Don’t Stop Songs Like Sheela, Stop Crime Against Women!

Posted on December 11, 2010 in Shout Out

By Dilasha Seth:

“First ‘Munni Badnaam’, now ‘Sheela ki Jawani’…
saddened by the portrayal of women in popular culture…
the popularity of Munni Badnaam raises fear what heights Sheela…. will reach…
I support women’s rights… but I do not support stripping womanhood…
waiting for some action by feminists

— Reads a facebook status by a journalism student of an esteemed institution of the country.

It’s heart wrenching to see to-be-journalists making issues out of non-issues.

‘Sheila ki Jawaani’ is such a harmless song. In fact, Katrina Kaif has done an amazing job. The song has not only been sensuously shot, but also it’s a Farah Khan’s movie (a woman). Why is it that women are always targeted, be it movies, songs, on the streets, at the workplace etc?

If today’s youth, or better still, journalists, would start moral policing, in the lines of Shri Ram Sene or Shiv Sena to name a few, the country would not progress, rather would regress.

It is rightly pointed by a facebook comment on the above status, “Are women dancing on item songs on streets when they are raped?”

When a woman is getting harassed, men remain mute spectators. If they cannot act that time, they do not have a right to act like hypocrites and direct women as to how to dress up, where to go, what to watch, or expect the so-called ‘ACTION’ by feminist groups for the same (in reference to the above facebook status).

To top it all, no one has the guts to talk about the real issues related to women. We do not need a Women Reservation Bill, but respect for who we are. Identify what you can do for the real issues that require attention and solidarity, for entertainment industry we have a ‘censor board’.

There are a lot of girls in the country who do not have the privilege to go to school, to receive education. What about those girls whose parents still think ‘girls are born only to be married off’, or ‘what will she do after getting educated, ultimately she has to look after her family and kids’.

Simran(name changed), dreamt of becoming an astronaut, topped her class 11th, till hell broke loose and her parents got her married off to a 40-year-old man. And this did not happen in the rural parts of the country, but in the national capital, Delhi.

“I have a 2-year-old daughter. My in-laws harass me to have a son now”, she says as tears trickle down her cheeks. Yes, this is the miserable state of women around us.

In another case, 21-year-old, Meenu is a trained beautician but is still sitting at home as her parents do not want her to go to work. “They feel, this will bring a bad name to the family”, she explains.

Why doesn’t anyone try to change the mindset of orthodox parents? Are these grave issues not relevant enough? If banning the songs like ‘Sheila ki Jawaani’ can solve the above mentioned problems, GO AHEAD!!!

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  • Sadhogopal Ram

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much, Dilasha, for writing this piece. Really, I appreciate you, your effort and your thinking. I, myself, have been writing on this issue from quite sometime, and it’s really good to see someone else too writing, with equal zest.


    women are the biggest enemy of women it is 100% correct,women do all kind of sexy & vulgar scenes on the screen just for the sake of money,they sell their art, they sell their morality, they sell even their soul. because of the dirty women of the screen, life of common women like us become the target, because of the the nude women on porn site the men are excited to do the crime, because of some of the women who wear the clothes to expose and allure the men the life of the other women becomes unsafe. Being a women I would 100% blame only and only the women for the crime against the women. It is not only the sin it is also a great sin, and they will suffer and pay who create this kind of vulgar culture and those who support and defend such kind of vulgarity by women against the women, like Sheela ki Jawani & Munni badnaam.


    @ Raghini: Very rightly said, women are actual enemies of women, and the best example is YOU. Women like you are the reason i feel disgusted most of the times. Most of the women around…always feel that its such kind of songs and stuff that gets a man run for his hormones. Ohh…come on now. Do you really think they charge up men physically..?? A check to your statement, men are always charged up no matter what. They only need a women in front of then n trust me even if the women is clad in a burkha they will feel charged up. And who are you to decide if doing such songs is a sin..?? And why go ahead and blame the women all the time?? Why can’t you for once change the angle of the way you think?? Sexually assaulting a women is not a sin?? Only women commit sins when they wear scanty clothes?? Tell me…when you see a guy in his shorts (only shorts)in a gym or on the road or in a park or whatever or wherever…do you pounce on him and rape him?? In comparison to that women are still dressed up decent. And get one thing in your head…porn or no porn, women in scanty clothes or not, men will always commit sins. And because of women like you they always get away with it. And for once appreciate Katrina she has danced so well.

    And its time that you actually start blaming yourself for what you are and get a life…!!


    Ohhhh…and Dilasha its a very well written article. Its time we actually start talking about real issues rather than creating a fuss out of nothing. And don’t mind Ragni type of comments…these women just cant think straight.

    Anyways…keep up the good work..!!

    dilasha seth

    thank you sadhogopal for the encouragement… :)
    what i am against is the hypocrisy prevalent in the society.
    and this woman ragni is a clear example of that. why do we as a society be stuck on an irrelevant issue????
    why cant you SEE the real issues???
    ragni… all women are not porn stars or prostitutes alright???
    secondly…. you’r saying..”its a GREAT SIN”… who are you to say this??? GOD????? lol
    PLEASE DO NOT INTERFERE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES…. where its NOT REQUIRED!!! you have no right to ..
    as I said in my article… to check if the song is vulgar or not WE HAVE A CENSOR BOARD!!!
    why dont you go and enroll a girl to school??? or anything to empower woman???? maybe convincing a girl’s parents against child marriage??? the point is…. people like ragni simply are stuck on pointless issues…. which is a GREAT HINDRANCE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA!!!!


    WOW!!!! Ragni what a point!!! Every time a woman is raped we should book Katrina kaif …..Every time a young girl is molested we should arrest Malaika Arora Khan and every time a girl is eve teased we should put Helen accountable. All our problems would be solved ..we ladies would be safe atlast!!!!
    SERIOUSLY!!! U call them dirty/soulless/immoral and what not, u don’t even know them personally… And if all those “who sell their bodies and soul” aka nude women on porn site excite men to do the crime then by this logic Netherlands and Sweden should have the highest number of rape cases .. why?? Becoz they have so much thriving porn over there but sadly that’s not the case ….

    U know if a sick horny man wants to molest a woman … he would still do it….he’ll not wait for some munni to get badnam or wait for some time till Sheila gets her jawaani …. This is a LAME and RIDICULUS excuse ….It’s the sick men and ladies that have such regressive thinking are to be blamed … u r infact defending the rapist by stating such irresponsible statements …”Arrey don’t blame them naah they got a little excited after watching a sexy dance ” …..
    In your own words “it is not only the sin it is also a great sin” and my dear lady have committed the GREATEST SIN!!!!

    dilasha seth

    encore nasreen and sahiba…. 😀
    i am glad not all women are like ‘ragni’ !!!
    hope you understand ragni…


    its lovely dear…i honour your thoughts and feeling lik anything…many teenagers at present have the same thing in their mind and you hav become their voice..!!!
    hats off…keep doing it..!


    @Ragini: Your Logic is flawed! As a man I am in full control of my body and my sexual urges. I refuse to be reduced to a level of an animal. Munni or shiela has nothing to do with men sexually harassing women on streets and as you would like to believe that it is only the women who wear shorts because of sweltering heat gets harassed or raped. Think again. Clothes have simply no correlation with rape and sexual harassment of women. What you are implying is that women should be blamed for wrong acts of men and not men because they are innocent people lured by temptation. Dear Girl being a Man, actually being a human, I have a highly developed brain that I use to evaluate situations and make decisions. Thus If as a Man I choose to sexually harass or rape a women it is out of choice and not because suddenly I could no longer control myself!


    I think we have misinterpreted the point. What we have to recognize is that we have gone from a culture where sex is a taboo to a culture where it is being glamorized to an extent in movies etc. ‘Sex’ will be a socially good thing if it is treated normally, but it starts giving problems as soon as it becomes a taboo subject seldom talked about or even if it becomes excessively glamorized where people feel that this is a particularly interesting topic to always keep bragging about. The ideas of ‘progress’ and ‘regress’ as suggested by the author are not as linear as we are made to think and hence neither is Shiv sena correct or this author for that matter.
    Banning this songs is not the solution to the problem, but there needs to be a moral responsibility not to glamorize or encourage this culture by the audience too, not depend on the censor board only. Tell me what impression does it carry that the female lead in most of the movies does no real ‘acting’ at all because there is no good role, except such sleazy stunts. In fact it pains me to think that her only presence in the movie is to titillate the audience and for sake of completeness of the movie from the perspective of the male protagonist. This movies/ item songs are nothing but the aspirations of a patriarchal society expressed in a slightly different way this time. What a lot of feminists call for is a change in the thinking/ notions towards women. We need to seriously need to rethink the notion that the womanhood of a women is “only” in her body and it needs hell of a lot of over-expression in movies.

    But all this said, I still agree to the fact that there are better things to do for empowerment before we pounce on this aspect before this as suggested by the author. Hence we will adjourn this discussion sine die unless somebody wants to contest my opinion!


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