Will the real college goer please stand up?

Posted on June 17, 2010 in Shout Out

Five point someone started it, and well, it’s got to take the blame.

Four days ago, when I last visited a bookstore, it was the last straw for my patience. I was browsing through the bookracks and there it was, rack full of those low priced, college romanceswritten by ofcourse college goers.
No, don’t get me wrong. I am not against tat genre, but someow, ain’t it stifling to see 7 books with the same theme releasing every month!?

It’s so typical that one look at the bookcover and you can predict the story in 5 mintues flat. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is passe in this case.

A small town kid with lot’s of grey matter, fulfills his family’s ambition a.k.a Madhavan in 3 Idiots,
(Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance to grow up once again!) of making it to an engineering college. (Preferably IIT/DCE/NIT).

He’s obviously a total geeky nerd: obese or extremely thin, well oiled hair, no sense of style, bata sandals, and ofcourse the quintissential glasses!

Then put him i a big city, with a girls college in the vicinity (preferably DU) and make him meet a pretty girl from the same college who is OBVIOUSLY a big  cityy junkie/gucci girl.
And, a feminist.

Throw in some parties/socials/fests, some random conversations, exchanging of phone numbers, texting/chatting on Facebook, making out in public places, some historic torturous moment of the past, and VOILA! what do you get?

A two monthbestseller, until the next one tags along.

In all this ruckus, hasn’t the real college goer vanished? The image has been so staunchly published that I cringe everytime I see an IITian. (no offense!) The engineering guy has been reduced to a mere desperado looking for a girl to please his desires. The DU girl has been shrunk to a girl who just wants to have fun and spend money on clothes!

Aren’t we (the college goers) beyond this!? We do get into the colleges we are in to make our careers first. The fun and frolic are just the garnishings on the main dish! An engineering student can be good looking/rich/and possess a sense of style. A DU girl ca be geeky/into her studies!

How hard is it to adjust to this?

I just fail to understand the logic behid this.

To top it all, some of the writes don’t even possess the basic writing skills. Some of the titles are so ridiculuous that I have to reread them to make sure that my eyes are not decieving me.
“I love you..until I find  someone better!”
Sorry, WHAT? Call me old fashioned, but isn’t love a one time deal?
Future authors, I’d like to make an appeal:
We readers are done with IITian meets LSR chick stories. Please churn out something new. It’s a humble request!

Until then, I’ll skip the much discussed bookrack, when I visit the bookstore once again!

image: http://bingfoundation.org/web_images/mixed.jpg

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Sadhogopal Ram

You are absolutely right here.. I myself sometime wonder – “Is it really like this what todays young writers show it to be?” .. 10 points for writing this.. Thank you.


Nice article but hey, who’s the writer? Name is missing! And this link might be relevant here: http://www.chutneycase.com/2010/03/chetan-bhagat-plot-generator.html

Anand Prakash

this article is totally awesome. i, myself am iitjee qualified and i know that the stuff written in these books is far from how things actually are in IITs. These authors are stereotyping IITians. I have a girlfriend since i was 16 and lots of female friends even. So, i didnt goto college starved for females. And yeah i belong to a well off family too-so are many of my friends at IIT. And geeks?? huh almost every1 at IIT is into either musical instruments, sports, dramatics etc. since we are supposed to have a good IQ, learning new and different things is always easy.
well written!!

pratyush sinha

These authors are just feeding off their college’s brand image. Another thing i’ve noticed is that the level of english is pretty bad. You just type in a book in hinglish . base it in some iit and wonder of wonders you are a national bestseller author. i m glad someone wrote about this. i was thinking about it for some time now.
i hate it when i find that some moron has put up chetan bhagat as his favourite author on his fb profile.


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