Earth, Government and My Own Logic

Posted on July 8, 2010 in unEarthed

By Jagriti Arora:

Global warming.

Cause: Biggest cause is water vapour.

Trees are safe. Trees! What do Trees do? Absorb carbon dioxide. So yes, they might as well help in reducing the green-house effect!

But what about water vapour? How should that be helped?

Cause: Evaporation. Who can fight the mighty Poseidon anyway? So, what should be done? Should rains be pulled down? So that they don’t remain/stand in the atmosphere? How do we pull the rain down? Making it heavy? The cloud? Right? Too much of vapour to get rid of vapour?

I just can’t think of an alternative.

Secondly, Economy! When the demand for a particular thing decreases, it’s manufacturing decreases. The problem is, economy looks all made up, and so unnecessary to me! Why can’t we convert the manufacturing units into recycling units? It is simple right?

I am talking about plastic! If it can be recycled, why are we banning it?

If it is non-biodegradable, why are we even trying to decompose it? Reuse the darned plastic.


Government. Knows how to ban, and we-the-brainwashed-people nod our heads in agreement, applaud in appreciation for the “wisdom”!

What can be done should be done.


The so made up Earth Hour! [Remember? When we switched our lights off for an hour? It was in the papers, On T.V, Everywhere]

Switch your lights off when you don’t need them … as simple as that! Not with something totally made up.

We can wake up early in the morning do our much necessary study in the natural light, can’t we?

The focus is on wisdom. Wisdom is based on necessity!



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Rishabh Ladha

Pretty good work there Jagriti. The irony behind Earth hour is indeed invisible to most earthlings. What we need today are concrete and tangible solutions. Pondering over the problem repeatedly shall not help. I appreciate you voicing your concern over this.


This is a totally ignorant and ridiculous theory.

Global warming part: The author obviously hasn’t heard about Callender effect or the studies of ice core data or the effects of reduced water vapor.

Recycling part : It is a very long debate, which I would not like to get with the author since she is very ignorant of the facts. I would only list few reasons in brief.
1. Not all plastics can be recycled,
2. those that can need sorting due to resin identification code which is very costly,
3. if recycled plastic is mistakenly mixed with unrecycled one then the result cannot me recycled due to difference in melt property,
4. recycling of plastic is not easy as it requires more processing due to enthalpy of mixing,
5. most plastics have dyes or fillers and hence cannot be recycled because of viscosity factors,
6. recycling also produces greenhouse gases and contributes to global warming
7. recycled plastic is economically costlier and hence not supported by producers,
8. it is low in quality and hence not supported by consumers,
9. recycling requires more energy than original production itself… and many many more

Everything in modern day is economically driven and economically it is unjustifiable to recycle plastic.

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