If Life is Hell, Then All Izz Well…

Posted on February 19, 2010 in Specials

Ranjeet Kumar:

To a world where truth gets masked by glittering advertisements and simplicity seems to be lost in oblivion, life seems to be an unending race of insecurity, resistance and perpetual dissatisfaction. There is something which is getting negatively programmed in our subconscious being. The greatest reason of unhappiness can be attributed to the aggressive advertisement strategy which makes you feel lost and it’s a constant dilemma in which one is bound to live. If you have that, you are great, otherwise there is seriously something missing and this is how the journey begins to the kingdom of hell.

Our eyes are constantly receiving the message and so is our mind and this bombardment on gentle souls are ruining our pursuit of happiness. From all izz well to a complete hell is what we are turning our life in to. This cannot be avoided but at least understood that by default our existence is programmed to be in a happy natural state. Lets respond rather than furiously react. It needs understanding that to do so we should be open and accept our condition in totality; once we accept it, we will be able to face any condition/situation. Life is beautiful and every event is a preparation for the next, thus problems will always be there but your response to it will make a difference.

The writer is a Features writer at Youth Ki Awaaz

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Harshal Mehta

Let us not get lost somewhere and keep our anxieties, discombobulations, fear under control..a deep thought indeed !

Jitendra tripathi

very good creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

amit luthra

Look ! What we have learnt from slum dog millionaire. Life, whatever we are living is preparation for big event. If you are going through terrible time, you should keep remember that the worst time can come. So, let’s prepare ourselves for every condition and consider it that “something is better than nothing”.

Ramesh Chandra

Hi Ranjeet Kumar,
very good thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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