Why “Bihari” Became A “Gaali” in Delhi and Mumbai

Kumar Ankit:

Bihar, the most underdeveloped and underprivileged state of the nation is the new tiger economy of the country. It has achieved a growth rate of about 11.03% in its GDP in the last five years under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. With this, Bihar shut the mouth of all the critics who were always commenting on the development in this part of the country. A state which was termed as the “BIMARU” state has today reached this level of growth due to proper government administration.

Now the bigger question which arises is whether this new status will bring any change to the lives of the people not only those living inside the state, but also those who live outside, popularly known as “Biharis”. As we all know the term “Bihari” is used as slang in some northern parts of India, mostly in Delhi, as a slang to address or demoralize a person, or to make him feel inferior.

It has been a long term mind-set of people that all Biharis are illiterate, corrupt, law breakers; they are the ones who have taken their jobs, their lands, their seats in colleges; they are menial workers or say present day “girmitya majdoor”. They do not know how to behave; they have no culture, no respect for others’ well being.

The biggest question that comes to my mind, very often, is that why is it so that the image of Bihar is painted darker than it actually is? May be the reason behind this is that there is no one to speak on the behalf of the community or no one to listen to what they want to say. Our politicians or the so called ‘servants of the people’ show their concern on various issues like the foreign policy of U.S and China, climate change; they protest against Mittal’s and Tata’s building industries and many more issues of so called national importance. But how many of us have ever seen them talk about an issue of regionalism that exists in our own land? The problem that is being discussed in the offices of all the ministers today is the problem of Indians being ill treated in the foreign land, but no concern is being shown to the discrimination that is taking place within the country itself. The discrimination that is making these people feel alienated in their own country?

Irrespective of the fact that what a Bihari does, from a rickshaw puller to a technocrat, these people have equal contribution in the development of most of the states. These are amongst the people who helped in making roads, houses, metros, railways etc. so that we could develop.

Biharis are not just limited to menial works, as they are placed at almost every top-notch place from politics to cricket, to the civil services. They are doctors, engineers, managers, writers, artists, businesspersons, journalists and much more.

Nevertheless, irrespective of all these, the image of a “Bihari” remains the same.

There are mainly three reasons for this —

1) The image has been tarnished by the politicians of the state. They took the state in the dark ages. They divided the state in the name of casteism and built a system based on corruption, red tapism and sycophancy. Because of this, crime rate increased and with it, Naxals groups such as Ranvir Sena and MCC. Money meant for development went into the pockets of politicians and babus. Thus creating a bad name.

2) With their constant hard work, Biharis started occupying a better position in other states. As a result, the natives thought that these people are eating their jobs and resources and started harassing them, as in case of Maharashtra, Punjab and Assam.

3) As most of the Biharis doing the menial jobs are illiterate and belong to rural parts, thus, they know very little about the life in urban centers. Their way of speaking and activity is not up to the mark and as they are poor and downtrodden, others make fun of them.

People from other states always argued that if they are talented and multi-faceted but rarely do they contribute to the development of the nation as a whole? Why are they still lagging behind? I bring to you some points on why Biharis are forced to leave their land.

1) The first reason is its geography. Every year, Bihar faces the brunt of nature. In some parts, it faces floods (as in the case of Kosi region) and on the other hand there are areas like Gaya and Jehanabad where drought is very common. So there remain not many options for the people, as they have to feed their family and also save their lives. They have to leave their land in search for employment.

2) Bihar has faced this situation due to the parochial interest of their leaders. Its leaders from the time of independence were busy playing caste cards instead of building infrastructure or an atmosphere where every hand get works and every child gets education. Funds meant for development projects were used in building infrastructure for public servants i.e. for netas and babus.

3)Bihari students migrated to other states in search of higher education. Due to lack of quality education and very few institutes offering higher education. This situation has to do with the policies of the leaders of the state who never tried to uplift the condition of education in the state. The leaders kept the people busy on issues which had nothing to do with their daily lives and development. So that they do not ask question about serious issues such as education and health. For this purpose they used every possible way such as promoting hatred in the name of caste and thus came up Naxal groups such as Ranvir Sena and MCC.

Therefore, the students had no other options other than studying hard so that they could get admissions in IITs, IIMs, JNU, DU and other well-reputed colleges. With their talent and hard work, they flooded these colleges and paved new avenues for them.

4) Bihar has no major industry and after partition from Jharkhand the situation worsened as mineral rich places such as Bokaro, Hazaribagh and Jamshedpur went to Jharkhand. The industry of Bihar for e.g. sugar mills and fertilizer plants either were shut down or were incurring losses. In this situation the common people or the technicians were not able to get enough jobs and so had to migrate.

As we all know that nobody wants to migrate from their native place because you have got many memories and you have your own people there. Therefore it is not a matter of happiness for anyone to leave their place and migrate. It is not a matter of choice for the poor but they are forced to do so. This is applicable for the Biharis as well. Comments of Sheila Dikshit “that these people are law breakers” and of Raj Thackeray that “ek bihari sau bimari” resembles the anti Bihari sentiments going on in the country, these comments hurt the locals, as being people of the same country they are discriminated. These things needs to be stopped immediately otherwise this things can lead to bigger repercussions.

At the end, I would like to say that Bihar, once the land of civilization, must maintain its 11 % growth rate for decades to come, to regain the lost glory. For doing so, Bihar needs to build infrastructure so that it can sustain its population by giving the brainiest people jobs on their own land. Industry should be opened; colleges on the role model of Nalanda University should be opened soon. Seeds have been planted for a better tomorrow but still a lot needs to be done so that we can work in our own farms rather than in Punjab or Maharashtra.

The writer is the Contributing Editor at Youth Ki Awaaz

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You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.

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  1. Haresh 6 years ago

    I am not sure if ‘Bihari’ is really considered to be a ‘gaali’.

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  2. Anshul 6 years ago

    Well, Haresh, in Delhi it is quite common. I have friends who have faced prejudice.

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  3. Haresh 6 years ago

    Oh, that’s sad :-(

    Sometimes I think that the image of different communities gets tarnished more because of the way the media and politicians portray them than for how the people of the community really are.

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  4. Bhaskar 6 years ago

    it is sad to know that this things exist in our country.Leaders should prevent this from happening instead of doing.

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  5. utkarsh singh 6 years ago

    Bihar is definitely going to be the next no 1 state in India ,if the current development trends remain same it will acheive this in near future .jai bharat , jai bihar.

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  6. raj 6 years ago

    the future is definitely going to be be ours , and the points which were given by kumar was on the mark and this is the situation till now , if we talk about education or industry.work has been done by nitish kumar but still miles to go……….

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  7. monika 6 years ago

    good info… y do bihar ppl tak it as a ”gaali” take it as a word of indentification f dr community , thr state. ppl use it as a ”gaali” cz bihar ppl also take it d same way… its all abt hw u take things… n if u r askin ppl to chng thr mind set abt biharis thn first bring out d chng frm wdin thmselves cz they r d ones who cn mk d differnc..

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  8. abhishek anand 6 years ago

    a very well knit report on d social aspect of being a bhari wiz i must say can critically change d mindset of cynics who r so very sceptical towards d very name “bihari” …i wud recommend it to all as it gives d reader some truth to ponder over..an introspection of which will help us come to a better understanding of d commonplace bihar and ‘omnipresent’ ppl frm d state…in d end laurels to d author for surfacing d truth of d long misinterpreted subject.

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  9. GAUTAM SHARMA 6 years ago


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  10. kumar ankit 6 years ago

    Mr Gautam I am not at all aggressive and believe you me , i feel proud being a Bihari and the recent developments in our state has also made me feel proud. I was talking about some prejudices prevailing in our modern societies.

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  11. viplove 6 years ago

    dats very well said. biharis r really what dat is described in dis article. n dis article gives a clear vision about the mantality n thinking of the people…

    i love dis article..

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  12. mukul 6 years ago

    nycly written……..wus lyk to tell u just 1 thng that ……in order to change image of biharis…ppl have to come up and prove that the wrld is wrong

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  13. Rakesh Chandra 6 years ago


    Its been almost 16 years I am in Delhi now and listening the word “Bihari” from different people in northen part of India.

    In the begining when I came to delhi the word Bihari was like a hell to me, but as the time started passing on and I was getting busy in my own work now I hardly feel that this word has a general meaning for all who do not take their work seriously.

    This is a general saying that empty mind is a devils home and I mean it. Since most of the people have enough time to think non productive work/things they start doing other things which sometimes are very bad in result.

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  14. Sreeja Raman 6 years ago

    It is good to highlight such points in public with an apparent positive mind behind. Your former CM could do nothing to your railways (especially Gaya) even after becoming the Cb Minister of Railways. So u youth try hard to protest the ‘gali’ callers by redefining your States’ name.

    Read an article about Bihar in Scrollindia.com

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  15. Abhinav 6 years ago

    if a school going small kid uses the word bihari that simply indicates that there is input from the parents side.i would like to say only one thing that MITTI KABHI BHI KUCH BHI BURA NAHI SIKHATI .most of the people in metros have never visited bihar but its in their habit to comment and criticize.

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  16. akash 6 years ago

    one i will like to know

    r the following people treated as gali for india

    Religion: Sita mata (Hinduism), Mahavira (Jainism), Gautam Buddha (Buddhism), Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami, Guru Gobind Singh ji (Sikhism), Shams-ul-haq Azeemabadi (Islamic scholar)

    Poets/witters: Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Vidyapati, Ram Sharan (R. S.) Sharma, Nagarjuna (Vaidya Nath Mishra)

    Freedom Fighters/Politicians: Dr Rajendra Prasad, Jayaprakash Narayan, Jagjivan Ram, Karpoori Thakur, Swami Sahajanand Saraswati, Yogendra Shukla, Anugrah Narayan Sinha, Baikuntha Shukla, Veer Kunwar Singh

    Sports: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Saba Karim, kirti azad

    Movie Directors: Prakash Jha, Manjul Sinha, Karan Anshuman

    Actors: Shatrughan Sinha, Shekhar Suman, Manoj Bajpai, Helen, Pratibha Sinha

    who is going to treat biharis as gali
    1.the person who do not have self respect for their country
    2.they are narrow mindless
    3.they are not matured at all

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  17. santosh 6 years ago

    I am highly concerned that someone has expressed his genuine feeling on “Bihrri” being treated as Gaali. Friend, in the course of developement we Biharis left at the margin and hence we had to come out of Bihar .The position would be improved when we biharis in delhi are ready to help one another.

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  19. Sango Bidani 6 years ago

    Hey Ankit a brilliant article on the state of Bihar and it reminds of how i was called names by school friends just because i was a bihari and as you very correctly pointed out the the reasons for Bihari’s leaving Bihar are because of poor infrastructure facilities. Having said that, Bihar is on the verge of a great change and if this problem of casteism in politics of Bihar is removed then i am sure that in the yrs to come Bihar will become a state which will become the old “land of the golden egg”. But i have to say this that i am happy with the current chief minister who is trying his best to improve the situation in Bihar and we should support him in whatever way we can. I think we as the youth of the country also have to take the initiative of letting others know that we are as good as any other state in this country.

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  20. anil 6 years ago

    It is said that one should not call a blind ‘blind’, because he thinks it as derogatory remark. The remarks ‘Bihari’ would be considered a gaali only if the person receiving it consider it to be. I have always felt pride in calling myself as behari, just because I know myself & bihar. I qualified into IITJEE in 1997, preparing for it from Ranchi. Out of total 3000 seats, I guess more 150 came from Ranchi. If you count the contribution from major cities of Bihar, it would be around 15-20% of the available seats. This is really remarkable.
    I now work in top PSU, no. of Bihari officers in my company is much more than Marathi or from other state (i work in Mumbai. These data itelf says a lot.

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  22. Msdhoom034 5 years ago

    with all due respect i accept the above facts you have mentioned.but i want to show you some different phase of it. if biharis  are treated as gali in maharastra and delhi but not in other state. as i am from kolkata,i have lots of bihari freinds here.kolkata is really welcoming for them.but few of them are really annoying. infact some of them abuse bengali girls as they are modern and have no culture.is that someone suppose to say.now how these people should be treated? biharis are not gaali infact they are loyal but few of the rotten peices corrupted the whole community.

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  23. boy from patna 5 years ago

    i m a student of ip university delhi and i m from patna bihar. i just want to say only one thing on this issue that “very soon a time will come that any delhides will be ruined very badly in our country”

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  24. Abhilash 4 years ago

    Statements of politicians like Raj Thakrey , Digwijjay singh do not make any sense but i was really shocked to know that a lady like Sheila Dikshit can give such n irresponsible nd immature comment. Errors do occur even in highest degree of precion, simmilarly there r few people who bring shame to their community and their country n they r in every state, religion, caste nd community. Regionalism weakens a country n we all shud realize that. If we wont respect our own countrymen how can we xpect from outsiders.

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  25. narayan kumar 4 years ago

    i am proud to i am a bihari

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  26. Bdurvej 4 years ago

    Shut up u filthy piece of shit

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  27. Tina Sachdev 3 years ago

    I have lived in Delhi. I believe English media of India is totally Anti-Bihar. When West Media criticizes India, these Indian Media says “You guys define India without even coming to India.” In the similar fashion, I would say, “You Delhi/Mumbai guys define Bihar without even coming to India.” First go and have a conversation with an Educated person from Bihar. You will understand.

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  28. sukaina 3 years ago

    very educative, and awaking the youth indeed. It’s actually very sad our youth is completely unaware of facts and post comments and derogatory language…
    I would just like to say a very good start. indeed the AWAAZ we need! :)

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  29. RAVI BIHARI 3 years ago

    BIHAR is a heaven . but some people who did not saw the cultural of bihar that person call ‘BIHARI’ People of delhi and maharastha. Kabhi Smay mile to bihar jakar dekho Delhi, maharastra aur bihar me kitana difference hai.

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  30. amol 3 years ago

    my friend . i wanna tell you one thing…i have been to delhi a few times and what i have noticed is a simple fact…the migrants from up and bihar(mostly)…and i am not talking about the iit or aieee aspirants nor the people from services sector……but the rest are completely pervert and they have no respect for the dignity of a woman….they look woman with their neck turned 180 as if they have never seen a woman in their life…and this is awkward and depressing from a girls point of view ..they pass vulgar comments and etc…nd my friend nnthing can be isolated . this is the mentality of the majority of the ppl in these states…i know there are perverts everywhere…but the nos in these states are alarming ….the society is backward and it needs a change rather than blaming the law and order situation.
    ps i have no hate for biharis…

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  31. raghavendra mishra 3 years ago

    Dekho bhai….sahi baat to ye hai ki bihar anya developed rajyon se kam se kam 25 saal peeche hai . Iska pramukh kaaran jo main samajhta hoon wo castisism ya political manipulation nahin hai. Aisa to har state mein hai. Cast based politics gujarat,maharashtra,karnataka,TN etc states mein nahin hai kya ? Mere khayal se hamen ye maan lena chahiye .ki hum pichade hain . Aap mujhe ye batao ki recent 50 years .ke bihar .ki history mein kitne bihari national ya international hero huye hain . I mean to say ki bihari nationalism ki bhavna kitne logon mein hai ?nahin hai kyonki koi sahi national hero nahin hai Jo ek example set kar sake.
    Sports,media , architecture , technology ,bollywood mein apna example set karne wala bahut kam hai. Hum kab tak maurya , nalanda ,IIT ,IAS ke naam pe boast karte rahenge yaar . Wo ek golden past tha . Humen ptesent mein jeena hai.
    Thank you

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  32. Krishna 3 years ago

    Hey whats the issue in called “Bihari”. Bihar is a name of one of states from India not from Pakistan and people from Bihar is called “Biharis” how it can be gali.If you think like this most of the settlers in Delhi are refugees from Pakistan(lots of Punjabis, Hindus, Jats) after India got divided whom govt. has allotted land and gave compensation to build houses and settle 60 years back, as it is capital they got better income and standard of living who is thinking now in charge of Delhi .Its every ones capital and all Biharis have the rights to work and settle any where not even delhi. If any one have problem please change in constitution or remove the name of Dr. Rajendra Prasad from history who was the First president of India not any Bal Thakrey or Shila Dikshit.

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  33. gambino 3 years ago

    I would say as far as my experience is concerned i will really avoid bihari people in my social acquaintances, they are a collection of some wiered characteristics liek people from planet woooo!!. They must be called gypsies of south asia.

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  34. sonuuuuuu 2 years ago

    very true……they lack respect to women…my parents r from bihar ..i ve been living in mumbai since birth……nd its true people from there do lack respect…

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  35. Rohit 2 years ago

    Biharis and even UP bhaiyyas coming to Mumbai are hated because

    1. They have no manners, are so dirty and spit anywhere. they are a nuisance to society

    2. they live, sleep, eat anywhere or in slums and hence destroy the beauty of mumbai.

    3. Most of the rickshaw drivers are UP, biharis. they are so arrogant, ovee charge and break rules.

    4. Most illegal hawkers are also these people only. the authorities take weekly haftas anf allow them to stay causing inconvenience to pedestrians.

    5. They are eatinf into the work which is supposed to be for a real Mumbaikar (marathi manus)

    thats y when this all goes out of limit. shivsainiks and MNS activists beat them up.

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  36. Pujita 2 years ago

    Just a little something for all the Biharis out there. Quite interesting. http://othershenanigans.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/things-biharis-living-in-mumbai-would-like-you-to-know/

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  37. Bala 2 years ago

    Mr. Ankit, have you ever thought why only Biharis are resented so much in different parts of India, North, South etc and not any other community. Do you believe its because of jealousy about the so-called highly talented Biharis vs locals. Then ponder on the following

    In which other state of India, women in villages get raped and assaulted even when they only go to answer nature’s call in the fields or just for going to school. And the main thing is the rapists are not criminals but ordinary people. What does this tell about what kind of culture is there in your state ?

    Ask any person the difference between traveling by train in Bihar vs travelling in rest of India. And you will come to know how once the train enters Bihar, how much rowdy behaviour people have to face, forced to give up seats which they have reservation for ?

    Ask people who has traveled to Bihar with family and how everywhere men shamelessly leer at their women even in presence of their husbands and other family men. Ask them how the people behave like goons and no security on when you will be looted.

    And last but not the least, you keep shouting about yours rights as citizens of India and expect people of other states to accommodate you and in return what do your people do ? And what does your state have to give back to people of India. How much employment does Bihar provide to people of other states ? Does your state even have decent liveable conditions ? How much decently do your people behave with people of other states?

    Do you expect that you will keep overpopulating, your state will remain undeveloped and the whole of India will keep absorbing your people at the cost of their own children and culture ?

    Ponder on these, Mr. Ankit. The hatred for Biharis is not just racist hatred but there are sound reasons behind it.

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  38. vibhore jaiswal 2 years ago

    Well.I am from Kolkata .. BT not a bihari..my ancestors r from u.p here we ppl are called HINDUSTANI.. Not bhaiyaji ..BT in whole India both bihari and u.p PPl are treated the same ..as most of the people are PAKISTANI ..here specially Bengali ppl.. I would say that .. Our situation is something like blacks in the west hemisphere..ya we are educationally backward BT improving..and shld addapt to mordenisation with i our Indian culture..and respect women BT ppl coming to other states because u.p and Bihar have historically suffers a lot like Hindu.. Muslim riots ..political paralysis etc.so ppl migrate ..no other reason for work..mind u u.p is the biggest state of India.. Talking abt galli ..every politition a rich Gujarati also ..has to CME and lick da toes of this u.p and bihari stinking ppl and if there will be no bihari or bhaiyas the cities like Kolkata Mumbai Delhi ..hame kisi ki majburiya hot I hair apna hai ..shayad hamare desh ki azadi me 200 small is liye lag gaye kyo ki jati pati ka had bhayw hampered havhavi haii..

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  39. Arup 2 years ago

    Not discouraging you but most of the tainted officials/politicians are Biharis no matter where they are.. in state or in centre… why so inclined towards corruption !!! I think balancing success is not everybody’s cup of tea…

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  40. Arup 2 years ago

    @ Vibhor Jaiswal… I think your family has been staying in Kolkata since a long time.. Great..
    You complain about bengalis living in Kolkata… about their nature.. their way of interacting with the non bengalis ( biharis/U.P.ites)… I hope you go through the local news papers… The number of crimes taking place in and around Kolkata and if the criminals get caught are basically from these two states… Some are imported from these two states or come on their own because they feel Kolkata is a safe haven for them… I’m not accusing you of anything but we Bengalis are extremely lenient and have tolerance that no regionalism sort of anything has still taken place… Why point fingers at others when there are skeletons in ones own cupboard… Ask the people of these two states who come here two follow the law of the land… they might listen to you because they belong to your community… Apna Bhalai apne haath mei hi hota hai… and ” KYA KABAD LEGA RE ” sort of stuffs won’t work everytime…

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  41. krishna 2 years ago

    We need your help.

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  42. krishna 2 years ago

    Plz save us. Save biharis people

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  43. krishna 2 years ago

    Y we always beat and kill in manipur. In manipur also manipuri people call us mayang means non manipuri. But nowadays they kick our ass and tell us to leave manipur as soon as possible .

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  44. Arup 2 years ago

    Mend your ways and you people are absolutely safe… Buddy think logically… If the people of U.P. and Bihar are so talented and hard working why can’t you improve the condition of your own states… If a large number of people are leaving their place in flocks and migrating to some other places ,this indicates that the state of affairs in that place is rather not good or simply horrible… Mere advertisements of growth in favour of your state won’t work unless it is in deeds… And if that is not possible do not create nuisance when you look for opportunity in other states…

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  45. pashupati nath 2 years ago

    my dear,
    you admit in your statement that kolkata is asafe heaven for so called criminals and law breakers ; then what kind of civilisation you have? you people never know the situation of a bengali in his own land. you must be ashamed of the condition of people from bengal migrating to maharshtra and gujarat. whenever there is a little slowdown in the economy thousands of people go back. but within a short period they come back as they have nothing to feed their family there. please don’t make anybody feel inferior. otherwise come to mumbai and count the no. and their condition in cst raiway station and ltt railway station. you can check out the waiting list nos for the trains to your socalled developed state and i assure you, you will be surprised to see the actual development of your country. wish people like your mindset could see the truth.

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  46. Arup 2 years ago

    @ PASHUPATI NATH… Your statements do not carry a ” reply ” button… This indicates you are associated with the creation of this blog and do not want a reply from others..

    Well…. It seems my statements have hit someone where it hurts the most… Isn’t it ???

    1) You talk about the civilisation of Bengal !!!!
    We Bengalis have been so civilised till date that people from any state/s are able
    to come here and earn their living in peace… This being the reason that the
    criminals of U.P. and Bihar come in the garb of job seekers and start spreading
    their crime infested tentacles in our city and state because they think they can
    get away with anything.
    Its time the Bengalis wake up from this ” BHODROLOK ” slumber and do
    something about it. Most of the hardened criminals in & around Kolkata are
    from U.P. & Bihar. Come to Kolkata & visit any police station to find the truth.

    2) You talk about Bengalis going to Maharashtra & Gujarat to earn their living !!!
    Till date none of the states or any group have opposed any Bengali in its state
    because Bengalis do not go in herd and create law & order problems. Neither do
    they try to create vote banks…
    Yes…U.P.ites and Biharis do. Look for one single ethnic Bengali criminal in other
    states. I bet…. You will find none..

    3) About the waiting list in trains from West Bengal to Maharashtra !!!
    Maximum number of non-Bengalis (U.P.ites,Biharis,etc.) who do not get a
    reservation from their respective states come in flock to get a reservation from
    the nearest cosmopolitan city and end up being in the waiting list.. Check out
    their names and you yourself will be shocked and surprised.

    We Bengalis are not so desperate to go to other states and grab opportunities there because we have sufficient to survive at our own place…

    As on your part… Do get your facts cleared and then plunge into any arguments.

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  47. Anurag 2 years ago

    I am a Bengali from Kolkata. I have seen lots of Biharis in my life. We had a Bihari neighbour who moved back to Patna a few years back. I have a few Bihari friends. I have noticed that they are really helpful and very good at heart. And they are just like our normal Indian citizens. I don’t know from where did these prejudice comes from and I don’t understand what makes the word ‘Bihari ‘ a slang..

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  48. Arup 2 years ago

    Well… You have a “few” Bihari friends.. and had “a” Bihari neighbour… Take a chance of shifting to Bihar and you yourself will find out where these prejudices come from… No place is bad… Rather the people who live there make it worst…

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  49. Vishnu 2 years ago

    UPwalas&Biharis are like the “Mexicans” in India they’re the workers all over the country the tea vendor,rickshaw puller,the vegetable vendor

    So people are just have the impression that UP&Bihar is just blue collar worker producing state thus use it as an insult.

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  50. Vishnu 2 years ago

    You have to save yourself.. no one will help you if you keep crying… you have to improve your governance,HDI and trim down the fertility rates and increase your literacy levels..

    Other States will only help with their Tax money..

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  51. Vishnu 2 years ago

    Also don’t forget that dharavi slum consists of 99% Biharis.

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  52. Arup 2 years ago

    :-) Mexicans I believe are much more civilised… Cubans would be a perfect example.. Migrate in search of work and then indulge in antisocial activities… Mission Accomplished..

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  53. apurv 1 year ago

    Yes..im a bihari nd i am fuckin proud of ..it …cuz’ i belong to mightiest land ..the land in which the great alexander died ! The same person who ruled the same states (punjab and delhi) was murdered in the arms of river ganga . The place where economics took its birth by its creator chanakya .we the one to rule whole india certainly in context to ashoka ..not for any marathi (no offence ) we gave the no. 0 which is the bones of the digital world ..also for the delhi residants paatliputra was the first choice as the capital of india ..nd not delhi … nd much more the universe of our achievements are endless still we dont boast about it !! Because of ancient culture we see god in every human and we dont think that anybody is greater or beneath us ..the sad part is that inspite of this we are discriminated ! Huh!!! People go get a life !!

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  54. apurv 1 year ago

    Yes truly said ….bt does this fact that our state provides max.workers doest it mean that other people have the right to be racist towards them
    ….? Well i dont think that working for the welfare of scociety makes oneself beneath others strange .!!.. nd also without them our country would have not been able to progress still we are looked down by others well its not ur fault too …we people lost our dignity the same way india did ….once called as the golden bird now is metophorized for dipicting poverty !! Thats the bitter irony !

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  55. Arup 1 year ago

    Necessity is the mother of invention… If you boast about your state providing maximum number of workers across India for the all round development, why is the condition of your state so pathetic !!!
    Look.. Working anywhere is not an issue unless it becomes a terrible law and order problem… If one cannot improve the state of affairs of one’s own place, go to other states in search of work and flout rules over there then these prejudices take over…
    After all a person migrates to other places in search of work because his/her own state is unable to provide him/her an opportunity to grow… So if you think you people are creators, its time to ponder upon the issues lingering in your own state which has held it back… I bet you would find the answer…

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  56. Arup 1 year ago

    LOL… Indeed you should be fucking proud of being a Bihari… Because this mightiest piece of land has turned into a den of criminals and mafias… Thanks to the wayward and corrupt Biharis… The land which once claimed to have produced noble souls like Buddha, Kings like Chandragupta Maurya, Mathematicians like Aryabhata and master strategists like Chanakya has gone into the hands of morons…
    Go through any newspaper in Delhi or the Eastern India and you’ll find at least one Bihari involved in one or more wrong reasons… Biharis have become the champions of crime… You think this is discrimination??? Prejudice I guess would be your reply !!!!
    For how long you people are going to boast about your past in order to hide your present acts and condition… Not that all are bad but maximum people over there are like that and they are fucking proud about it.. No place is bad; rather the people who live over there make it worst… Unfortunate Bihar and not the Biharis… Buddy !!! Go get a life !!!

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  57. S.kumari 1 year ago

    I knw its too late to rply but i thnk i if there is no poor then there wil b no rich.
    guys nt to quarrel. U all r wel educated nd commenting lyk dis does nt suits your personality.dnt thnk lyk bihari, bengali, marathi.etc. jst thnk lyk an Indian.
    If u have quality, potentiality nd capability then no nid to worry dat who is grabbing ur jobs nd coming nd settling down.
    i’m Bihari but never have been to
    Bihar.nd Assam is my birth place.nd i m respecting nt only dis two state but each nd every state of India..try to stop dis type of fake belief.
    nd few of u told that Bihari always being involved in crime.bt are u sure that people from other community are nt involved in any crime..
    see no nid to blame ne1 nd ne community. Nd 1 thng every place, every community have its pros nd cons.no nid to blame.jst thnk hw we can be equal.
    If u dont believe that each nd every community in India is nt equal than dont ever try to identify yourselves as an Indian..

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  58. Arup 1 year ago

    Dear… There are certain facts which can never be ignored..
    Being a Bihari you claim to have never been to Bihar as u are
    born in Assam… There are many instances where trains filled with Assamese people have been assaulted en route
    Bihar without any slightest provocation…Now the Biharis would expect the Assamese not to retaliate if they ever visit Assam..
    Right !!!!!
    Trains arriving from Kolkata have been robbed and people have been assaulted many times in Bihar…

    Biharis and their counterparts go to Maharashtra and try to indulge in the same hooliganism which they do at their own
    state… ” Ek Bihari Sau pe Bhari ” and ” Jo na kate katari se oo kate Bihari se ” sorts of slogans are coined to justify their acts… You expect the Marathis to maintain silence and behave like noble citizens..

    While committing all sorts of nuisances and many a times even unlawful activities, the Biharis forget that they are
    Indians and indulge in full-fledged Biharism but once they are caught and highlighted suddenly they become Indians… Heaps of
    patriotism starts coming from them…
    Don’t expect the other ” Indians ” to be fools..

    You talk about crimes happening anywhere and everywhere !!! Can you tell me an incidence when a person/s from other states have come to Bihar for committing something unlawful… Yes the vice versa does take place and I’ve enough
    evidences to drive home my point which if asked for I would disclose…

    EQUALITY & FREEDOM are meant for the law abiding citizens irrespective of their states and culture.. not for rogues…
    As for India there are still some “Indians” who are busy tarnishing its image..

    Lets stop this lecture on India and Indianness … There is Nothing wrong in calling a spade a spade…

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  59. Arup 1 year ago

    Dear… There are certain things which can never be ignored..
    You claim yourself to be a Bihari who has never been to Bihar since you are born in Assam..

    There have been incidents when trains filled with Assamese passing en route Bihar have been assaulted
    without any slightest provocation… Now if any Bihari visits Assam, you expect the common Assamese to
    be gentle and not retaliate…
    Right !!!

    There have been incidents when trains arriving from Kolkata have been robbed and people assaulted in
    Bihar.. You expect the people to take these things as lightly as possible…
    Right !!!

    Biharis and their counterparts going to Maharashtra would indulge in any hooliganism and unlawful
    activities over there just as they do in their own state… You expect the Marathis to remain silent and
    behave like noble citizens…
    Right !!!

    Moreover in order to justify their acts, they coin terms like ” EK BIHARI SAU PE BHARI ” & ” JO NA
    KATE KATARI SE OO KATE BIHARI SE “… You expect the people from other states to keep on
    witnessing such nuisance without any protest…
    In Short , you expect the other “Indians” to behave like fools…

    Where does the Indianness go when Biharis commit crimes and antisocial activities elsewhere ??
    Don’t they think it would spoil their image !!! When all of a sudden they are caught and highlighted
    they become Indians… They forget their full-fledged Bihariness then and heaps of patriotism starts
    pouring in from them…

    You talk about crime taking place anywhere and everywhere… Can you tell me one such incident
    where people from other states have come to Bihar to commit any unlawful activity ?????
    YES.. The vice versa does happen and I have substantial evidences to drive home my point…
    If asked for I would disclose them…

    EQUALITY & FREEDOM are meant for any law abiding citizen irrespective of his culture and state..
    Not for some rogues…
    As for India, there are some “INDIANS” already busy tarnishing its image…
    Lets stop this lecture on India and Indianness… There is nothing wrong in calling a spade a spade…

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  60. Arup 1 year ago

    wow… Great… So beautiful thoughts…

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  61. Shiv 11 months ago

    Bal Thackeray (Bala Saheb) had once said in Shiv Sena newspaper, ‘Samnna’ on why Biharis are disliked outside
    eastern states. He wrote “Biharis bring diseases, violence, job insecurity, and domination, wherever they go.”
    I’m not a Marathi and do not endorse Marathi ‘Manus’ snobbishness, but if I agree with something on Biharis,
    I truly respect and strongly believe what Bala Saheb had said. And the gentleman (Bala Saheb) – a true “tiger”
    as Shiv Sena logo, expressed the real truth in his few lines –

    “Ek Bihari, Sau Bimari.
    Do Bihari Ladai ki taiyari,
    Teen Bihari train hamari … aur
    Paanch Bihari to sarkar hamaari”

    (One Bihari equals hundred diseases,
    Two Biharis is preparing for fight,
    Three Biharis it is a train hijack, and
    Five Biharis will try to form the ruling Government)

    NOTE: Please do not start a comment war on this unnecessary. Respect others opinion and be civilized here.

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  62. Shiv 11 months ago

    Did you say, “few” ?? Bro, I guess you need to see enough life and … enough of India ? The majority of them
    are rotten lot of this society and are pulling down our country to shame. They have already shamed India in world
    with the rarest of rare Delhi ‘Nirbhaya’ Rape Case. Biharis are menace to this society.

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  63. Shiv 11 months ago

    Bro, it’s not just Dharavi, it’s whole India. Wherever you see slum, you’ll only find proud Biharis residing in it.

    You know what, if PM Modi really wants to make Swach Bharat campaign successful, the first thing needs to be done is –
    remove all slums from India and see how India shines like a golden bird. And when I say slum, dude you have already
    mentioned that how many Biharis are part of slum !? zDo I need to say anything else ??

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  64. Shiv 11 months ago

    Well said Brother. You said it all !!! RESPECT.

    Dude, but sadly … just for the vote bank, CM Mamata Banerjee is inviting this menace (read, Biharis) … more & more …
    day by day … in West Bengal. And see, how dirty Kolkata has become ??

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  65. Arup 10 months ago

    Ms. Banerjee is just carrying forward the legacy of her predecessors… This trend of bringing outsiders in the state to gain vote bank mileage had been started by the Left front government long ago… This being the reason not only Calcutta but other parts of West Bengal has transformed into lumps of shit… to be very honest… Yes.. I do agree Ms. Banerjee is going a step ahead in this trend… Very difficult time for West Bengal is about to come… Soon… if this process of vote bank appeasement to outsiders is not stopped..

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  66. ashish anand 9 months ago

    well u said u liked this article and whatever given is true…..

    But kavi bihar aaye ho…

    I can bet

    yahan ke rehne ke tarike

    yahan ki unity

    yahan ke freedom

    delhi or mumbai me v nhi hai

    crime jitna in jaghaon me hoti hai

    bihar me iska ek hissa v nhi…

    delhi maharastra ke log bihar se jyada educated hai…
    to itna crime karne ki kya jaroorat par gyi unko

    main wahan to kavi nhi gya
    jitni aajadi main yahan din ho ya raat ghumta hun bina kisi darr ke wo v akele

    wahan possible hai ksi

    17yr ke liye

    plz reply dena

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  67. Rajinder Singh 8 months ago

    Because all Biharis are Thiefs that’s why they hate when someone call them Bihari.
    In Delhi, most of them are into low class jobs like Cycle Rikshwalas and Construction workers.
    Biharis are involved in maximum number of crimes here so we can’t trust them at all.

    In India, Bihar is considered as a place with maximum uncultured, uneducated and uncivilized
    morons. Even the most corrupted state in India is BIHAR after Uttar Pradesh. So getting a fake
    MBA degree is also not a big deal. You will also find most people with fake degrees here.

    They are considered backstabbing people. Their policy is like RAAT gayi BAAT gayi that means
    to accomplish their tasks they are ready to go any extend showing their compassion, love and
    emotions. After completing their task from you, then you are a useless scrap for them.

    Apna kaam nikalne ke baad “Tu Kon Me Kon”. Fir saale pehchanne se bi inkaar karenge.

    Well people across India know about them very well and that is why we call them Bihari which
    means Uncultured ones.

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  68. Rajinder Singh 8 months ago

    Bhai vo pehle hota ta..now once bihari dont like other bihari.

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  69. Rajinder Singh 8 months ago

    Kaha bol rahe ho babuwa..

    Kya freedom – Aaj bi log kon karabe se darke jeete hai or Kidnapping se
    Kya tor tareke – Waha ke bekar tor tariko se tang aakar hi to log delhi, mumbai, bangalore baag rahe he
    Kya Unity – Ek doosre ko kaise neeche giraye yahi unity hai??

    Crime – Crime ki baat apne sahi kahi itne ab nahi hote jitne bihar me hai kyunki media ko.
    paise vahi kila sakte ho or news daba sakte ho.Magar ye kabi socha hai
    Delhi mumbai or jagao me hone wale sabi crime me Bihari ka hi haat hota hai. Delhi me jitne
    rape hue hai, check in newspaper daily sab me aap logo ka hi haat hai.

    Fir kayeka bihar, Sab farzi certificate leke gum rahe hai. Jis se bi pucho unpad gavar bi MBA hi

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  70. Deepam 8 months ago

    When people from Bihar come to other parts, they should respect the hard work that people have put to make communities more organised. They cannot come and start selling vegetables on roads, pushing carts, with traffic, shouting ‘sabji lelo’ at 6 am. It’s not about survival every time. It’s also to keep the things organised and follow the rules e.g. start driving autos without licence and any mercy for rules. I am not pinpointing people from Bihar. Also, UP. People from Himachal also come to other cities. But they respect the rules. I am not a racist. There is a pattern of behaviour with certain communities that you cannot condone. E.g. Delhites, Punjabis and people from Haryana are rude. I don’t want to sugarcoat. Whoever, it is you have to follow the rules. It’s just that the offences by people from Bihar and UP are very apparent due to the sheer size of their population in other cities.

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  71. Kuntal 7 months ago

    Basically, To call ‘Bihari’ to native of Bihar is quite logical & normal.
    And there are lots of Poor People from, other than Bihar.
    But still if we without hesitation, if we call to ‘Bihari’, they feel Gaali,
    reason is simply history, mentality & characteristics of Bihari natives.

    First of they themselves try to hide their identity of Bihar, due to their own evil intentions as ‘Black Sheep”,
    by telling from Delhi/Panjab or some other place.

    Their intentions in other States, Friendships, Workplace, Study are always evil with hidden agenda.
    They are well known to be Political, Untrustworthy – acting very good to win trust & ditch
    just to have shortcuts by shrewdness ..!
    They also misuse Company resources fully for personal purpose, still shows Hardworking.
    They can make Family members to fight.
    They feel proud to abuse other states Girls & commit crime, and keep borrowing money from those girls & enjoy,
    and keep sending same to Family of Bihar.

    So if you innocently call ‘Bihari’ in 50 person; Bihari feel offence & feel Gaali – even if it is Truth,
    because almost most of people get Alerted ..!! from that ‘Black Sheep’ !
    And keep ownself away from Dangers of 100 Bimaris !
    Bihari is Bihari, word is not Gaali, but Bihari is…! Proven ‘Thali Chhed karne wale”

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  72. rishi 6 months ago

    When you goto other place for work then you should respect the culture. They are not polite at all. They are full of arrogance. And yes crime rate is too high. And they are nt trustworthy, look at the crimes which as servants they have committed just in Mumbai. First you change yourself and the expect Delhi Mumbai etc to change the view about you. Well this description more suits to UP bhaiyas I guess. Correct me if m wrong.

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  73. Himanshi 4 months ago

    This is a very guilt thinking of people that bihari's are a gali.Everyone who talk like this, they should look at themselves first of all……. Are they a boon of god or a very sincere person. nobody has this right that he could speak against bihari's. They are HUMEN…Infact they are INDIANS…a biggest part of our nation.

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  74. Arup 3 months ago

    Refrain from giving sermons on “Humans” and “Indians” … The Biharis (majority of them) don't fit in any of these categories… why don't you ask your Bihari counterparts to first introspect and then ask others to look at themselves… you talk about rights !!!! with right comes responsibility…. These concepts are meant for civilised people and not for morons.. Who gives your Bihari brothers rights to indulge in hooliganism and crimes in other states ??? Time and again Biharis have proved it… Did you ever think about this !!!! Show me one non-Bihari criminal in Bihar. It is the action which speaks much more than words… These prejudices against the Biharis come from there itself..

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  75. I HEARD YOU 3 days ago

    The thing about biharis that i find very irritating is the fact that they just can’t owe upto their mistakes. They try to first fit in a world they don’t belong to but they are not able to. So their solution is to destroy others’ world and create their own utopian society in our modern cities. The way they roam around in undergarments aand their awful language makes it harder for us to come to terms with them.
    But I would like to point out a certain thing that you said- we urban people dislike biharis because they eat our jobs. Well, that sir, is so not true. We are competent enough to get jobs on our own. But the ruvkus a bihari makes after getting a job is not worth enduring. Their command on any language is very poor, combined with their lack of basic common sense and civic sense, it becomes a tad un-gulpable to let them mooch off our society without any responsibility to give back or maintain some equilibrium

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