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Posted on October 11, 2010 in Learning+

By Amar Tejaswi:

When a few days back, I looked at a photograph of the leaning tower of Pisa (for the thirteenth time, if my count is correct), a rather peculiar idea crossed my mind. A sudden flash of thought plunged me into the shallow chasms of pensiveness. When I emerged (quite easily), I realised that I didn’t make a wonderful observation but only an ancient fact, only not acknowledged by the world openly and collectively. The thought that occupied my mind was this: the world is in a way an archetype of the leaning tower of Pisa, in fact, the world evolved from the tower. Because like the tower, the world too is bent, bent towards people with fat pockets, affluence and power, though more acutely.

The world is a farcical edifice built on the twin foundations of money and lust. And like the tower, the edifice is bent, because one foundation is more dominating than the other. Our world was always like this. But there were some rooms in the daunting structure, which were upright although the building they were part of was not.

Education was something that was always driven by devotion and thought. Helped by their own volition, teachers were successful potters moulding men and women into the embodiment of an intangible divine force, of rectitude. Sadly though, the twin foundations have penetrated the department of education as well, subverting it, leading to the establishment of a commercial education system that manufactures solipsists but doesn’t nurture altruists.

While it is true that education must evolve as time passes but commercialisation of education is the worst thing that could ever have happened. It is tantamount to decide. Depressingly, we are not averse to the idea of commercialisation. India has become a dirt-pool where ‘educational’ institutions proliferate like mushrooms. And there is none to cleanup! Foremost among these are the engineering and medical colleges which have become clubs of incompetent youngsters.

It is only because of such ‘institutes of technology and of medical sciences’, which turn out maladroit people, that the BPO and IT industry is thriving in our country. Because, lets face the truth, our education system doesn’t make us competent enough. The word IIT might have sprung up in your mind, but I don’t think they are paradigms of the ideal education institute. They sure equip you with technical knowledge that this age requires but certainly don’t imbibe the intellectuality that every age demands.

Central to this issue is the changing equations of the role of the teacher. The most sacred and the most important job in the world is that of the teacher. A teacher, hidden in the shadow of the student, must guide him to move ahead and resurrect our broken society. From the time when education started its first phase of commercialisation, the responsibilities of the teacher too, have been compromised. It is painful to note that people are beginning to view it as just another job which pays them and feeds them. When a person graduates, more often than not, the last job that he/she applies for is the job of the teacher. While we are a society built with the bricks of fallacies concrete of misguided principles, the notion, that the job of a teacher is a lesser one, filled with so much ignorance and falsity can only be equated with sacrilege and blasphemy.

The repercussions of such a situation, in which the teacher’s indifference towards his job juxtaposed with demands of money-mongering institutions they work in, are clearly demonstrated by cases such as the La Martiniere suicide. The case was widely reported because it happened in an elite Kolkata school, but what about the myriad cases of physical assault in lesser schools in towns and villages? Certainly every case cannot be reported. The teacher knows this and thus assaults with impunity. I do not seek to label the whole community of teachers diabolical. There, certainly are a lot of people who are walking definitions of how a teacher should be. But their number is fast dwindling.

Einstein once said, “Education is that what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school.” If what he said is true, none of us of the present generation have ever had education!

Image courtesy:, the image is only a depiction of a classroom and holds no resemblance of any kind to the educational system mentioned here in this article.

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  • C.A Gautam P. Kabadi

    Formula of “TAT TVAM ASI”—-“THAT THOU ART”—-“TRUE SELF OF MAN”—–“ THE ATMAN”——The Focus of Infinite Energy in Man—-Relevance to the current Human Distortions

    This spiritual impoverishment distorts the human personality within and as a consequence ,also the social situation.without . In our country, we can study this distortion , as of date. It is our educated people who fall down before temptations , big or small and who are creating immense problems for our nation. It is the products of our costly intellectual education , miscalled “higher education”, that indulge in various forms of bribery, corruption, smuggling , social malpractices and all high crimes, besides the corrupt practices of our teachers and mass copying by our students are also the products of the same higher education. In these , we get verification of the truth that men can be intellectual giants and moral pygmies at the same time. And that is what we are turning out increasingly from our education into our politics, our administration and our professions , to an unhealthy degree. We have to reverse this trend . The ancient wisdom of India whispers to us today , that along with physical growth and intellectual growth , we must also seek growth in a new dimension , namely the spiritual dimension of man. . Beyond the merely physical and intellectual , there is the infinite and divine nature of man referred to in the Tat Tvam Asi formula. . When that dimension becomes even slightly manifest in character and conduct , a new energy resource of very high quality
    and quantity become available to every human being.. A simple illustration—A learned speaker /traveller , arrives at the Airport and hires a proceed to a hotel for stay.
    .He arrives at the Hotel, but forgets some of his belongings/ wallet in the Taxi. One type of driver will quietly pocket these valuables. Another type of driver will seek out the
    Traveller and restore the belongings to him. . Between these two actions , there is a vast difference regards their consciousness levels and the inner developments of the two drivers. . The man who pockets the belongings has developed his intelligence to the point of mere cleverness., but the capacity for compassion is missing in him and that is a spiritual and not an intellectual capacity. He is confined within his own tiny organic system , can respond only to its cravings and his intellect has become a slave of that limited system. The other person has grown beyond his organic limitations , trained his mind to respond to the impulses of his higher spiritual dimension and to dig his affections into the hearts of others and developed the capacity to enter into and be entered into by others. . It is this spiritual growth that expressed itself as compassion for the man who had lost his valuables. All human impulses , all capacity for ethical responses , for love, for dedication , for service and even the capacity for team work are only the by products of man’s growth in the spiritual dimension . Intellectual growth by itself does not help one to manifest these virtues and graces. It is only spiritual growth that makes one fearless, character-strength, independence, human love and concern and the inner qualitative richness of the individual and the health, srtrength and integrity of our country. This spiritual growth is the birth right of every one. This type of growth is not seen in millions of our people today, and thus many of our people , including educated people present a picture of arrested human development , hence a social dilemma. . Many of our parents motivate their children to become clever and ambitious, but not patriotic and human. Our Youth must have ambition which must be integrated with certain ideal of character. If the chastening touch of that ideal is not present , that ambition will make our youth unsrcuplous and such ambitious youth often turn out as crooks , who are unaffected by human impulses in their conduct and behaviour . We should have all round human growth. . The science of human growth maust take into accountthe deeper dimension of the divine spark inherent in every being , the Atman. The stirring of this spiritual dimension expresses itelf in the emergence of a new creative and vast energy resource , out of which flows, compassion, love, service,dedication and the strength to check the impulse to fatten oneself at the cost of others. This is an energy resource needed by the whole world to have a healthy and humanized society.
    .Why is there an increase in crime in our society today? It is because the body has become strong, the intellect has become sharp , but the moral sense has not joined these two. .Human impulses and moral sense devolve only from the spiritual growth of man. .
    The Child’s mind cannot grasp the dimensions of subtle energies manifested in man like Mahatma Gandhi , Buddha, Jesus, Ramakrishna, energy not only more subtle but also more immense in range and power.
    Enough for now

    C.A Gautam P. Kabadi [email protected] +91 98224 32327


    I think commercialisation of education is necessary in the current scenario to attract bright talents of the nation to this profession.
    Those who cannot afford to pay its cost should be provided scholarships by various government agencies and NGOs.

    OMG itsme

    Thanks so much for puttin this
    I needed this for a school project.
    actually this touched my heart esp. the part when you compared the world to the tower of pisa…….


    parents are responsible for this trend. their craving desire for wealth is behind wealth fetching job, irrespective of child iq. institutes are sketching   their infrastructure in terms of  attracting parents, neglecting faculty and quality in education.


    education with out standards is a threat to Nation. mere academic certificates can not enhance the status of Country.

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