5 Innovations This IPL Season

Posted on March 26, 2010 in Sports

Kumar Ankit:

The fun has just began for cricket lovers, with IPL just 20+ games old and many more exciting clashes on the line. We at YouthKiAwaaz.com are trying to give you 5 prominent innovations being applied in this year’s IPL —

1. Mongoose bat — The Giant from Australia used this weapon of mass destruction against the dare devilry of Delhi and destroyed its fort with huge sixes and fours

With this innings Hayden has certainly increased the sale of this unique bat and if he kept on playing like this with his new found love, then he will certainly bring a revolution.

This unique bat is designed to bring great bat speed, it has double sweet spot as it has done away with unnecessary wooden part and with its unique handle it provides leverage so if next time you see cricket balls disappearing then don’t ask why.

2. Rebels return — As the BCCI opened its heart for the ICL players who were banned by the big boss for joining the rebel ICL. These rebels are making headlines with their all round skills. The players doing justice with their talent are Ambati Rayudu (MI) , Shane Bond (KKR) and Sathish (CSK). Other players who caught the bus are Rohan Gavaskar (KKR), Abhishek Jhunjhunwala (RR). These players have proven with their bating, bowling and fielding that they still have the same energy, talent and hunger to excel despite years in exile.

3. Strategy break — Strategy breaks have been reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes per match as it had received huge criticism last year from critics and players as well. So Mr. IPL Modi this year brought a new twist in the tale. From this year the strategy break will be four in number with each break of two and half minutes.

The bowling teams have the option to take it from six overs to nine and as batting teams have to decide their proceedings in the death over’s, so they have been allotted the timeout from 11th over to 16th. So far, batting sides have used the breaks to their maxim but with IPL getting into its third week, we can see teams using this concept wisely.

This innovation has got a thumps up from all quarters as T20 and is all about speed, so, the shorter the better it is. Modi has introduced another innovation within this so as to increase the revenue and to satisfy the advertisers ans ponsors. During matches you can see that ads are roped in to make for the lost minutes in the strategic break. This is something very unique being applied in IPL this year.

4. Newer avenues for IPL — This year IPL is trying to spread its wings by conducting matches at four different venues. Ahmedabad, Cuttack, Dharamsala and Nagpur are the four new places where IPL matches are being held and are getting tremendous response in terms of spectators. The innovation does not stop here, this year IPL is getting better and bigger and is providing better facilities inside the stadium. Super hospitality lounge is an example of it where one gets a good deal.

5. Cash flow — Talking of innovation this has been the mother of all. Two new IPL teams have been auctioned for the next 10 years and the bidding they received is mind boggling. Sahara bid Rs. 1702 crore for the winning cause. They got Pune, while Rendezvous cashed in with Rs. 1533 crore for the Kochi team. Thus IPL showed that it is a league full of surprises and risky concepts.

This IPL has certainly elbowed the EPL with heavy weights. Chelsea a famous and 100 year old team with a well established brand was sold for 966 crores seven seasons ago, while these new teams who have got nothing under their belt and are new in the field got an astronomical sum. As dollars are raining in IPL it proves that as far as recession is concerned it has nothing to do with the IPL.

So what do you think about innovations this IPL? Drop in a comment below or mail us at [email protected]

The writer is the Sports Editor of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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Akshay anand

Is really the IPL worth astronomical sums ?? Acording to my views it is just to create a false sense of pride and showing that IPL has become bigger a brand . But how will these people generate profit, this will be interesting to see.


@Akshay: Yes the IPL is worth astronomical sums. You must have a look at the rates at which the players were auctioned, and also the tremendous number of sponsors they are getting. Sure they are making some good money out of it, leave aside the profits.

Akshay anand

YKA @ what the players are getting is nothing. if u compare the price of the teams with the price of players you will get to know that players are poorly paid. there must be 100 % increase in their rates as well but Modi will never do that. Talking about profits in IPL 1 Only KKR was able to make marginal profits and in IPL 2 the highest profit was 30 crore which is nothing if compared with the investment. So are they really getting profit or it is just about fooling the people.


Why pune and kochi??? when maharashtra has a team and south has 3 teams. Why so called lords of cricket are not giving north east, UP and bihar a chance so as to uplift the condition of cricket in this lesser zone of cricket.

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