Justice For Nirupama Pathak: Vigil Coverage by Youth Ki Awaaz

Posted on May 9, 2010 in Society, The Opinionated

Kumar Ankit reports from Jantar Mantar:

Today at Jantar Mantar around 300 people took part in a candle light vigil protesting against the murder of Nirupama Pathak, a reporter from Business Standard and an alumnus of the prestigious IIMC. The motive was to seek justice for the Journalist who was found murdered in her home town Tilaiya near Koderma in Jharkhand. The protesters were demanding a CBI inquiry of the case as the Jharkhand police has so far tried to press down the case.

The protesters were mainly students from IIMC, DU and Jamia Milia. They carried placards of the slain journalist and posters reading “we want Justice for Nirupama”.

Anand Pradhan, one of the organizers told Youth Ki Awaaz, “we want a CBI inquiry in the case because Jharkhand police role has not been clear as it is trying to misled the whole case”. He further added that if any action is not taken then “we will march from press club to the home ministry”.

A student from IIMC, Anand said, “We want justice as soon as possible”. He further said that in this case “we are witnessing an attack on rights enjoyed by youngsters and that must not happen.” He added that a thorough investigation is needed so that truth comes on the fore front.

A teacher from IIMC demanded that the case must be shifted from Jharkhand because the police there is trying to give the case a color of suicide. He stressed that the postmortem report is clearly indicating that the reason for the death was due to smothering and she was pregnant by 12 weeks.

The students raised slogans against the family, Jharkhand police, caste-culture allegations, honor killing and suppression the issue. They demanded that false cases against Priyabhansu must be taken back.

Neelam Katara, who fought a long battle for her son Nitish Katara who was murdered in 2002, joined the protest and addressed the gathering. She addressed the media saying “that we must not call this kind of brutal killing as honor killing”. She advised the print media to not highlight the caste of the victim in bold letters. She said that the letter of her father said it all. She added “we must fight for Nirupama, so that no other Nirupama faces the same situation”.

The place of the protest was changed to Jantar Mantar from India Gate due to official reasons.

Pathak, a reporter at Business Standard was in love with her batch mate in IIMC and was in a live-in relationship were planning to get married, but destiny has something else to tell. The family disapproved the relationship and insisted that she has committed a suicide.

Jharkhand Police has filed an FIR against the boyfriend Priyabhanshu Ranjan who is from Darbhanga. The cases are under different sections of the IPC, including sexually exploiting Nirupama, misleading her and forcing her to commit suicide.

Youth Ki Awaaz also got the opportunity to do video coverage of the event. Please keep yourself updated with our upcoming posts to view the coverage. You can find the coverage starting today at http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/topic/trackingnirupama

Supporters at the vigil
At Jantar Mantar

Supporters of Nirupama
Supporters of Nirupama at Jantar Mantar with placards reading "justice for Nirupama"

More photos and videos coming soon!

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what is your definition of “loose character” wud you kill someone for being a “loose character” from what you have written it is clear you wud, though you didnt say so.
You are just like nirupama’s parents thats why you support their murder.you are capable of murdering someone for being “loose character”

You have so much against looose women you say:
“for u character and moral doesnot matter….. almost whole india except few westernist like u …its matters alot….. neither u cud be smone gud daughter so dat parents ,family and her clan cud hav respect…. nor u cud be smone sister, if u would indulge in pre-marital sexual relationship, ur bro cannot feel comfprtable, his frnd would comments abt u to him, n he would be frustrated, so he would break tie wid u even he cud harass u… atlest he cud never consider u as proud sister….. similar way u cud never be anyone gud wife….. bcos u would hav alot of relationship wid alot of person prior to him….. so u cud never be gud wife….. simialry u cud never be gud Mother, bcos ur sosn daughter would know u don hav morale, u r loose character….. so they will hate u….. they cannot obey u….
society cud never respect u…. dey would consider u loose women…. means not even proud citizen…..

In short…. u r gud for noth……. here YOU=all person who hav dis view…..”

So if you had the power to do something about “”loose character”
like me what wud you do?
Of course you wud murder me

what is your solution to deal with loose women like me ?
Is it murder?

“bcos ur sosn daughter would know u don hav morale, u r loose character”

what is your idea of “morale”(actaully it is “moral” not “morale” you dont even know proper english and you want to talk)

I have given you so many good points to discuss and talk about but you want resort to name calling first you call “bastard” then you saying “loose character”
IS all this your idea of good culture moral and “tight character”.

” u r gud for noth……. here YOU=all person who hav dis view…..”

you call me all these things and then say:

“I m not forcing my view over other….. i would like to keep my view….. we cud hav healthy discussion…. even if finally we would be able to say we r agree to disagree wid each others…”

If all this name calling and obscenities is your “culture” and you feel proud of it I reaaly dont think its worth talking to you

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