Love: A Hollow Word For Gen X?

Posted on December 1, 2010 in Love, Relationship and Beyond

By Dishi Solanki:

The word Love round the globe has a lot of bizarre definitions for it. I was always told that love knows no bounds; it’s timeless, ageless, and beautiful. But of late I realized that meaning of love surely varies directly with time. In those golden days of our grannies and grandpas love was a synonym of “LORD”. It was worshipped & was considered pious. But today if I go around blabbering those same lines my friends will say Philosophy mat jhad yarr…bore mat kar. Today love has got confined to those colloquial terms like ‘one night stands’ and ‘lust’.

The moment I say “LOVE” our thoughts start galloping at neck breaking speed imagining a ‘girlfried’ and ‘boyfriend’.  But hang on people, why is it that we need a prefixe like motherly or sisterly to justify the word love for them. Why have our thoughts rusted to such a great extent? We all wear a fake mask and consider ourselves to be selfless ‘lovers’. If each one of us is so capable loving then why are we incapable of loving a beggar or maybe love a person back there in an orphanage? It is because we don’t want to jeopardize our own future. What future will we have with a person with no social standards or financial security? We all have invested in our future, so our love is calculated beforehand. It is not unconditional and selfless at all.

Well according to me the essence of true love is lost in this fast pace of life. Due to the impact of globalization, the barriers that separated our culture from the western world are no more prevalent. We have crassly accepted this. And so this very change in the air has influenced us to change our perception from ‘live for relationships’ to ‘live in relationships’. With all of us busy to win the rat race we hardly realize that our emotions and our identities we are losing.

Words like sacrifice and trust which defined love hold no importance in GenX. The major factor for this dwindling of faith is much because of those T.V shows that sermonize infidelity. Due to a mixed reaction of all this we no more consider ourselves accountable as a partner in relationships. ‘Change is the necessity of life’ & I guess we have just taken this to the most extreme level by changing another human like one would change a mobile handset. Youngsters prefer changing their partners frequently than to sticking on to just one. The reason being clashing egos, high temperaments, no emotional involvement…and what not. The honesty of love has lost its way in the maze of selfish feelings and gestures.

I am afraid that time isn’t far when the feeling of love will become extinct.

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  • Aashna Iyer

    I’m going to disagree on a few things. Firstly, we have to stop blaming globalization for bringing forth all things evil. Really. Second, I don’t think that you’d ‘love’ a beggar because s/he’s a human being or any such because ‘love’ as an emotion is not something that get’s switched on triggered by sympathy or sorrow for someone. I’d say there are degrees of love, species, if you will. And the love one claims to feel for one’s significant other is not necessarily the same as one feels for one’s parents, or pet cat. Really, though, I do agree that this word is bandied around rather too loosely these days. Call me old fashioned, but I cannot accept that you’d love someone after a week’s acquaintance, which is all it seems to be.. And The Black Eyed Peas were asking where the love is.. Huh..


      Nicely stated Aashna. The last part espcially is sometime in which we both are in sync. Am no fan of the love at first sight genre either. Its just too filmy for my liking. IMO, people often tend to get confused over what is infatuation and what is love. To me, any so called ‘Love at first sight’ is nothing more than an infactuation/ crush. How these even last beyond a few days / weeks at best is beyond me. Love is blind they say, but surely not that blind.


    me too disagree. love is still there


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