YOUTH AND POLITICS: What Does the Youth Demand?

Posted on May 20, 2009 in Politics at Play

-Anshul Tewari

Since after the declaration of the results the Indian youth are brimming with zest and energy. With over 75 percent of India’s population below the age of 45, the youth play a sizeable role in India’s development process and policy making. The political parties have now started targeting the youth as they play a major part in determining who will lead the country.

The outcome of the 15th Lok Sabha elections has made it clear that a major part of India’s youth population voted for Congress. The wait is for the new Government to be formed and roles to be assigned.

With the huge mandate comes huge responsibility for the Congress led UPA Government. Catering to the requirements of the aam aadmi will form a major part of their policies. But what is it that the youth demands?

What is it that they looked for while voting for the Congress? What are the policies that they might favor? From the election response, we can certainly interpret the youth’s verdict.

The young voters are now aware and do not want goons to rule their constituencies. Since after the election results the system has been cleansed. No rowdy goon was allowed to win the seat of an MP by showing his muscle power. This has made it clear that there is no way the youth will tolerate criminals in politics. They are very certain that a person with a criminal case is not eligible to be voted in.

The youngsters are forging ahead with ideas of capitalism and have considered development as a major factor deciding their vote. There is also a consensus among the youth favoring the development of the basic requirements such as infrastructure, job opportunities, roads and safety that are all the rubrics of development. “Take care of the small things and the big things will fall in place”, is the voice of the urban youth. “It is only when the grass root level is improved can we expect the higher levels to function properly”, says Radhika, a young voter. The policies like the Agricultural Loan Waiver Scheme and NREGA in particular and being able to contain the free fall of the economy in general have come as a relief and also a source of inspiration for the youth. The contemporary youth is demanding development and is not in a mood to favor anyone who does not favor development.

“The new government must listen to us. There must be a way by which we can voice ourselves and make it reach the top level. New spheres of opportunity must be opened and ways by which we can play a major role in the system must be developed”, says Radhika.

A better functioning and a more responsive government which not only listens to the youth but also implements their demands is the need of the hour. The youngsters are ready to take on politics and change the world.

Manmohan Singh recently mentioned “This new mandate comes with the challenge of rising expectations. The youth of India, inspired by the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, have voted in large numbers for our party. But I is in the nature of youth to be impatient. They will not tolerate business as usual. They expect us to work with renewed energy. They expect the Government to cater to their aspirations. They expect a more responsive government. ”

The youth are the future of this nation and the politicians have come to know that they will not take any crap from anyone.

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Dear Anshul,
Most importantly they wanted to vote and they voted for a cleaner,younger India.I feel, All the media campaign for Voting but Not Voting for criminals has contributed a lot in the last elections.Congress had so amny young educated faces,led by Rahul Gandhi,most of these were elected and now,if they are given proper representation with a free hand to run there departments,we can see a different India.


BK Chowla

In my opinion,we will see a different style of governance( i don’t call it rule)Young electorate have given a mandate in favour of a change….Rahul Gandhi has to perform or he will be the one who will singularly be held responsible.It is my belief,that he will create a team with targets,objectives,rewards and punishments because tah is the only way to get best talent.Fourtunately,we have a lot of talent in the country.

Youth Ki Awaaz

Dear Vikasendu,

Yes you are right. The media has done us proud by promoting the cause of no criminals in politics. We might experience the beginning of a new era. But this could also be a preconceived notion.

Dear Mr. Chowla,

There is a lot of burden on Rahul to perform. But the media could play a major role in playing with his image.

Best regards,
Youth Ki Awaaz
[email protected]


Hey anshul,

I just came across this site, because i was trawling through the net looking for something just like it!

There is on question, though, that is niggling in the back of my mind. Being a part of a youth organisation myself, i frequently voice opinion just like the ones you have on this post. How ever, there are times when i am forced to ask, is our judgement made unclear, because of the hope we have for a changed India?

I mean, we regularly look up and quote (today's media increasingly so) figures on how the youth are becoming more aware. But what sample do we take? What portion of the total Indian youth are we considering, while forming or opinion? To be more clear- i feel a LARGE part of Indian youth is still the rural, relatively uneducated portion. And their opinions do not really match ours, do they?

So thats what makes me a bit uneasy – in our quest to believe and make others believe change is just around the corner, we tend to forget things like this- That a lot of Indian youth still HAS to be exposed to thoughts like ours.


Youth Ki Awaaz

Hi Prem,

I completely agree with you. By this platform we aim to first reach out to the like minded urban youth. Once we are able to do that (which in itself is a big job), maybe then we can move towards the rural youth simply because doing it alone is next to impossible.

A collective effort is required. Rural Indian youth has to break away from the emotional and traditional blocking, which is possible only when we enter their world and get to know their part of the story. But first, let's concentrate on the 1st part of getting people like you and me together.

Hope to see you here again.

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