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Ravi Radhanpura:

Gone are the days when you would scan out the newspapers and other media for the need of a specialist designer for your company, your event, your daughter’s birthday or the grandfather’s anniversary. Today, you can be your own designer.

Bhavti is 20 years old and studying B.Com. Today, she earns roughly around 10K per month as her own pocket money catering to various small and medium scale firms and entrepreneurs by designing their logos, visiting cards, websites, banners and consulting on their brand development. All it took was some self learning around 6 months ago by her on the net. Today, there are several resourceful and easy to learn websites offering tutorials, funky styles and grunges, chic silhouettes and unending creative pleasure. Thanks to Photoshop, Corel and GIMP, people around the globe of all ages have the ability to find designers in themselves.

Even the science and technology students since several years have found a hidden liking in it for themselves. “It’s an advent of self empowering and realization of the fact that WORLD is really becoming FLAT.” says Avinash, a talented engineering student. Whether it be annual tech fests or cult fests, monthly events, institute websites or even some freelance cartoon making, students are collecting some informal accolades to pin it on their resume. “Since, the learning is so hectic these days, it’s actually nice to see students finding some creative vocations.” says Dimple, a teacher. The use of Linux and Sun, platforms like AJAX and use of CSS, XHTML are making this into a whole new stream. Designing since long had been a geeky profession, but the last decade has rather redefined it. There are innumerable reasons to be in it. According to the book ‘Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities’ by David Aiery, designing is all about, motivation, passion, a lateral way of thinking, a way to stay ahead of the world, an art of communication and a way to find happiness. He talks about world’s best designers and ideas that have created unique trendsetting brand value for them. When we talk of designers, we have disciplines also as industrial design, textile design, architectural design, etc. These are specialized areas and India has its expertise in these areas with a no. of reputed institutes specialising in their teaching. But, here we do not discuss on those areas.

What is it about designing that strikes people? Is it just the newness of the concept? Or is it the power people get by the tools they can control and change the way others view images? I reckon it’s the ability people get to express themselves and their minds and the freedom they experience in letting out their feelings is the main reason for the fame.

“Art is not the possession of the few who are recognized writers, painters, musicians; it is the authentic expression of any and all individuality. Those who have the gift of creative expression in unusually large measure disclose the meaning of the individuality of others to those others. In participating in the work of art, they become artists in their activity.” — John Dewey.

A counter to this whole concept from the sceptics has been that this so called culture and its exponential increase will eventually lead to the mentality of creating views or news rather than projecting them creatively. Perhaps it may clinch away the premium or the awe out of designing, or degrade an artist’s perception by the world. People may see the different forms of art out of purpose rather than feelings. Also, it may trespass certain people’s right to privacy. Maybe so, but as other flatteners of world, it will give birth to intellectual rights and creative patents, wherein people can also protect their ideas.

Well, whatever people say, being empowered is for the good. For, those who have got good hold of the designing stuff, are rolling on and making waves. For those who are yet to join the bandwagon, hop on and click on to some awesome sites to make those beautiful swirls and stunning text arts.

Some of the sites you could follow are: smashing magazine, webdesignerdepot, da font, Gimpology.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz and also student of NIT Surat.

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a real life designer

Its true that many youngsters are getting into the designing world after getting quick lessons in photoshop, corel and illustrator.And i must say bhavti is a very lucky girl with loads of connections, if shes not an imagination. the fact is the designing world is very saturated and its VERY difficult for young designers to come and earn 10k a month.
Though the opportunities are immense but it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of rejection before u start earning a good sum. My point is – its not a difficult field but it takes a while for the designers to have a firm holding!!!


I agree completely with you.
Designing as i want to show is a very wannabe and approachable field. To be good in it requires lots of practice but more importantly the intent and motivation as a creative mind.

To be a professional in today’s highly competitive world requires a lot of dedication and patience, and Designing is no exception.

As for the example, its not a figment of imagination but at the same time, friends- networking and connections are anyway the stepping stones for any money generating activity.

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