Unwanted Hatred

Posted on September 4, 2010 in Short Stories & Poems

By Amrita Garg:

Every moment, every hour, every day,
For no fault of theirs,
Millions of people out there,

Become victims of a communal fire.

When will we learn to respect,
Every man as a man?
Not caring what religion he belongs to
Not caring about his colour, cast or clan.

Why does the world stand divided,
By such petty man-made barriers?
They prevent people from coming together,
Living in harmony, much happier.

Only once before burning someone’s house
Just because he’s a Muslim or a Hindu,
THINK – is is his fault, his crime?
That he’s not of the same faith as you?

Religion should give peace and hope to hearts,
Give you a better way of life,
NOT become a reason to kill innocents,
NOT a reason for so much strife.

We have to do something before it’s too late,

Break down these mental blocks,
Change the way, we and people around us think,
Or hark! Impending doom knocks!


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