Weekly Recap: #Delhi, #Julian Assange, #COP16, Gay Pride And More

Posted on December 12, 2010 in Youth Trends

Here we are back with all that topped the news at YouthKiAwaaz.com in the last week, ending 12th December 2010. This week was full of controversies. From WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being held by Scotland Yard; Varanasi blasts to COP 16 and the UPA Govt in 2014, this week had a mixture of it all. Listed below are few of the most read articles this week — we recommend for the weekend read.

Delhi, The City, The Phenomenon, The Diary

Our Assignments Editor, Aditi Kumar, lists down her experiences and explains if Delhi really is safe for women or not. As the article reads: “After almost two years of Delhi doses, I have learnt to love the city for what it is, and you critique something because you want it to get better and you love it. Everytime I come back from my hometown after a long gap, my face lights up with a smile, it’s like Delhi-tropism. Earlier the termDilli wali was derogatory for me, now it defines me, in my own way.” Read more…

Why Julian Assange Should Not Be Prosecuted?

Right when Julian Assange was remanded custody for alleged rapes, which seem to be more like set-ups, our Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Anshul Tewari tries to reason why Julian should not be held in custody and what makes him a true journalist. As the article reads: “If that is really the case then the New York Times andThe Guardian must be prosecuted too – as when WikiLeaks was under a cyber attack, both these journalism outfits made the US Embassy cables public. Doesn’t the world deserve to know that there is a free flow of funds for terrorist outfits?” Read more…

COP16: First Week Of Negotiations [Reporting Live From Mexico]

Live from COP16, Cancum, Mexico: For the past few days, my perspective towards life has changed completely. And this is all related to an issue I had heard about so many times before, but one that I never completely understood until now: we are killing our planet and we do not stop doing it even after knowing. Read more…

Does The UPA Govt Deserve To Return To Power In 2014 [POLL RESULTS]

On 9th October 2010, we posted our poll question to our readers and response has been phenomenal. The question was:

Do you think the UPA Government deserves to come to power again in 2014?

The results have been in favour of UPA not coming to power again. Read more…

Terror Returns: Security Assurance A Sham? [Varanasi Blasts]

India has been shaken by yet another attack on the famous ghats of Benares on the eve of 7th December, 2010. The Ganga Arati, which stretches across the Shitala, Dashashwamedh and Prayag ghats, is a daily ritual attended by 2,000 to 3,000 people, many of whom are foreigners. The Ghats are near the famous Vishwanath temple. Read more…

Delhi’s Changing Sexuality [Gay Pride And More]

The social stigma is certainly very difficult to break, but here’s the catch- we are beginning to break barriers and think out of the box. We are slowly but steadily learning to move away from the conventional norms to the contemporary ones. Read more…

3 Reasons Why We Do Not Help The Downtrodden

It is our prime duty to look for the betterment of marginal and no one should be left behind and differentiated on the basis of caste, creed or colour but opportunities should be provided to them on individual-basis, community-basis or country-basis whatever, whichever and whenever is feasible… Read more…

It’s Not What You Do, It’s How You Do It [INSPIRATIONAL]

It is our clear obsession with “What” and the ignorance of the “How” that helps flourish corruptionin this otherwise wonderful nation. There are precisely four fields where we Indians put big emphasis on the “How” and quite surprisingly these four end up as India’s biggest four brands: Read more…

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