5 Ways To Reduce Corruption and 5 Places Where It Exists

By Abhishek Singh and Tarunima Pandey:

July 22, 2008, a black day for Indian democracy. The day reports that Bharatiya Janata Party legislators displayed purported bundles of currency notes in parliament, which they said [allegedly] were offered to three of their members in return for support to the government. Is it shameful?


india against corruption

We are all aware of the term ‘corruption; and do a lot of discussion on how to control it. It may be defined as the misuse of the public office for one’s own advantage or for the purpose of any other illegal benefits by a public servant. According to sec. 2(c) (vii) of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, a public servant is, ‘any person who holds an office by virtue of which he is authorized or required to perform any public duty’. But in reality this has been seen to be abused. Every person has his/her own dignity and some fundamental rights. Corruption also affects the fundamental rights. How? It has been seen that a common (general) man fears to go to police station even when his/her right(s) is violated. Why? Because he/she does not want to face a series questioning of the police. Normally, what actually happens is, a person when goes to a police station for FIR, he/she has to struggle a lot and face a lot in order lodge his/her FIR in the order of it being properly written. If therefore suggests that we need such a body that could provide us a corruption free society. As per Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. Sec. 13 (1) d (ii) of POC Act, ‘a public servant is said to commit the offence of criminal misconduct, if he, by abusing his position as a public servant, obtains for himself or for any other person any valuable thing or pecuniary advantage’. This seems to be omnipresent be it in any police department or medical department and even in judiciary.

5 Ways To Reduce Corruption:

The question again arises how to control this increasing corruption in our country? There are several bodies that are working for a corruption free system. Here are suggested some of the tools to reduce the corruption;

  1. The first tool is ‘education’. With the help of education we can reduce corruption. According to a survey conducted by India today the least corrupt state is Kerala, the reason being that in Kerala literacy rate is highest in India. So we can see how education effects education. In most of the states, normally a fairly large number of people are uneducated. Those who are uneducated do not know about the process, provisions and procedures through which they can get justice. Corrupt public servants try to make fool of them and often demands for bribe. It is due to unawareness in the field of law, public rights and procedures thereof that a common and an uneducated suffer out of the corrupt society. This suggests that if we are educated, we can understand our rights well.
  2. We need to change the government processes. If the members of the governing body are government officials, there will certainly be less reports of the criminal cases. The reverse may be possible only when there are no more criminal politician in our government. The provision is that, if there is any case filed against a person then he would not be eligible for election. But if we see hundred politicians then about sixty percent of them would be criminal in nature. If these criminal politicians command us and make laws, what types of law would be formed, we can guess! Thus during election, we should keep in mind the person for whom we shall not vote. In India there is a provision that no person as a criminal shall be allowed as a Member of Parliament or member of legislative. Unfortunately a fairly large number of them are a part of it.
  3. We can reduce corruption by increasing direct contact between government and the governed. E-governance could help a lot towards this direction. In a conference on, “Effects of Good Governance and Human Rights” organized by National Human Right Commission, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam gave an example of Delhi metro rail system and online railway reservation as good governance and said that all the lower courts should follow the explanation of the Supreme Court and High Court and make the judgments online. Similarly, Sivraj Patil said that the Right to information should be used for transparency. We have legal rights to know any information. According to this act, (Right to Information act 2005), generally people should follow the procedure of law given to then when their work is not being implemented in a proper way in public services. This act is a great help in the order to control corruption.
  4. Lack of effective corruption treatment is another reason. That means, instruments which are in use, are not running properly. For example Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 came into force on 9th September, 1988. But corruption is still flourishing. Why? Because of weak actions and proceedings towards corrupt people. People don’t have any fear of this act and the court. The act may thus be revised for its better implementation.
  5. Lack of transparency and professional accountability is yet another big reason. We should be honest to ourselves. Until and unless we will not be honest, we can’t control corruption. If each of us is honest towards our profession, then corruption will automatically decrease. We need to pay attention towards professional accountability i.e., how much we are faithful and truthful towards our profession. Corruption may be controlled by handling five major professions: lekhpal, medical, revenue, police and judicial.

5 Places Where Corruption Exists:

  • Lekhpal, a government official, whose job is to examine, report and keep all records of lands. But in currently there have been a lot of cases in the court, which are based on land dispute. Why is it so? This is due to the flaws in the department of lekha vibhag. For their personal benefit, they become corrupt. As far as this department is concerned, if the people pay attention towards professional accountability, there shall be no land dispute. This would account for a fairly large number of controls over corruption.
  • Another type of profession being corrupt is medical department. How? There are many government hospitals like public health centers in villages and city. There are some doctors, appointed for the treatment of the people. But in government hospital there have been seen no proper treatment for the common man. Doctors have started opening their own private clinic for earning more money. The public hospitals are lacking in enough medicines and other required facilities. Doctors may not be found on the scheduled timings. The poor people, who only depend upon the government hospitals, are suffering and they can’t afford the treatment of the private hospital. If the doctors would come in time, and in hospital there is sufficient medicines and proper treatment available, then most of the people would have been healthy. Thus doctors need to give their job professional accountability.
  • Third one is the revenue department. In this department, a fairly large number of the employees are corrupt. They take bribes and leave the person who didn’t even give tax off the hook. For e.g. income tax. If every person is honest towards his/her profession then a heavy loss of Indian government may be saved.
  • There is a lot of crime around us and criminals are doing their work without any fear. If police becomes serious then there will be control over corruption to the extent of nearly, say about 60-70%. They should perform their duty honestly. The day all the officers will be serious towards their profession, we may expect a corruption-free environment.
  • And last but not least is the department of judiciary. We know there are several lakhs of cases which are in pending in the courts in India. The process of justice is very delayed in our country. Due to this, the numbers of cases are increasing day by day. If the proceedings are fast, people may see that if they do wrong or commit any crimes then they will have to face punishment right then. People thus will hesitate to take bribe. To recall and mention a famous quote here, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’.

The aforesaid five points may control the increasing corruption to a fairly large content. Law should be implemented with the basic justice and equality of everyone in mind.

The writers are Correspondents of Youth Ki Awaaz and students of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow.

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  2. saurav singh 6 years ago

    Dear, abhishek and Tarunima

    i am very agree with your view but don’t you think that whatever way you have prescribed above are not effective. meanning there by your five way to reduce are flying in the wind but in the practical world it having no effection over system. for example you said the is no impelementation of prevention of curruption act, but did you ever thought that by sying this the problem is solved? in fact this act was come for the perticuler object and tried to enforce strictly but whoever is appointed to eliminate curroption becomes currupt that is the main problem came into existance. give us the better ideas to proper implementation of this act in the practical language.
    you gave the example of POLICE, in fact lot of people who goes for the FIR are hyperbole then it is dificult to identify who is actual victim. secondly durring the investigation if police don’t take strict action then no one will tell them any type of truth.
    same in the case of judiciary, there is not a judge is liable for the pendancy & judge never goes to anyone to ask for bribe, ppl themself comes to judges.

    so only pointing out is not the well solution as per my best knowlagde.

    * i think that for solution you must put your self in the same stage and them find out the solution, i wish that you will come to know it.


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  3. M.R.Rangaswamy 5 years ago

    It’s a never-ending problem. Let’s not lose heart. Let’s continue to fight for an ultimate success. Shouldn’t we ?

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  4. YouthKiAwaaz 5 years ago

    Absolutely M.R., it is only when we believe that we can will we be able to fight this evil.

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  6. Ramanand Kowta 5 years ago

    The seed of corruption is sown by the well meaning Bhaarateeya mother early in life. When the child stands up for the first time and attempts to walk/ move, he inevitably falls and cries and looks around. The Mata cannot bear to see her ‘ laadla ‘ cry and her ‘ mamata ‘ overflows. As a sign of unconditional affection and love, she picks up the laadla, cuddles him to her bosom, wipes off the tears and does something that appears very innocuous – she hits the floor as if to rebuke/ scold/reprimand it for ‘ mere munney ko tooney giraaya aur chot pahunchaayaa aur rulaaya ? ! ‘ This repeats more often when the laadla is found crying – and every family member repeats this scene. By contrast, a Jewish mother simply waits for her darling to succeed after repeated attempts and JUST cuddles him to her bosom !
    This bhaarateeya mamata only conveys to the child – through the Heart – that
    – falling, failure is bad/undesirable and must be avoided
    – repeated attempts can be tricky and avoidable
    – placation/ consolation by ‘ blaming the other – the floor ‘ for the fall is the right response and attitude. Pointing a finger at the other/ passing the buck is instilled early on. Responsibility takes a beating. Add to this the total protection and chaperoning,by parents, of the Bhaarateeya child and teen and youth throughout schooling, college, employment, marriage.
    Do we allow them to take pride/ self-esteem in their own attempts – stand, walk fall, stand, walk…. and run and…. FLY and SOAR ?
    Young parents and to-be-parents have a profound lesson in this explanation that was narrated to a group of urban farmers by a sensitive police officer. I was present and it hit me like a whiplash. Hope it does the same to all who read this !
    Please feel free to contact me – Bhaarateeya navjawaans- on 09892910023 and on [email protected]
    Yours Nature – Ally,
    Ramanand Kowta

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  7. vriti 5 years ago

    corruption never rules

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  8. vriti 5 years ago


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  9. chandasampath 4 years ago

    corruption will have end if we are honest

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  10. swera 4 years ago

    one day a corruption will end if we are honest.

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  11. sweraa 4 years ago

    corruption destroy the world.

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  12. thierry 4 years ago

    how can one reduce corruption in a country like Cameroon?

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  13. Olagundoye 4 years ago

    The solution to the problem of corruption can be liken to a man climbing a ladder.Therefore,such a man that is willing to climb the ladder must not fold his arms or put it in his pocket.This is my own fomulated quote’A BETTER CAN NEVER BE A BEST WITHOUT A GOOD’.Lastly,our leaders must strive hard.

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  14. Rohit Bajpai 4 years ago

    I really appreciate your ideas and views as these are the some of the best methods but the main problem is who should implement on this only 10 out of 1000 people who really care about these things n try to implement on this, the first first thing we need to do is be honest with yourself n take an immediate action if anything goes something around you. If any body came front and take all the necessary actions then something could be happen.

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  15. sathish 4 years ago

    corruption is fully due to the government officials. Politicians are the persons who stands only for five years, they pass the orders and bills that is fully created by the IAS officials.

    If Government officials are honest, Then the corruption can be fully eradicated.!!!!!!!

    JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. Dhireema gupta 4 years ago

    i really agree with your views but today, nobody himself/herself wants to be honest at the sight of these corruption cases if one can get control over his/her demands and behaviour towards anyone than i think corruption will be lessen and also goverment of a country is known to its rights and responsibilities then corruption will be fully controlled

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  17. Dhireema gupta 4 years ago

    how we reduce this corruption by being honest ourself goverment of the country should also be known towards its rights and responsibilities towards country then it will be under control

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  18. Manoranjan Dev 4 years ago

    i amn’t agreeing with point 1.)…. Because if u will see the biggest scams/corruption, black money or many social evils like female foeticide,sex determination etc.., that is happening in India are done most by the educated people not by the illiterate people that has been also showed in Satyamev Jayate………
    So, where are we going after being educated …..

    Only Quality education with human & social values can led to this change…….

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  19. ayyappa 4 years ago

    first people should be honest

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  20. SATYAM 4 years ago


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  21. the shaikh ii 3 years ago

    Lakin corruption ko nikaalna bahut aasan hai bas india k log ek baar sirf kisi bhi chunao mai neta logo ko sapport na karey to aur na hi ek saal \vote dey kisi bhi party ko apney aap curruption cum ho jaayega .

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  22. lavanya 3 years ago

    mahatma gandhiji decided and sent out whole britishers from india like that if we decided altogether we can throw out corruption from india

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  23. surya 3 years ago

    All this corruption, atrocities against women, horrible Driving instincts, etc., are all the branches of single root problem, Lack of Ethics. Yes, whether it is a highly qualified bureaucrat or a doctor , all of these crimes against the society are because of the immoral behavior . What will a student learn from a teacher, who himself is a pervert. There should a change in the education system, there should be a separate section for ethics in their daily curriculum and the first years of a student must be spent in making him learn the fundamental rights, responsibilities of a citizen because a plant can be bent only when it is young. Let them know the power of transparency in governing things and questioning the wrong.
    Only then we can build a nation where everyone is responsible and everything is transparent ; so is our future.

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  24. shankar rao 3 years ago

    I want to be honest and I can remain honest. That’s it. But I always lose my temper if somebody is not honest and prospering and going scotfree to boot. The justice system is corrupted and I feel it is a losing battle against corruption. If we are honest we may atleast remain peaceful and nothing more nothing less.

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  25. Brooke 2 years ago

    Nice article but please work on the grammar. It’s kind of hard to overlook them.

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  26. shankar rao 2 years ago

    Corrupt is our mind if we desire something which is not rightfully ours and to get that which is not ours we do everything legal, illegal which is corruption. No point in blaming the system, we have to reform ourselves first and take all possible action to curb/eliminate corruption in public life.

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  27. Rodrick Mupapa 2 years ago

    good good keep it up.

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  28. Rodrick Mupapa 2 years ago

    Great contribution. I appreciate that.

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  29. R. VIJAY 1 year ago

    Very nice sir. “Say no to corruption “

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  30. rashmi 10 months ago

    i am very impressed with your post ,all the things you mentioned actually take place in our society ,i am very happy to see your post ,you ate doing a good job

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  31. yuvasree 10 months ago

    It is more useful for me guys i try this for my country

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  32. jothi 8 months ago

    I am really agree your words about corruption and it is very usefulfor my GD thankyou

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  33. TIJJANI DAMBAM 7 months ago

    these contributions are very contributive shouid they be implemented. pls Guys

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  34. GOPLACES 7 months ago

    The only way to end corruption in my opinion is to make all Approval processes simple and IT driven and open to public access and scrutiny ! Take for example customs and PF DEpt which were considered very painful to deal with and corrupt ……today they are seen as much improved !

    Make the processes transparent and also fool proof and corruption will get killed significantly….for example we land up paying huge prices for bust tickets because railway tickets can get blocked online and released just before the date of journey with minimal charges ! Just increase the cancellation charges and the lead time for cancellation and see what happens ! Make traffic rules simple and Licensing an online affair and you will have minimum corruption there too!

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  35. Vid 7 months ago

    Very much agree. I also believe this overly attached bhartiya mamta is also responsible for prevalent sexism and low intercaste marriage percentage. Majority of Indian men never grow up coz of this and they end up compromising whole life.

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  36. pk 6 months ago

    Believe reduction of corruption need to be done from highest level of power and authority. Like parrents need to have good values to have good values for the family.

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  37. harshu 5 months ago

    i think this educational system is not correct here students are just byhearting the lessons but it is useless there is no analysis of a subject to understand the subject there has to be a practical learning

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