Are We Devoid of Compassion and Volunteerism? Time To Drop The Veil of Apathy!

Posted on September 1, 2010 in Society, Volunteerism

By Geetika Vasudeva:

A normal Monday morning. Mr. Sharma is getting ready for the office. Suitcase, files, handkerchief – everything in place. After the sumptuous aloo paranthas, Mr. Sharma sets out for another long day at work on his scooter. While waiting for the signal to go green at one of the traffic lights, he sees a woman lying on the footpath, unconscious, and a young boy, his face smeared with tears screaming for help. Banging on car windows, running around barefoot in the scorching heat, the boy keeps on shouting incessantly. And the light turns green! Mr. Sharma, though feeling bad for the boy and his mother, moves ahead like everyone, thinking that somebody else will definitely help him out. Little does he know, that the entire city is full of Mr.Sharmas, who consider reaching office on time more important than a human life. A normal day in our city, indeed!

The recent case of a woman bleeding to death after giving birth to a baby on a footpath in the capital, just proves the fact that today’s Indian is devoid of emotion, love and compassion. So engrossed we are with ourselves, that someone else’s misery and pain fail to pierce the strong walls of indifference enclosing our hearts and minds. So concerned are we about our own conveniences, that a human life doesn’t seem worthy of our time.

The Hindustan Times lead story covering the gory incident where Delhi neglected a pregnant destitue lying on the road side.

There’s is an urgent need of breaking this deafening silence and a desperate attempt required to restore the lost love. We can better the situation only by changing as an individual, only by realising that it could be you or me the next time and the whole world passing by, only by finding a voice!

So, it’s time to bury Mr. Sharmas existing in each one of us and become a person who thinks and feels for the people around, who won’t move ahead at a traffic signal thinking that somebody else will come out to help, who’ll be free from the shackles of indifference.

SaveLife Foundation is one such organization working India that combines community volunteerism with Healthcare, Technology and Law Enforcement to facilitate immediate rescue and care for road accident victims. To know more and join them log on to

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Very concise and to-the-point and painfully true, I must add.
But I think you’re getting the reason behind such grave a situation wrong. More than indifference its the general attitude that “kaun jhanjhat mein pade?” which is eating away our country. Because everybody knows, agrees and passes on this knowledge that if you choose help someone you are inviting trouble for yourself. Accident? police case banega. court ke chakkar katne padenge. kaun jhanjhat mein pade?
A very small but similar case was when my mother’s chain got snatched. No it wasn’t in a busy markets, not even the main road. Her chain was snatched when she was almost home. Not only did no one help her, but when the police later came to inquire, nobody was ready to even give a statement. And why blame only the people, isn’t the system equally responsible? The police, the procedures, the court, the ever postponed hearings.It is so hard to help people nowadays, that nobody wans to do it.
But then there always some people who think otherwise. My wallet was stolen recently(haan, sab kuch mere saath hi hota hai) in the metro no less. So there I was stranded in the metro without a penny on me, almost reduced to tears. An aunty noticed, asked me whats wrong and soon the entire bench was abuzz, every body pouring in their own bit of advice, and a really nice uncle accompanied me to the place i get off, registered an official complaint with CC office who let me out for free.So I guess there’s still hope eh?


In this age problems like this can’t be solved merely on individual level….

One of the major problems of our time is that the population is at its peak… Never before there were so many people on this beautiful planet… And the good news is that it’s only going to go up in future.

Hence it’s time for individuals to think BUT societies to change…

It’s time for us to go back into the roots of our civilization…

It’s time we look in to the rear mirror of our modern world and see what values are left behind in pursuit of this marvellous era.

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