Drug Abuse: Graduating from Drug Gurukul

Posted on September 26, 2010 in Society

By Tania Goklany:

Have we ever thought, why individuals, like you, me or practically anyone in the world succumb to substance abuse, in spite of knowing the dreadful consequences it holds for us? Yes we do, we’ve thought over it, we’re completely aware of its pitfalls, but we want to be ignorant of the aftershocks. Temptations gets the better of us and before indulging in this unruly abuse, our sockets literally bulge out when we see a fellow colleague doing drugs. I remember warning my friend doing drugs once “Man, you’re going to get yourself killed”, to which he retorts “At least I’ll die on a high and at that’s what’s important, isn’t it?” What does one expect to tell him after this? He, but obviously, needs to get into a rehab and take a high out of life and not drugs. But for some random reason, I didn’t say anything. I just watched him sniff in another snort of cocaine, raised an eyebrow, and made my way out.

These days, teens ranging between the age group of 15 to 19 years have this desperate age to go see what a pub is like. The first time they go, they see a pair snuggling, the next time their very own friends they’ve known for years boozing their way to their graves and before they know, they’re themselves graduating from “harmless” tequila shots to smoking pot and eventually trading coke, heroin etc. from wary drug peddlers. This is how it all starts in most cases. It’s like a ‘Smoky Gurukul’ where individuals graduate from different spheres of life, the only difference being graduating from low quality to high quality drugs.

Drug abuse causes hallucination. People literally get into the butterfly effect mode where they assume to be someone they aren’t. Kate Moss, the famous English Supermodel, was charged with drug abuse a while back. She was seen huffing punches of cocaine at a charity function hosted by Kofi Annan. After she checked out of the countryside rehabilitation centre, she gave an interview to The Sun, the daily London Tabloid, saying that it all started when she was a teenager and that it got worse when she began her career. She said that she hallucinated and also admitted to have forgotten her identity at a fashion festival. Seeing this example, one can definitely say that the consequences are fatal. Drugs damage the nerve cells and disable the liver.

It is said that nicotine is a chief constituent of marijuana and is often included in most drugs, but still drug stores keep cigarettes, with packs giving a statutory warning. As if, the warning will make a difference. Aren’t these shop owners indirectly stimulating substance abuse by indirectly being drug peddlers?

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

Image courtesy: http://www.drugfreehomes.org/2009/08/illicit-trafficking-of-drugs-stop-this.html

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      marijuana … a.k.a WEED dosent has nicotine but it has TFC as 1 of its constituents … which is responsible of giving a high to its consumers…. its herbal .. no chemicals included….
      n u have written a vaer rtrue n realistic aritcle on DRUG abuse … i really appreciate


      And yes it is one of the drugs that leads to the death of people who use it.

  • Aditya Kapoor

    Dear youthkiavaaz,
    I would like to know about any single death caused by marijuana. Oh wait, you cant find any cos there isn’t one. Maybe try finding a study that proves that marijuana is harmful. cant find one either? Then find a study that says that marijuana has no theraputic value. Again, you wont find one. Please stop with your misinformation.
    Ganja is a sacred herb used by many who use no other drug at all. In fact, weed has been proven less harmful than alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine.
    It has been used as a medecine in our culture for thousands of years and the god shiva is said to have enjoyed recreational use of charas (resin from the marijuana plant). It is also used by millions of hindus on holi in the form of bhang. so please get your facts right


    This article is misinformed scaremongering. There is no nicotine in cannabis. The principle active components are THC and CBD. It amazes me that India, where the cannabis plant grows natively, has believed all the United States sponsored propaganda with so much gullibility. Cannabis has been used religiously and as a medicine since recorded history, especially in India. Why then are people believing the hysterical nonsense that the US is propagating about a plant the Indian people already know is both useful and relatively safe?

    Start challenging western ideas. The US is now bankrupt to the tune of about 16 trillion dollars. What can they possibly tell the Indian people about anything except how to fail? The US is the largest consumer of the most harmful and addictive drugs yet they are the ones who pushed the world into signing the UN conventions to enforce a failed policy of drug prohibition. Prohibition does not work. Please reject it.

    Complete BS

    Your completely playing into the hype. Yes drugs are bad if they are abused but not everyone that has experimented with drugs turns out to abuse them.


    you dumbasses. nicotine is found in cigarettes and not marijuana. stupid.

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