Dance of Democracy: An Election Commentary

Posted on May 13, 2009 in Politics at Play

-Ashik Gosaliya

Drama of democracy has got over today and will lead to time pass, which seems to have already begun. Against all kinds of predictions of political pundits, these elections have been proven the most exciting, interesting and entertaining of all time.

Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Narendra Mody have been excellent performers in the lead role. Supporting roles were perfectly portrait by L K Advani, Sonia Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh. Full credit goes to Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh, for bringing painstaking excitement to this drama. This time responsibility of bringing the tragedy was on the shoulder of Lalu Prasad Yadav as well as Prakash Karat.

Emotions were brought by Karunanidhi, Mayavati and Varun Gandhi and role of betrayal was perfectly portrayed by Navin Patnayak. Indian show has never missed on Action, which hereto, was brought by the loyal workers of political parties. All in all, thoroughly refreshing comedy show was played over a period of one and half month time.

Director of the drama, Mr Navin Chavla, will announce the awards on 16th of May, which will fall curtail on this drama and real business will get under way. Viewers (read voters) and people of entertainment channels (read news channels) must be very disappointed, since they get the chance to see such a power packed drama only once in every 5 years. This may be the reason that viewers portrayed their views in a fashion, that they get to see the same kind of show every year. All credit goes to world’s one of the highly intelligent people, the Indian people.

Indian politics is all about opportunities. This is the reason opportunists are well placed in these elections and will remain in demand even after the results will be announced. Not only smaller or regional parties are playing politics of power, even national political parties are not at all lagging behind. Congress is always rated highest, when it’s comes to trading off of parliament members.

The incumbent Prime Minister has been lucky to have his name in the Indian history now and forever, but will it be for his economical skills or for his political slavery. Man Mohan Singh as the economist failed to stimulate the Indian economy as much as we wanted; but it was been done by Man Mohan Singh, the politician.

The flow of illegal money — poured by politicians in this election – was stupendous and made the economy rolling till some extent. Million Dollar questions remain unanswered till date. Will he be able to prove himself, the one and only care taker of the chair which is believed to be the naturally belonging of Rahul Gandhi? Answer ahead on 16th May.

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Youth Ki Awaaz

Enlightening article Ashik.

Uma Shankar Sahu

Great Man….Keep it up..!



All the hard posturing is a precursor to hard bargaining;if the exit poll drama is even slightly near reality,this time,we are going to watch unprecedented role of money power post-election .
Another point-The chair does naturally belong to him,and he seems to be a honest,striaght forward person,let him gain some more experience of India and Indian political scenario,and then why not?

Youth Ki Awaaz

Hi Vikasendu,

The election might as well turn into a show of money power. Lets hope that the politics of India does not degrade any further.


Praveen Saxena

Good one Ashik,
You’ve caught the common man pulse.

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