Homosexuality Legalized…. in India?


The Section 377 of Constitution has been amended. Homosexuality has been legalized. This means a lot to LBGT community. The people ‘who defied the conventional bonds’ have now been giving equality in the eyes of law. An epic judgment, truly.

An epic judgment that when a ’modern’ fast forward country like USA’s 6 states have legalized same-sex marriage but a country like India has opened its arms to homosexuality between consenting adults.

A country so narrow minded in places that some people could be living in the ancient ages even now.

A country where it’s legal for a girl over 18 to marry a guy and is supposedly protected by law as they’re of legal age. Yet newly-weds are burnt, tortured and beaten to death when going ‘against the society’.

A country where brides are still set on fire for dowry.

A country where sex before marriage is still a taboo and virginity is not a gift but a duty that a woman is expected to uphold for the man she gets married to.

A country where “dating” is not really accepted by families. People have to hide their love.

A lot of well educated people are opposed to the above ideas too. It’s so prevalent. Everyday a new paper has a tiny bit of news stating that in some part of the country, a man and woman were punished for they defied the society.

What does legalization of homosexuality mean in a country that cannot for a larger part, handle freedom like freedom? A place where injustice still prevails and bribery is not the problem but the solution to all the problems…?

If you say all this burning and torturing happens in the village, then for sure this new amendment of law applies to the villages too. After all they’re a part of India.

Come to the city, interracial couples are frowned upon, “Aunties” and “Uncles” still look at young couples dating and disapprove.

Teenage pregnancy is a fact, not many people are ready to accept.

Indian society can be so incapable of handling freedom.

Let’s compare legalization of homosexuality to legalization of marijuana.

The people who smoke marijuana secretly will do it openly, if it is legalized. The peddlers, who sold the intoxicating drug illegally, will set up shops.

And those people, who had no idea about the popularity of the drug or those who never tried it, will now try it too.

Would legalization of homosexuality mean the same thing?

How many of us repulse the idea that 25 years later, our sons might bring home a boyfriend to introduce to us? How many hiss at the idea?

How many of us are actually shocked and horrified at the amendment of the act? Is this modernization…?

image: http://news.bbc.co.uk

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You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.

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  1. The Vitruvian Boy 7 years ago

    Well i do call this a step towards modernization… But we have a long
    way to go….

    I am happy for the homosexual community…. they all got something now…No more discrimination against them..

    And i am also concerned abt our league(straights).This may be missed used against us…

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  2. Fatima 7 years ago

    Yes, a lot of us are now concerned about our own rights.

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  3. Neha Tewari 7 years ago

    It is not about all this…its just about being able to express oneself truthfully and openly.. why should homosexuals have to hide due to pressure of society?? why should they be victimised only because they chose to love diffrenetly?? How human is it to dictate to someone who they can love and who they cannot.?? .being the youth and the ultimate power that can bring the "change" we should show acceptance towards something that the law itself is willing to bring rather that raising such questions. we know for a fact that Indian citizins are NOT law abiding citizens.. Be it a traffic light or violation of any other law…we never follow the rules..like many other laws even this one stands a chance of getting burried under piles dusty papers…but the only thing that can actually make it work is by accepting ppl's choice to live their lives on their own terms and conditions. why sould we lose faith in ourselves only because our society is rather slow in accepting change. if tomorrow my son comes home holding his boyfriend's hand why should i not accept it. does being a parent mean being a control freak…being someone who would care to see the society more happy over their own son's fellings. If loving another man makes my child happy then why not..?? after all a parents' ultimate achievement lies in seeing their children happy and content. and over and above all this why are we ignoring the whole biological reason behind homosexuality?? How much can u blame a person for being the natural himself/herself????
    I am not shocked and definitely not horrified at this amendment. how could anybody be????
    I am happy that my country's law makers are making such amendments…and in a way trying to make the citizens realise that its time they should live and let live… If being able to express oneself without any inhibitions is modernisation they yes this is truly a good example.

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  4. Youth Ki Awaaz 7 years ago

    Hi Fatima,

    I completely agree with Neha here. We live in India. A country where all sects live together. All kinds of people diverge together. We can not single out any kind of person. Homosexuality is not a sin. Homosexuals have as much rights as you and I have. If you feel that by curtailing one's right to live like this you can curb HOMOSEXUALITY. Mind it, Homosexuality is not a disease.

    Even when the law is there your son can still come up to you with a guy. Then what will you do? At least give him a right to choose. If a guy loves a guy you CANNOT curb his right. You are talking about this law being misused??? Gay rapes have been there even before the amendment of 377. It is the duty of the judiciary to take care of such problems. This cannot be blamed on to homosexuality or homosexuals.

    And yes, I will very well accept my son/daughter if he/she were a homosexual. And that too proudly. They have the rights over their lives more than myself.

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  5. Kriti Rathore 7 years ago


    sooner or later society has to accept homosexuality.society and so called religious or political groups will take some time in understanding that there is a large community whose sexuality and individual needs are different.it is not that one god has made straight people and another has made gay people.how can u ignore this community and its need?

    and if youth of today will fight against it then one day we will see a different world.and remember homosexuality is no more a taboo,it is no more a crime it has been legalised.


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  6. Fatima 7 years ago

    Wow What a heartfelt comment. I understand your feelings :)

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  7. Kriti Rathore 7 years ago


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  8. Angie, The Rehab Reject 7 years ago

    Just after I posted my thoughts on Homosexuality, I stumbled up this article. The writer must have some guts for writing this. Anyway, this is how I, another youth, feels about the whole big deal.


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  9. Fatima 7 years ago

    I read your, rather passionate article. And in my personal opinion, I second your thoughts.

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  10. Fatima 7 years ago

    @ Anshul
    Amen 😉

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  11. Anonymous 7 years ago

    i suppose this furore from the 'liberal' and 'modern' sects of our society at the supposed narrow mindedness of ours needs to be directed at sensitizing the people on the issue rather than jeering over their gloom and frustration post the 377 repeal .
    repealing 377 should have been the last step and not the first.
    think it over ,intellectually bankrupt young souls!
    and if it is so normal, why do most of the homosexuals want to alter their sex (check through all the surveys, if you don't believe it)? it implies challenging nature, right?

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