Women Leaders in Asia: Asian University for Women

Posted on January 15, 2010 in GlobeScope, Learning+

Thasomini Palaniyandy:

Asian University for Women is the first liberal arts institution which focuses on empowering women through building leadership qualities and provides opportunities to South and south East Asian students to become active future leaders in their societies. The mission of the Asian University for Women (AUW) is to prepare women of high ability and potential to meet society’s challenges and make positive changes through an innovative curriculum that includes liberal arts, sciences and professional training; and develops thoughtful and ethical leaders.

Women from different socio cultural backgrounds come at AUW to make their dreams come true through this curriculum. They share their cultural aspects with others who are not from the same culture and work together to fulfill their dreams. Students from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Palestine, USA, Myanmar, Vietnam and Bhutan have gathered at AUW to achieve their goals. Furthermore, the Asian University for Women is an experiment in religious diversity where all the religions come together and celebrate each others festivals as well. These young women across Asia are preparing to become skilled and innovative professionals, service oriented leaders in the businesses and communities they live and work in.

Being in an environment where people speak different languages, follow different religions and have diverse beliefs is indeed a challenge but this prepares us to work in co-ordination and make our voices heard. Before we came to AUW as a family, we lived in our own worlds where we had many obstacles between our communities such as discrimination, violence, ignorance that suppressed women from overcoming these challenges.

Today we have realized that the world is a global village that interconnects communities from every corner of the globe. In the same way, AUW is working as a mediator for connecting the young women across Asia to develop the socio economic situation in developing countries and showing the way to be women leaders of tomorrow’s world.

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The world seeks for the empowerment of women Thaso. This university is a good example for that.


I think this university will be an example of unity in diversity.. It is a golden opportunity for you all..Keep moving..Good luck..

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