Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs And Leaders Of India

By Bhavita Kukreja:

Women Entrepreneurs may be defined as the women or group of women who initiate,organise and co-operate a business enterprise. Government of India has defined women entrepreneurs as an enterprise owned and controlled by a woman having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving atleast 51% of employment generated in the enterprise to women.

The Indian women are no longer treated as show pieces to be kept at home.They are also enjoying the impact of globalisation and making an influence not only on domestic but also on international sphere.Women are doing a wonderful job striking a balance between their house and career. Here are a few: (The lists consists of no political figure and concentrates only on business leaders and organizational heads).

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

1.Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Ltd., who became India’s richest woman in 2004, was educated at the Bishop Cotton Girls School and Mount Carmel College in Bangalore. She founded Biocon India with a capital of Rs.10,000 in her garage in 1978 – the initial operation was to extract an enzyme from papaya. Her application for loans were turned down by banks then – on three counts – biotechnology was then a new word, thecompany lacked assets, women entrepreneurs were still a rarity. Today, her company is the bigget biopharmaceutical firm in the country.

Ekta Kapoor

2.Ekta Kapoor, creative head of Balaji Telefilms, is the daughter of Jeetendra and sister of Tushar Kapoor. She has been synonymous with the rage of soap operas in Indian TV, after her most famous venture ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ which was aired in 2000 on Star plus. Ekta dominates Indian Television.At the 6th Indian Telly Awards 2006,she bagged the Hall Of Fame award for her contributions.

Neelam Dhawan

3. Neelam Dhawan, Managing Director, Microsoft India, leads Microsoft India. She is a graduate from St. Stephens College in 1980,and also passed out from Delhis Faculty Of Management studies in 1982. Then she was keen on joining FMCG majors like Hindustan Lever and Asian Paints, both companies rejected Dhawan, as they didnot wish to appoint women for marketing and sales.

Naina Lal Kidwai

4. Naina Lal Kidwai, was the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard Business School. Fortune magazine listed Kidwai among the worlds top 50 Corporate Women from 2000 to 2003. According to the Economic times, she is the first woman to head the operations of a foreign bank in India. ( HSBC)

Indu Jain

5. Indu Jain, the multi-faceted lady used to be the Chairman of the Times Group-The most powerful and largest Media house India has known. Indu Jain is known by many different identities such as that of spiritualist,humanist,entrepreneur,an educationalist but most prominently she played the role of the Chairman of Times Group. Indu Jain is the perfect picture of the successful Indian Woman entrepreneur.

Priya Paul

6.Priya Paul, she has a bachelor’s degree specialising in Economics from Wellesley College, USA. She entered her family business and is currently the Chairperson of Park Hotels.

Simone Tata

7. Simone Tata, has been instrumental in changing a small subsidary of Tata Oil Mills into the largest cosmetic brand in India – LAKME, synonymous today with Indian Fashion. She became a part of Lakme during 1961 and has been responsible for turning the company into one of the biggest brands of fashion in India. At present she is the Chairperson of Trent Limited, a subsidary of Tata Group.

Mallika Srinivasan

8.Mallika Srinivasan, currently the Director of TAFE- Tractors and Farm Equipment, India , was honoured with the title of Businesswoman of the Year during 2006 by the Economic Times. She joined the company in 1986 and has since been responsible for accelerating turnover from 85 crores to 2900 crores within a span of 2 decades.

Preetha Reddy

9. Preetha Reddy, Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, one of the largest healthcare conglomerates of India, is one of the pioneer businesswoman of India in the segment of Health Care Industry.

Ranjana Kumar

10. Ranjana Kumar, currently Vigilance Commissioner in Central Vigilance Commission, after her retirement as the Chairperson of NABARD- National Bank For Agricultural and Rural Development, is a prominent Indian Banker. When the Government of India appointed her as the Chairperson and Managing Director of The Indian Bank, she became the first woman to become head of a public sector bank in India. At that time of her appointment, The Indian Bank was saddled with huge losses and during her tenure she ensured the turn around of The Indian Bank.

Women like these are an inspiration for all other women who strive to achieve great heights in their lives. Taking them as our role models each one of us can be there where they are right now. All we need have is faith in ourselves, confidence and above all a fixed aim that we need work towards.

You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.
You too can submit a story on Youth Ki Awaaz using our easy submission form.

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  2. chandrakala 5 years ago

    i want to be a good enterpreneur in the world……….. my best wishers to all top enterpreneurs…………

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  3. kavitha s n 5 years ago

    hai….i am doing electrical engineering. now, am in final year. my aim is to become a good entrepreneur. its nice to see the top women entrepreneurs

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  4. suni 5 years ago

    my dream is to be worlds youngest and toppest business women.
    ” world is big and beautifull if u want to move ahead be like a air, where ur presence can be felt in all t place ” be a symbol of victory and i am one of it.

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  5. papillon1406 5 years ago

    Do you have a dream? Only people who have dreams and are passionate about their dreams will be successfull in life.
    I have dreams and I have found the key to achieve my dreams.

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  6. Hemavathi.g.p 5 years ago

    i got inspired by looking the women entrepreneurs and i want to become a women entrepreneurs. and i want to be a job providers

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  7. savithri 5 years ago


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  8. geetha 5 years ago

    i am an entrepreneur (women) with high hopes of going global.give me some ideas to go global like our top women entrepreneurs. :)

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  9. sabreena begg 5 years ago

    hello……i m doing my engineering now…….and even i have dreams of becoming a global and successful enterpreneur…….and i will definitely make my dreams come true……..thanks for writing about these inspirational women……they really inspires us…….

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  10. virender singh 5 years ago

    you are doing eng… and want to become entre.. that’s not a bad idea. go for it

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  11. stalin 5 years ago

    i am doing my mba in st joseph’s institute of management in trichy
    i am very proud of my indian’s women
    surly i can say women becomes good position in society today
    i really congratulation for sucessful women

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  12. Dania 5 years ago

    Truly inspiring…women in our society can really make a difference if they work hard to achieve their dream. Perseverance, i believe is the key to sucess, to win in this male dominated society. I hope we have more women entrepreneurs and leaders in the near future.

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  13. Dania Hanif 5 years ago

    Truly inspiring…women in our society can really make a difference if they work hard to achieve their dream. Perseverance, i believe is the key to sucess, to win in this male dominated society. I hope we have more women entrepreneurs and leaders in the near future.

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  14. sowmya 5 years ago

    really its pleasure 2 c women entrepreneurs
    they stood as motivators 4 us

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  15. Geetha 5 years ago


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  16. siva 5 years ago

    I came to know these womens after knowing their products and achievements.

    Now, I agree that

    Behind every success there is a women (entrepreneurs).

    All the best ladies:-)

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  17. SHRUTI KHANNA 5 years ago
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  18. arpita 5 years ago

    proud to b an woman….

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  19. madhuri malawant 5 years ago

    i m very much influenced by our top women entreprenuers because they had proved that a lady is not merely for care taking of family but they can also handle the official works with balancing their best wishes are with them…..

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  20. Anusha p 5 years ago

    thanku to all my indian enterpreneurships its very proud of to me and also its very inspire to all thanku and all d the best

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  21. Vyolet 5 years ago

    In the comlpciated world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

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  22. Nisschala Evangeline Choppala 5 years ago

    Its really nIce to know about these lovely & wonderful women of India and ofcourse proud to be a woman & Indian !!! :)

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  23. mariyam 5 years ago

    i want to be an entrepreneur its really pleasure for me to being an women entrepreneur of my country like all of them above.

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  24. babita chopra 5 years ago

    oh its a proud previlage to read about these women who have made their life worth living and showing to the world that they are no less than men! wish to be there very soon!

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  25. bhanu 5 years ago

    my most amazing dream is to become a big big lady entrepreneur in this world

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  26. utpala 5 years ago

    behind every successful man is a women,,… whereas behind every successful woman is her own fire to achieve!

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  27. saranya t 5 years ago

    I am proud of you top 10 entreprenuers……….

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  28. Saurabh 4 years ago

    i wnt and i’ll become the top entrepreneur of the world..
    seeing all this i’ve also gained encouragement fr becoming an great entrepreneur

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  29. Vijay 4 years ago

    Inspired a lot….I feel happy to c al these entrpr

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  30. sajju 4 years ago

    i feel happy by reading this top stories nd i suggest people to have big dream to full fill desires like these entrepreneurs

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  31. shaheer ok 4 years ago

    i feel so proud to be an Indian!!!!!!!!1

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  32. manju 4 years ago

    be proud to be indian

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  33. priya 4 years ago

    i feel so proud to be an Indian@

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  34. lijinofmary 4 years ago

    Realy I feel very happy to see,one day my name also enter this place…………….OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  35. lijinofmary 4 years ago

    realy i am very feel to day my name also enter this place

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  36. ariya 4 years ago


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  37. Vinay 4 years ago

    I feel so proud to be indian.

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  38. viji 4 years ago

    really am proud to be an Indian for having such a good and the best woman entrepreneurs in our country……

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  39. surbhi kansal 4 years ago

    it is rightly said dat its nt possible 4 a bird to fly vid 1 wing bt our country s trng to do so by denyng women as 2nd wing. bt nw dey all hve 2 acpt dt nobody cn rule d country vidout women.

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  40. surbhi kansal 4 years ago

    gr8 2 see women entrpr…..

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  41. vijayalakshmi 4 years ago

    i really wonder to the world bcz…………very powerfull to role playing in women enterpreneurs…………..All is well to do something in higher acheivment………………

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  42. vijayalakshmi 4 years ago

    i really lucky for taking in Business life…………….!

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  43. nisarmehdi 4 years ago

    i feel so proud to be ind

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  44. Sujatachavan678 4 years ago

    wt about sudha murthy????? she is the most multifaceted lady n pioneer for narayan murthy in establishment of infosys…

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  45. Deskjet123 4 years ago

    One question, How many of these nice ladies have made a living on their own.. I mean without inheriting their family business.. Entrepreneurship is someone who takes an innovative business also with risk of it.
    Also would like add am not discrediting the ladies with what they have achieved in life.. just that this is an askew list.

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  46. mani 4 years ago

    What happened to patricia nary patricia sandeepha for details.

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  47. Simranjeet Kaur 4 years ago

    I am gonna join list soon :)
    Wish me luck..!!! :)

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  48. shraddha 4 years ago

    i hope i’ll be in this list after few years….. wish me luck!!!!

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  49. diya 4 years ago

    AMAZING…i m inspired

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  50. uzma naheed 4 years ago

    .thnks for the information about women business acievers .please record the business achievements of shehnaz hussain too who spread her business of herbal cosmetis in th world

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  51. Ratna Kishore 4 years ago

    nice to hear these names but where are people like Sudha Murthy and Indira Nooyi.. ???

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  52. Noboru Tabe 4 years ago

    An increasing number of women entrepreneurs is meant as a healthy sign of social progress in India.. I am quite optimistic of the future of India ,should the entrepreneurship be further augmented for potential womankind. Greetings from TOKYO!

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  53. RAM 4 years ago


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  54. lifemja 4 years ago

    hello sir plz tell me the weekly income of these powerfull womens……..????????

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  55. kamya 4 years ago

    i also want to become like these women.they give inspiration to achieve my goal.

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  56. dhanya 4 years ago

    i want to be one among these…………i try to achieve till death…………….i need to serve my MOTHER INDIA and her CHILDRENS………………..

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  57. ami 4 years ago

    AMM… umm… i need to get infomartion about the entreprenuers of india..:-/…. need help..

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  58. deepthi 4 years ago

    go girls goooooo… will join you soon :)

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  59. Keerthana Chiluka 4 years ago

    feel great and you are to be known by every woman

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  60. Aashish Birgi 3 years ago

    I agree with you!

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  61. usha baudh 3 years ago

    ye sabhi top 10 ki mahila bhart ki hone k baad bhi bharat ki mahilao ko is desh k purush-pradhan samaj ki mansik gulami se mukt karnae me kya kisi bhi tarah ka koi yogdaan kar rahi h……..asli .education to vo h jo aapko gyan de…sahi-galat ki pahchan karne ki eyes de…..kewal top degree k base p competition beat kar k top post ko achive karna is not progress…..q ki is desh ki education is desh ki dharmik-sanskritik bhavna ko kabhi b graceup anhi kar sakti….balki high-educated person utna hi jyada andh-bhakti ka shikar paya ja raha h…utna hi jyada sadio purani sadi-gali Sanskriti-manyatao ka gulam paya ja raha h…..utna hi jayada sadio purne dharmik grantho ka unki manyatao ka adig paya ja raha h……..jub tak desh ki educated mahila…jo top p h…is mansik gulami or sdio ki bedio k khilaf awaz nahi karengi… desh ko dharm-jativad-riti-rivaj-parampara ka danav isi tarah desh ko gareeb-gulam-ilitrate-kuposhit-lachar banay rahega………so pls…..give a hand in real progress,which start from the door of mahila……………………namo buddhay.

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  62. harika 3 years ago

    impressive and i had learnt more from these people

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  63. lalitha 3 years ago

    very inspiring me

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  64. Raj 3 years ago

    Bas bhi karo! Do you think by chanting you will become entrepreneurs?

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  65. Ridhi Murari 3 years ago

    It is very inspiring to see these women from our own country doing so well independently !

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  66. Robert Timepass 2 years ago

    All they are very inspiring young political leaders of India

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  67. K.VENKATESAN. MBA 2 years ago

    Hello mam Miss.Ranjana Kumar I am VENKATESAN MBA IN FINANCE SECTOR. Has have good business women in IndIa. I so happy to see your success and my wishs. In my future has become a business men in india. so i need an idea and information for choosing the business. To send Mail ID.

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  68. DANIEL 2 years ago

    i am surprised to see this i have just came this web for project but when i read this see how the women are SO BE COURAGES

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  69. DANIEL 2 years ago


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  70. DANIEL 2 years ago


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  71. Sia 11 months ago

    In future i will also be a good entrepreneur

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  72. aakanksha 11 months ago

    Nice comment :)
    All the best.

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  73. aakanksha 11 months ago

    Nice ……………………..:)

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  74. Rahul Yadav 3 months ago

    Feeling awesome to see this great and inspiration list of indian women.

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  75. Name *Kowsalya G 3 weeks ago

    awesome….. its realy inspiration to us
    I have lot of dreams and I found key
    to achieve my dreams to reality.

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