Bi Weekly Poll Results – Your Voice: Can We Ever Accept Nude Scenes in the Cinema?

Posted on August 20, 2009 in Society

The result for this sessions bi-weekly poll is out. We had asked you ‘Can We Ever Accept Nude Scenes in the Cinema?’ You voted and your voice is here. There is a large gap between the two answers. 66% of you voted ‘NO’, thus, the majority feels that we cannot accept nude scenes in the cinema. The reasons could be many. The fact is that the rural population might not be able to accept it. Another reason could be that the religious gurus might not accept it. The media might contribute to the hype and no matter how positive we might think of it, it might affect our children and young ones. But yes, 33% (a big part of the readership here at Youth Ki Awaaz) do feel that we will accept them. The reason could be the fact that it’s high time we accepted the practicality and moved ahead. And there is no big deal in showing nude scenes if the story demands it. So what do you feel about it? Do you think we will ever be able to accept nude scenes in the cinema. Let your voice be heard. Post a comment or mail us your views at [email protected], but do voice yourself.

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Well, it's not about "if the story demands it". It's about basic economics. The system ensures a consistent demand/need for a "nude woman". And this fuels the trade of flesh, bar dancers, porn industry. The whole nexus. Who would buy a maxim/ playboy, who would pay enormous amounts for a stripper, if skin show wasn't a big deal? (A mobile phone isn't a big deal these days. 8 years ago, people used to ogle at my motorola Startac and borrow it to get a look!)It is the conditioning of man, even if inadvertent, that drives this market.

Youth Ki Awaaz

How true. But the problem of the rural masses and religious gurus would still arise.


There was greater skin-show in the yesteryears…Simi Grewal, Sharmila Tagore, and many south Indian actresses wore bikinis and were shot semi-nude even in the black and white era. I don't see what the fuss is now.

Even if there were to be nude scenes in our movies, I doubt our country can ever be sexually open like France. Because, there is a lot of difference between preaching, and practice through true understanding and acceptance of the concept. This gap results in a perversion, a hypocrisy that is used to titillate the masses for the movies to make money. I see nude women, but no sensuality.

It is a pity that people base their understanding of sexuality on movies.


The unenlightened masses must be protected from themselves else they tip over the apple cart of smooth functioning society. The most Brahmin among us can be unaffected by nudity in a movie, but then we are not interested in such. An interest in such is the mark that one will be negatively affected by it. All the vices lead to the decay of society, for what are likely very bio-mechanistic brain/body causes and effects and have nothing to do with any ideas about "progress" or religion/anti-religion. If we accept that we are bio-mechanisims we must repress the vices. If we accept that we have souls and gods who prefer good behavior, then we must avoid the vices.

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