BREAKING: CBI Website Hacked

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The Central Bureau of Investigation website has been hacked by Pakistani hackers. In what seems to be an attack by the self-proclaimed ’Pakistan Cyber Army’, the CBI website was hacked and redirected. While India’s most powerful investigative agency is credited for taking up few of the most difficult-to-solve cases, the website infrastructure does not seem so strong.

The hackers of the website posted a message in which they claimed it was an attack in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by the ‘Indian Cyber Army’; also calling the website makers a ‘bunch of script_kiddies’.

Check out the CBI website screenshot below, or see a bigger screenshot at

The CBI website screenshot

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  1. Saahil Menghani

    Well done YKA for Breaking it first. That shows the alertness of YKA’s team.

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  3. Surabhi

    They have shut down the servers for now i guess but this is shame… huge huge huge embarrassment for Indians.

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