Can Corruption be Eradicated From Our Society?

Posted on September 13, 2010 in Society

By Nandini Garg:

With materialistic values as topmost priority, moral and ethical values at the lowest span of ladder, every fibre of society indulged in-self aggrandizement, where not only credibility of politicians and bureaucrats but also of the judiciary is at stake, it is ridiculous to dream of a corruption-free society.

In this scene, an honest man is like a drop in the ocean which loses identity as soon as it mingles virtually in the salt water of the ocean. Corruption is a common practice and has become a way of life.

It is a matter of shame that even after 63 years of independence, India figures among the thirty most corrupt countries. The virus of corruption has crept into all walks of life and it can endanger the body politic of our nation.

Corruption always existed in human society in one or the other form. In primitive period, the scope of public administration was minimum; as a result, the scope of corruption was limited. After independence, with the scope of welfare state coming into existence the scope of being corrupt widened. Corruption has crept into every fabric of the society in such a way that it was the theme of speeches made by the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Lok Sabha, during the golden jubilee celebrations of our independence. Every Chief Election Commissioner since Mr. Sheshan held the office has advocated the dire necessity of electoral reforms to strike at corruption at grass root level.

Corruption is regarded as a low risk and highly profitable way of making a quick buck and whoever is caught, often knows how to go scot-free. The country which is known for moral and ethical values, where truism is adored, fair means were advocated to achieve anything, has now accounted among the most thirty nations of the world. If everyone from Panch to Prime Minister, from Peon to Chief Secretary has been found involved and charged for many acts of commission and omission, how can we imagine to eradicate corruption in toto?

A peculiar face of corruption on our Country is that it goes upstream not downstream. So most of the fundamental policies and decisions about big purchases, contracts, projects, etc are distorted at the top level. The delay in disposing of the cases of corruption is one of the most important causes of flourishing of corruption. Corrupt officials even if caught can manage to go scot-free in due course of time by manipulations or otherwise.

The basic question is whether corruption can be eradicated? “Nothing is impossible”, can be said by an enthusiastic social leader but eradication of corruption is a next to impossible thing given the present spectrum of affairs. When the whole body of the politics is affected by the virus of corruption, eradicating it in toto is a Herculean task. Corruption is a multi-faceted, hydraheaded colossus problem to be dealt with several measures simultaneously.

The bodies like CVC, CBI, Lok Ayukta etc must be headed by the persons of high integrity and must be made autonomous truly with exceptional powers. The budgetary allocation to these bodies should be liberal and no hindrance of any kind should be allowed in their functioning. Election expenses must not be allowed to cross the limits. The loopholes like extraneous expenses by other party workers that are not included in party expenses must be plugged. The political parties have to be sincere and honest to fight the cancer of corruption. The chief hurdle is the unwillingness and lack of determination and will of politicians etc to eradicate corruption. All the policies, rules and regulations are approved by the leaders, they do not wish to claim themselves are entangled and so the eradication or corruption does not seem to be possible.

The youth of the society has a very important role in fighting the gigantic wild animal of corruption. General awakening can make the politicians and bureaucrats use their discretion carefully. The common men must cast their vote on the basis of values and character of the candidates. To eradicate corruption from the society, all have to fight it. It is the most powerful and the most dangerous monstrous evil, which rises to manifold itself stronger with the passage of time.


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Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay

Most of the communities in India(such as Bengali) are succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty’ (a theory once introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class, clan or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is really at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying(general) quality of life, worst Politico-administration, immature mother language, continuous absorption of common space(mental as well physical, both). Becoming parents only by(blindfold) self-procreation, simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society. Do not ever look for other positive alternative behaviour (values), i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children who are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. Can the Indians(Bengali) ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) through their own life/attitude, start ‘Production of (social)Space’, at least initiate a movement, by heart.


Corruption can be rooted out only if you have selfless leaders like singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew who turned a small city-state without any natural resources in to a wealthy country.He was a visionary who evolved policies with Asian values and inculcated self-discipline in its people, which are followed even today.

narendra kothari

corruption can be cleared off within one month,if honestly people or politician wants to remove it , it can be. easily go away.

titus b pakalah

i Julius Titus say no to the question”can corruption be eradicated” with our present leader who have take corruption to their moral and ethical values.

Inert Bodhi

Definitely, but for that root has to be found and improved.It is not the politician,they are the mere output of the ignorant society. The ignorance in the society must be removed, Humanity must be embarked in the minds of people. Sectarian discrimination and bias has to be reduced. Every person must put an effort to be mindful, and very soon one observe the nation gets the status of Golden Sparrow once again, previously lost somewhere in sixth century,when there was no specific religion in the nation.Humanity and good Karma was worshiped.


    in society all members are eradicate corruption in every work even though jobs education seats also in present in olden days also eradicate corruption for ex my father qualify the job but he can ask the bribe at that time no money my father leave the job in ndia poor people are so many members to stop the corruption

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