Is MBA Really Important To Be Succesful?

Posted on December 31, 2009 in Alternative Careers, Learning+

Moumita Pramanik:

In this era of globalization and industrialization, management is one of the pivotal requirements in this corporate domain. Every organization looks for an MBA to maximize everything from their sales to marketing to recruiting best candidates, all this to be an industry leader. A manager should inculcate with high knowledge of accountancy, accuracy, and managerial skills to nurture his company to grow up. But does every youth come in-grained with managerial skills and suit the tag of “future manager”? Or do they think MBA is the last option to have a successful career?

Many MBA tutorials and road-side petty colleges have been opened without a proper authorization or affiliation; entice these poor youth to join their institutes by offering 100 % placement guarantee, laptop, low fee structure, Wi-Fi connections, etc.

Students from different backgrounds endeavour to bell the CAT, one of the most rock hard and arduous examination in India. Some join MBA tutorials and some start burning mid night oil under the lamp and gulp piles of competitive books for months or an year. Some hidebound parents ponder that medical, engineering and management are the only way to lead their embryos to earn heavy every month and have a successful career.

They visit from temple to temple to get blessings for the future managers. But when the ultimate time comes to bell the CAT, the rats start scratching their heads to toes to get the answers. As the dire consequence, the student except IITians and Mathematics prowess, move out from the hall with doldrums.

But their extreme determination level does not let them down and endeavour their fortunes in other competitive examination and earn a place for themselves. Their resort goes down to other B grade colleges. And some who fail also chose the latter just to fulfill their dream of being future managers.

A hefty amount for two years and intense diligence transforms them into a marketing or sales person.

But the question that remains unheard or unanswered is whether MBA is really important to achieve success? In this era, where education and competition run parallel, immense options have been delivered to this world. Education has broadened its spectrum not only by theoretical facets but practically as well. The few courses are apparel designing, interior designing, media, public relations, industrial relations, animation, jewellery designing, advertising, etc. Here students, at a minimal fee structure learn another facet of education. These courses need an adequate knowledge, minimum qualification, good communication skills and most importantly, creativity, which the youth possesses.

It is all about honing the skill called creativity. One to two years of proper training and one can be the creative head of a company within a few years.

MBA is not the last option, in fact it is not the only option. So, why live on the line of dilemma and make your career full of difficulties. In this global recession a good thing that has happened is opening of new and more creative job arenas. Rest, is up to you!

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The writer is the Kolkatta correspondent at Youth Ki Awaaz


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Guha Rajan

Life is a journey and during this journey, if we keep the mind open for learning and have right attitude & foresight then, one can succeed in life even without MBA.

If you take few highly successful entreprenuer, you will find very few might be having MBA qualification, so this mean Succeed as a Manager 'MBA' is not essential can only be used as a tool if rightly put to use.


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Debojit Dutta

well written, even i was part of the rat race, only some months ago. But not anymore, i found out i am not made for that. There’s no use of cramming and mugging, if your heart does not permit you to venture into that arena. It is ironical, how as a child we paint the canvas of our mind with some realistic and some unrealistic colors, but the canvas is still copyrighted to us. Gradually, as we grow up, the same canvas is confiscated, either by duress or we run out of colors. It is time we start dreaming again, start refilling our color palette with smorgasbord of colors.


This was really gr8 tutorial…. thanks for showing me the right path…!


I think first one should investigate himself
1. Whether He/she really wish to do an MBA.
2. Find out whether it is only for the shake of academics/job or there is a real driving force/motivation behind it(not high salary) because without genuine interest one may survive but can not LEAD (word which normally belongs to MBA).
3. Asking all small/big questions to himself in isolation before starting preparation is MOST important rather in middle of the preparation or in the worst case at the end of an MBA.
4. Ask your friend who is already working as an MBA about his/her work profile.
5. Read on internet.
6. Believe or not that MBA’s huge salary is the one which attract vast majority of applicants if not all accompanied by the desire to reach on top fast.
7. If you convince positively yourself then give your 100%

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