am May 8, 2009
Youth Ki Awaaz

Dear sir,

Thanks for the comment.

We will try out best to get someone on board.


Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:15 am May 8, 2009
BK Chowla

All that you are doing is fine You must involve some well meaning NGO in this process.What is actually required is the need for education.

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