Art From Abandoned Material at Bangalore Forum

Posted on June 1, 2009 in Specials

Saravana Kumar

A place like Bangalore Forum does not require any introduction. It is a great place to shop, watch movie and have fun. My visits to forum have always resulted in fruitful activities. My last visit to the forum was linked to a corporate discussion on WiMax Technology. This time there was a huge concrete structure on Koramangal road, near the Forum, which stayed in my memory for a social cause.

A huge Butterfly like structure erected by using abandoned paper tea/coffee/water cups. A social cause supported by business leaders like the Forum must to be applauded. Good job guys.

Information close to the structure reads, “A city like Bangalore alone generates about 3000 tonnes of solid wastes. Only a small fraction of this waste is recycled. Rest is dumped and finally burnt, which can be utilized in many ways.

This art work was create by Nandhesh shanthi prakash. He is a well known artist, not to a net guy like me. This art work is a perfect example to understand how a waste can be converted to a beautiful butterfly.”

My request to you is that the next time you throw any article in a dust-bin, think twice. Co-operate with local authorities in segregating degradable and non-degradable wastes. Lets make our country a clean country.

My applauds to the Forum and its sponsor Bosch Engg and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.


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Miss Sunshine

Aplaudable, I must say.
People should learn how to throw stuff in the dustbin first, and if they have, then seggregate them.
What irritates me is the ruthless way of the people..throwing stuff here and there on the road.
Will they do this in their own homes?
No.! then why outside?


great thing!

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