Stop Running the Rat Race — Be Yourself!

Posted on June 9, 2010 in Shout Out

Faiyaz Hawawala:

Recently I was reading the blog of an IITian in which he mentions how they screw up their whole lives living in pressure and in the end they find themselves at a stage where there is no happiness left in their lives.

I thought a lot about this and finally thought about writing about it. And I think this is not only with IITs or any other pioneer institutes but this also happens with other students and youngsters.

Nowadays whenever I meet any of my friends and ask them about future plans and their education, the first thing that they say is – “The placement given by the college or the course should be good, else there is no point in doing the course.” It clearly states that students nowadays are not at all concerned about their own interests or their own creativity. They themselves are killing their creativity and talent. It is really a bad situation when students, the so called future of India, take their future decisions on the basis of the money they are going to get after they complete the course and not according to their interest. This I think is because we have created an environment where a person’s

happiness does not matter at all, whatever it is. Money is above everything. And because of this people have forgotten the happiness
which they used to have in olden times derived from little things. When I observe my peers, I see many similarities in their lives. Mostly all study what they do not like; what others chose to study, mostly all study what is conventional, mostly all of them never think out of the box and try something else, mostly all laugh at those who are creative and want to take a course which is innovative and mostly everyone studies to get a good placement.

Almost Everyone is in the rat race to score the highest and to earn lots of money after their education. In the process of thinking of getting a good job they are always under pressure and never savour happiness throughout their educational life. Now finally when they get their so called good placement, the outer world is full of pressure and going with the flow they hardly survive and think “It would have been better if I had done something else”. But as you know time never waits and they have so many regrets for not doing so many things in their life, not enjoying their life, living their whole life under pressure and just surviving. I know money is very important in today’s world but its not good to have money above everything else especially happiness.

So I just want to say whenever students decide their career, they should keep in mind their interests and their talent … else they will ruin their own life….

“Even if you win the rat race, you will still be a rat”.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.


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Awesome! I can so relate to it coz I was also going through a similar thing and also I have been writing about the issue a lot on my blog.

I feel this happens coz the New India is still emerging from the pre 91 era. Most of the students who are in college today have parents who were brought up in the pre liberalization era of very little jobs. So, they tend to force their kids into ‘secure’ careers so that their kids can avoid the mistakes that they had made


    Heya I read your whole article.. You mentioned it very correctly about People (I should mention Students) who really run only after Money these days and placement and stuff in their colleges. I dont understand why people cant focus on their interest rather than focussing on things which might be helpful to them in the short run but definitely not in the long run. Youngsters, often select their career depending on their colleagues and friends, and end up scrweing their own life..

    I really appreciate the article written by you… Highly impressed.. Keep doing the good work….


Really a nice article and a great observation.

What you have mentioned is soo true and i completely agree that we all should strive for Happiness, as that what ultimately matters. One might have millions of Rupees in the future, but without Happiness it is of no use.

Make sure this article reaches to as many youths as possible.

Great Work 🙂

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  • sachin kumar

    good one!

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