He Wants SAMMAN For All Rickshaw Pullers

Posted on February 26, 2010 in Society, Youth Icons

Kumar Ankit:

Irfan Alam popularly known as the “rickshaw man of Bihar” is the man to be talked about. He has been invited to participate in the entrepreneur summit called by none other than US president Obama, the summit will be held in April this year and Irfan Alam will represent India.

After reading the above news you all must be thinking that the person I am talking about must be a great business tycoon, a great industrialist etc. but that’s not the case.

Let me tell you this man from Begusarai and an IIM Ahmedabad product is the Chairman of Sammaan Foundation, which works for uplifting the living and working standards of poor rickshaw wallas. After completing his education he could have earned a lot by taking up a job as a manager in any good company but he started Sammaan in 2007 with around 100 rickshaws and today he has around 3 lakh pullers registered under him. Sammaan is active in seven states and still growing. The states are Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. He wants to cover 10 million rickshaw pullers, who in search of employment come to cities and start pulling rickshaws. He wants to uplift the condition of these poor fellows.

His idea was to systematize the working of all rickshaw pullers by bringing them under one roof. According to him, in India there are unions for everyone except rickshaw pullers, so he took their cause and modernized rickshaw pulling sector (rickshaw pullers comprise 30% in urban transport). His efforts bared fruit and rickshaw pullers started to earn more due to his efforts.

Irfan Alam provides them with the following services —

1. He offered them rickshaw at a nominal rent (Rs. 10 -20 depending upon cities). Earlier these pullers used to pull hired rickshaw for Rs 50 per day. Now by paying a nominal amount they started saving a large amount.

2. He got banks to offer them loans, initially he invested 10 lakh rupees to start this and as he became popular, funds started to flow. As pullers started to earn more they are now in a position to pay their installments.

3. He designed new rickshaws which have shelves which can carry newspaper, mineral water, and other small items for sale such as mobile recharge coupons, courier collections, bill collections and payments, etc. To make the ride more comfortable and entertaining he provided them with music, magazine, first aid kits and thus transformed this into a marketing engine.

4. He provided rickshaws with advertisement. He designed the rickshaw in such a way that it provided ample space for ads. The revenue of which is divided equally between the puller and Sammaan. This adds to the income of the rickshaw puller who earns from ads and the sales.

5. For purpose of designing, he established a fully fledged R&D center in Patna, for this purpose he has employed 3 engineers and more than 15 workers who work so as to bring innovation in rickshaw models so that they become more profitable and user friendly.

6. Besides these benefits Sammaan provides free uniform to all registered pullers, and a saving banks account from the day they are registered.

7. They cover accidental insurance amounting to Rs 1 lakh to pullers and the commuters.

8. Provides books to their children and conducts evening classes for pullers and their children under the social program “Sammaan Gyaan”.

9. Gives training in occupational skills to the wifes of operators, such as embroidery, stitching and tailoring.

10. They share a part of the income earned through value added services with the pullers, thus maintaining ethics.

Now with his hard work and dedication this 30 year old, young entrepreneur has showed the world that if you have vision, you can achieve the unachievable. Now as he is reaching heights his clients are also increasing and big names such as Punjab National Bank (PNB), HT, Bisleri, Bharti Airtel, Dena bank etc are joining his corporate social sustainability model.

His next plan is to register all rickshaw wallas across the country under Sammaan, providing new and improvised rickshaw to all, currently only 10,000 rickshaw pullers have special Sammaan rickshaws. With the help of PNB he is providing low cost housing for rickshaw pullers for 1.5 lakhs, carbon trading opportunities and a public offer by 2012.

The company has 400 percent growth this year and with Irfan visiting Washington; his corporate social sustainability venture will definitely become more popular and hence the effect on its turnover.

We salute this youth icon, in a true sense.

The writer is an editor at Youth Ki Awaaz.


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pratik kumar

Great job, we need more enterpreneurs like him.


really he is grt man………
we must salute him coz he could become one f d grt manager f MNC bt he prooved that”NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN HUMANITY”.


It is very inspiring to read about someone who has made such basic, yet life changing contribution.

kritarth singh

Hats off to this great son of Bihar…

Parul Sabherwal


A very inspiring man to be read about…I really feel that it would have been great if even 1/4th of the people our country would have thought this way. All the best Irfan Alam and all the best SAMMAN.


Great guy :) such people are the young turks who will take India forward.

vinit sharma

True, he is an inspiration for all…


Interesting news. Such a gr8 person with innovative ideas – hats off to Irfan Alam!


sir i m pranava iwant to meet u because i have a project for samman


Hi Pranava,

You must contact Samman foundation at http://samman.org/ and let them know about your plan. Thanks anyways for commenting. Do keep yourself updated.


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  • Affan Kamil

    Hats off to this great son of India

    Kushal Ashok

     Awesome. I like the ideas. God bless him!

    Mithlesh Kumar

    I personally congratulates him for his innovative Idea & a new move for upliftment of the living standard of richshaw puller.
    Wishing him all the best !!!

    manoj kumar

    fantastically,the work is admirable in the current globlized world.entrepreneurship is the best alternate option in recent competative world.e.g-in the case of india as we know that the problem of manskilled power.i relize that the gov. should focus on such type of training that motivates the students to become enterpreneur for the betterment for themselves,soceity,nation.the articles gives a ray of hope for soceity and inspired to do something for the soceity.


    Great Work- Irfan Alam

    anil sharma

    ankit very nice


    My self having lived in India for like 6years, studied, worked and married there with no bad records of misbehavior in anyway, i have couple of india friends in the police and other sectors during my stay. On my arrival here in my country (Nigeria) I discovered that we have thousands of good indians working and living peacefully in here that can serve as an eye witness of the situation in my country. I equally know and believe that most Nigeria youths out there in India looking for their green fortune are finally indulging into one illegal activity or the other. Reason for is best known to them and to those good Indians residing in Nigeria. Nigeria government needs to amend their leadership system giving and rendering service of why they were voted not pushing and creating rooms for such criminal mind in the life of our great youths. I seek the help of this organization on what to do, how you can come in establishing your NGO here in Nigeria for charity in any kind. I’m ready to welcome such good work you’ve doing in India here in Nigeria. Thank you..


    Ankit its an huge symble of Good thinking for well being of human.


    Mohsin Ahmad

    dear irfan
    you r doing such a lovely work……………..great work irfan……………we proud of you……………..acctully i m also planning to run an ngo for those who cant bear school fees and other expenses……………………… 

    nakul muley



    It is a nation wide problem how the schools are indulged into
    corruption, the reputed Delhi school Maharaja Agrasen harassing a school
    teacher and not obeying the High Court Orders. Family is under hostile
    conditions , struggling with financial crisis.Please help her get the
    rights and save her life.


    Hey its a really great job in the corrupted country.


    Very good work , Creates employment, security, helps poor & needy to earn, & live with samman, keep it up,


    A great Inspiring person for youth .I salute u


    Good work Mr.Irfan. Proud to be an indian. I also do my best to help NGOs through designing websites for them at a very low cost because in this Internet Era, it is the website that explores an NGO.If you need a website of if you have any IT related queries please call me at +91-9003879643.Thanks!!


    Good work , he should be a model for other youths to follow..

    diwan singh khadka

    Inspiring venture undertaken by him.It is the will and vision that can take the individual to attain his goal and help others in their livelihood.

    kamal keswani

    well done, keep it up. If there is some help required i can render at gurgaon.

    Ranhita P Singh

    Where is this organisation located?

    MNH :)

    This is an amazing idea. :) I came upon this while looking for a NGO to report on and ended up learning a lot more about conditions of rickshaw pullers in India. Great job, Irfan Alam!

    Mukesh K. Sharma

    Respected Sir,
    I, Mukesh K. Sharma, Advocate at Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh offer myself for the cause of release of helpless convicts lying in jail by joining your organisation. Kindly contact me if you think it apt.


    Dear Irfan,
    First of all let me shower my all blessings on you.I cannot express my feelings that how happy i felt when i read about your great contributions for these hardworking ricshawpullars.Really I salute u for this contribution.I am myself a 63 years lady , who has given accomodation to two ricshaw-pullars in my house and i know their problems. For the last so many years iwas also thinking on this venture but could not do it. Iwill be very thankful to you ,if you can guide me.once again I pray to Lord that He may give more strength to contribute more to our land.
    Madhurima (Lect (EX) H. M. V College , Jalandher,132 ,A New Jawaher Nagar


    Truely…… a man with a vision
    go ahead no one knows how far you will go…..
    great job


    very intersting

    Bhawana Goswami

    i want to work with u because i want to do something for my country


    I have something which can help you its an NGO which is more interactive for youth..

    Tanusree Biswas

    I’m M.A. in sociology… i heartily want to work in this NGO and provide some good service for the needy people of the society… It will be kind enough if this organisation provide me a chance to work for the people…

    Archana chauhan

    Hiiiii u are duing a vry grt job n i realy would like to work with ngos..i also did a tv journalism and wana join u

    Laxmi Pandey

    Doing a very good Job

    Siddharth Baloni

    Hello I, am Siddharth Baloni, Production Coordinator in a company in Mohali i want to join your organization and help people .

    Rajbala Sharma

    I want to join this NGO and serve the people . I am a BJP member.
    Please inform me about, how can I join this NGO?

    Saroj Yadav

    Tanushree ji apko koi reply mila h NGOs ki taraf se ?


    I want to join ngo to do great work & get a internal satisfaction. I stays at Hyderabad.


    It is really a great ngo and I really liked ur post I want to join this ngo and I am one of the volunteer and really want to do something fot the welfare of the society

    Anviti Pandey

    wat u did is awesome nd i really want to join ur NGO. i have done MSW nd want to do social work. plz do reply

    ashish kumar

    I am a student of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY,New Delhi. I am good in material exploration, designing, painting ,sketching, product development,e.t.c. I want to work with you.

    ajeet rai

    my name is ajeet i am a student of ca final i join the ngo to work for humanity cause.


    ngo me kam karna cahata hun


    mera no- 09776896361


    Please help my NGO i kindly request to you ..
    because i am helping poor child and his family…

    this is my normaly and hard progress for his devlopment and work fr his society
    I am also belonging a normal family but i want do for him ….
    please contact and help my NGO..
    Mob.no. 9415605357


    i want to join ngo.

    ilyas nazir laway

    Dear Sir/Madam
    i am Ilyas Nazir Laway from Kulgam Jammu & Kashmir. By profession i am an advocate.
    As u know the Kashmir Valley has recently witnessed Floods & was drastically effected. the floods rendered thousands if people homeless & damaged crops & fruits. The people are helpless and require some basic relief & rehabilitation.
    I have volunteered myself for the people of my land at the time of misery. I am looking for some additional help from your organization in any form monetary or non-monetary. i believe together we can contribute towards rehabilitation of poor kashmiris.
    Looking forward for your kind reply.

    With Regards
    Advocate Ilyas Laway
    contact: +919906597297, +919419041351


    grt job…..i m very proud to have such type of people in our country…..i also want to contribute in these type of non profit organisation.i like to help peoples who needs????…

    vishal puri

    I want to join NGO

    shubham gupta

    Sir, i want to join ur NGO becoz i m taking sociology as a subject which can really help me.

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