er..That birth is Reserved!! (A satirical take on Reservation)

Posted on June 22, 2010 in Shout Out

Prateek Waghre:

TAP TAP!!TAP TAP!!…A strong smell of jasmine filled my nasal cavity as my shoulder was poked back into consciousness. She spoke in a foreign tongue, was 6 times my size and I could tell she wasn’t happy by the way she was vigorously shaking her hands and pointing at something. ‘Ladies!’ she said. I obliged and found myself seated 3 rows behind her.

TAP TAP!!TAP TAP!!.. ‘Not again!’ I thought to myself as I looked up to find a big burly man, again seemingly angrily, pointing at something! ‘SC/ST’ it said. Once again I obliged. 15 minutes and ‘O(ther)BCs’ , ‘E(conomically)BCs, ‘S(ocially)BCs’, ‘N(ot)R(eally)BCs’, ‘P(roud2be)BCs’ and ‘ W(anna)BCs’ later I found myself crammed in a minuscule standing area with a ‘Gazillion’ other unlucky souls staring at the sign ‘GENERAL’!!

As I looked at the comfortably seated Classes I though to myself ‘What makes them more deserving of that berth than me?their birth?!!!’

Ofcourse things weren’t always like this. Reservation was started keeping very noble ideals in mind!..Make everyone equal. Its ironic how we intend to make People Equal by telling them that They’re Not!!!

What is worse is that policymakers are threatening to legislate this practice into private institutions and boardrooms!Manmohan Singh stressing on the need for reservation in Private Sector companies and some obscure American senator(pardon my ignorance) suggesting reservation in the boardroom for Women. Yes! That’s right..Give every Man a reason to question every Woman Executives abilities and success by saying ‘She’s only here cause she’s a woman!’..WOW!What a way to deal with Gender Bias…er..NOT!!!

Homeward Bound (back to India i mean). Now you have to know that Something Somewhere is wrong with your policy if people are fighting to be called Backward?! (Gujjar agitation anyone?)..So we’re trying to reduce the number of ‘Backward People’ by increasing the Number of People we call ‘Backward’?!!..*Clap Clap*

Rajasthan (after adding 5% quota for the Gujjars) has now reached a figure of 68% reservation. But it still comes 2nd to Tamil Nadu with its 69% reservation that is applicable to an astounding 87% of the population!!!So we are giving rights to some people by taking them away from others?

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not 100% against reservation. But it should be restricted to tickets (Not election tickets!) and educational institutions (only for people who cannot genuinely afford them..strain out the Creamy Layer!!!). That’s right! I don’t believe caste based reservation should be needed in the Government! If you’re telling me that after SIXTY THREE years of independence we haven’t been able to sensitize our population…

Well then the only thing Backward….is the way in which we are headed!!!

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Shruthi Venukumar

A humorous yet thought-provoking take on reservations indeed! Reservations in higher educational institutions sounds unfair though. The way out of the mess regarding reservations in educational institutions may lie through ensuring 100% primary and secondary schooling. This would bring everyone competing for seats in higher education institutions on an even keel. From here life forward can then be purely based on merit be it private jobs or govt: … n it’s a fair competition.


soo very true….wats the point of having a desk to sit at and proudly call it a job when you very well know that all the steps of the ladder reaching upto this place were made up of just another reservation bill?? if you did not even deserve that seat in your college….how will you ever be able to face yourself in the long run and say, “i earned it all” ????


Witty piece of writing!! Well done.

The way reservation has been implemented in our country is poor. But is it needed? 100% it is. Those who dont agree, tell me of one other realistically practical solution. And to all those who object to it and talk of equality when their seats go away, where are you and your claims of equality when people belonging to the lower castes are burnt, raped, ostracised tens of times every day just because they belong to a certain ‘caste’? It is very easy to talk of equality sitting in one’s AC rooms talking about how those “who dont deserve it” are getting privileges. Guess these people believe, the lower castes deserve to be murdered, raped and ostracised and not be compensated for what they have been subjected to in various forms.

Being a part of the social development sector myself, I have tens of experiences, stories, videos and researches that everyone needs to see to understand that the world does not end within the boundaries of the big rich city they live in.

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