M.F Husain Disheartened, India Silently Watches

Posted on February 26, 2010 in Culture-Vulture

K Sai Raghava

India the world’s largest democratic country, remained silent for years with regard to India’s renowned and celebrated artist, M.F. Husain. Husian aged about 95 an eminent and elegant personality was criticized in India for painting nude portraits, so much so, that he had to leave the country because of the fatwas by the Muslims and the violence by the Hindus.

He is living alternatively in Dubai and London for the past many years. As (M.F) told to the Editor of The Hindu, N. Ram, he had an approximate of 900 cases in his name in various courts. He was made a mockery of by the religious groups in India and chose to stay mum and leave his motherland in peace, something he surely regretted. His office was destroyed because of allegations made on him about the nude paintings made by him in Nagpur, to which Mr. Husain insisted that nudity symbolizes purity. He repeatedly said that he had not meant to offend any faith.

He was recently honored citizenship by the Qatar Government. As dual citizenship is not encouraged by Indian Government, he will have to give up his Indian citizenship if he is ready to take up the Qatar nationality.

Many artist communities are (and have been) supporting M.F Husian to go ahead with the Qatar nationality as he is much respected there. He is also working on a few projects for the same.

The Indian system yet again proved to be crippled and lost an artist who in his life, created history. What we couldn’t do, the people of Qatar did. A sad for all!

image: 1966 image of M.F Husain, http://chandrakantha.com/

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Ya India should respond

anurag shukla

It is really unfortunate that we have given assylum to Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen and our most beloved painter M.F.Hussain is living in exile. If a personality like M.F.Hussain had to leave India in fear of physical harm by Hindu fanatics, how can we call ourselves a democratic country? Hussain’s paintings are greatest dipiction of secularism. Indian government should arrange adequate security for Hussain unless it will be a stain on democratic India.

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