Reservation: Understanding The Past, Present And Solutions [RESEARCH]

By Sumedha Upadhyay:

We live in a free country and this freedom is a gift of democracy to us. Our constitution gives us the right to freedom and most importantly to exercise this freedom in an equitable manner. At the same time it is incumbent on the part of the state to ensure that equality prevails in all sections of the society.

However in today’s time one of the major roadblocks to this equality is the Reservation System.

India being a developing nation is currently facing many challenges and the reservation system being one of them. The biggest question that lies in front of us is whether implementing this reservation system has really helped the downtrodden?  The current scenario clearly depicts that the ‘lower’ castes are still discriminated in their daily lives. To uproot casteism it is important that we fight the reservation system which alone will lead us to development, competency, equality and unity.

The reservation system finds its origin in the age-old caste system of India. The caste system at its birth was meant to divide people on the basis of their occupation like teaching and preaching (Brahmins), kingship and war (Kshatriya) and lastly business(vaish) etc. but soon it became an instrument to divide the society on caste-basis, creating various walls between different sections of the society. Today we stand divided widely into Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST & OBCs with newer reservations coming up for other different sections of the society like Christians, Kashmiris, Jats, Kashmiri Pandits, Tribals etc.

Firstly we need to understand that the reservation system only divides the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between different sections. It is oppressive and does not find its basis in casteism. It is actually the antithesis of a communal living.

Currently, as per the government policy, 15% of the government jobs and 15% of the students admitted to universities must be from Scheduled castes and for the Scheduled tribes there is a reservation of about 7.5 %. Other than this, the state governments also follow their own reservation policies respectively based upon the population constitution of each state. So nearly 50% seats are reserved.

The Mandal commission was established in 1979 by the central government to identify the socially or educationally backward people. It was also set up to consider the question of seat reservations and quotas for people to redress caste discrimination. It used social, economic, and educational indicators to determine backwardness. But today are these reservations actually being utilized on the above mentioned factors? The answer is prima facie ‘NO’ because the benefits are being stolen away by the creamy layer.

The 93rd Constitutional Amendment allows the government to make special provisions for “advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes of citizens”, including their admission in aided or unaided private educational institutions. Gradually this reservation policy is to be implemented in private institutions and companies as well. This move led to opposition from non-reserved category students, as the proposal reduced seats for the General (non-reserved) category from the existing 77.5% to less than 50.5% (since members of OBCs are also allowed to contest in the General category).

Article 15(4) of our constitution empowers the government to make special provisions for advancement of backward classes. Similarly Article 16 provides for equality of opportunity in matters of employment or appointment to any post under the State.

“Clause 2 of article 16 lays down that no citizen on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them be discriminated in respect of any employment or office under the State.”

However clause 4 of the same article provides for an exception by conferring a certain kind of power on the government:

“it empowers the state to make special provision for the reservation of appointments of posts in favour of any backward class of citizens which in the opinion of the state are not adequately represented in the services”

Thus two conditions have to be satisfied:

  1. The class of citizens is backward
  2. The said class is not adequately represented.

In a case Balaji v/s State of Mysore (AIR 1963 SC649) it was held that ‘caste of a person cannot be the sole criteria for ascertaining whether a particular caste is backward or not. Determinants such as poverty, occupation, place of habitation may all be relevant factors to be taken into consideration. The court further held that it does not mean that if once a caste is considered to be backward it will continue to be backward for all other times. The government should review the test and if a class reaches the state of progress where reservation is not necessary it should delete that class from the list of backward classes.’

What is surprising is that our constitution clearly is a reservation-friendly constitution but nowhere in the constitution is the term ‘backward classes defined. What actually constitutes a backward class? What are the determinants of a backward class? These questions remain unanswered and it is only with the help of judicial pronouncements that they have been given some meaning. Question arises how can reservations be made for something that has not been defined?

Today when a student applies for an admission in any university, the admission forms are filled with questions like ‘Are you SC/ST or OBC or General Category?’ How does it matter which category does he belong to, what matters is his merit. A category cannot decide whether he is eligible for admission or not. There many economically worse off children belonging to the forward classes but they cannot get the fruits of such reservation merely by virtue of belonging to the ‘general’ category. Sometimes these children belonging to the backward classes do not even deserve and still possess the necessary merit as against a child who studied very hard for months to get a seat, thereby snatching away that seat just because he comes from a particular religion or caste for which our government provides reservation.

Reservation should be purely made on the basis of the economical conditions of the applicant and nothing else. The kind of reservation policy that our government currently follows does nothing but divide the society into different sections.

When the then HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh introduced 27.5% reservation for OBC in centrally funded educational institutes including IIMs and IITs a petition was moved to the President and the Prime Minister stating that such a reservation will take India back from where she is today. Further “everyone understands the need for all sections of the Indian Society to get an opportunity to be a part of this economy but reservation based on caste is not an answer to this. These policies have been in India since the last 50 years and they have failed to meet their objectives. The government should go into the reasons of the failure. Many students don’t make it to the institutes because of the economic reasons and those who do not fall in the reservation criteria don not get a fair opportunity too”.

To remove this evil it suggested the following:

  1. Make education mandatory and free for all till age of 15
  2. Propose reservation based on economic status
  3. Provide opportunity to students to earn while they study.

Instead of introducing reservations for these backward classes what is required is to bring about revolutionary changes in our education system at the grass-root level. When proper education is not provided to children belonging to such categories during the primary stage itself then on what basis are the reservations provided at a subsequent stage.

Reservations are nothing but means to prosper the vote banks of politicians. They are hindering the country’s growth, development and competency in all aspects. On one hand the preamble of our constitution states that we are a free, democratic and sovereign nation and on the other hand reservation system is chaining all these aspects into its clutches. It is creating disparity and differences amongst the people. The constitution lays down that every child has a right to education and no where expresses that any child belonging to a backward class has a little more of this right than the general category. By reserving one category against another creates a feeling of division which is now resulting in a chaos with every small section of the society asking for it.

Reservations on the basis of caste and not on the basis of condition are bad and unacceptable. Fair and just reservations to uplift the people with poor conditions of life, those who don’t have meals to eat, clothes to wear and no home to live in. They shall be made on the basis of factors such as gender as women are more disadvantaged than men since primitive times, domicile, family education, family employment, family property, family income and if any disabilities and traumas. The process of reservation should be such that it filters the truly economically deprived individuals and bring them all to justice.

Thus reservations are anti-thesis of development and equality. We don’t need reservations based on castes or religion but only to actually provide aid to those who have minimal resources; and merit should be given equal  and due importance in admission procedures as well employment opportunities. This way we would be successful in removing caste discrimination and unite the economically rich together in helping the economically poor, irrespective of their castes.

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  1. Akshay Vikas 5 years ago

    As educated Indians, most of us have, at some point or the other of their lives, either benefitted from or suffered due to reservation policies. Thus, it is very difficult for us to give honest and impartial views on such issues.

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    1. shiksha 2 months ago

      Once my grand mother told me that they (general caste people ) do not allow us to walk on slippers 😢😢.My grandmothers first baby died due to non hygienic water because general people did not allow them to touch their water sources(natural).
      My dad ..He was not allowed to sit in front row..😢bt my dad never told me anything about all now I m thinking that even today my dad is a army officer and my general cast friends dad is at below rank in army..still my dad has noT a big house in city…bt my friends dad is owner of 2 houses…In my college no 1 professor of my caste…y? Not a teacher of our caste in school….y? ..kya unka parai m Mann n lgta tha? Ya unhe parne he nhi diya jata tha….kya unke paaw m pain n hota hoga jb meri dad log Un logo ka kaam krne field m jate the…😢remaining a lot….bt once guys whoever sc St general just ask ur grandfathers .

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      1. akshay manwar 1 week ago

        I am completly agree with your statment about castism…its true.

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  2. Abhishek Singh Azad 4 years ago

    We lives in a country where surname is important than your position in most of the places. Surname and Caste decides who is above and who is below. Reservation was there for the Socially  backward classes because it was assumed that when these Socially backward classes will be equal to other Higher Caste or Class then there will be no need of any type of caste based reservation….. but even today there are several places where equality is not there, as we may see in our daily life.

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  3. rakesh sharma 4 years ago

    i dont know if the constitution mentions class or caste as a base for providing reservations but what is there in govt policy is not class it is caste.class differences are to be taken in the economic disparities and not on the basis of the family you were born in.also it will therefore be unconstitutional to provide reservations on the basis of caste if class is provided as a basis in the constitution.

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    1. Rahul 3 weeks ago

      To The Youth ki Awaz,
      Kindly change your post or remove it. Because you have not made an adequate research about Indian History, Indian Class system since Rigved Period and after the vedic period. You have not made research on Indian society before constitution and after 50 years of constitution. I will request you that made all this research first and then tell me what is the real problem of Indian Society, Indian development, You had easily point out reservation as India’s one of the biggest problem. Do you know is it really problem or solution for Millions of people of India?
      Not reservation but Corruption is main problem in India. Unused or less used youth is problem in India. Costly higher education, Favorism, all these problem lies in India.
      So make proper study, and then post something.

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  4. kishor 4 years ago

    Reservation is based on caste . Caste system is only resposible for introduction of reaservation system. Education was denied to the shudras(OBC) and untouchable(SC and ST). Due to lack of education , shudra people lost their vision, morale,efficiency, wealth and power. Priest become God (Bhudeva) and without doing any work ,Priest looted poor shudra since his birthday till his death by preaching false religious rite and by demanding heavy gifts from Shudras.They were harassed by upper caste ( which are only 10 to 15% of all population) by denying equal opportunity to shudra in social life.
    Acoording to census there are 50% OBC caste, 16% SC caste and 7.5% ST caste . By giving 50 % reservation 80% population is nothing but justice denied to poor people who are victims of caste system.
    The word reservation is wrongly introduced , the exact word should be representation .

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  5. Kashyap Vyas 4 years ago

    Dear Sumedha,

    Read your article on Indian Constitution. It is excellent on all counts.

    I am the founder of Janhit Manch ( and Forum For Fast Justice ( We are in Mumbai.

    If you are in Delhi, I will be there during 14-17th July July and will be staying at India International Centre. I will talk to you if you can mail your cell no. It will be my pleasure to meet an intelligent law student like you.

    With regards.

    (Bhagvanji Raiyani)
    Chairman and Managing Trustee,
    Forum For Fast Justice.

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  6. Prasnata Kr. Dey 4 years ago

    Now a day , We live in a horrible situation. Just imagine Class One (1) class student asked her teacher about reservation . Because her Friends ( S.C., S.T) friend get cloth from School and She Did not.

    I know reservation Must be needed , but how long time ? Who are the Minority .?

    One thing I believe ” In all over the World there are Two Class, Two religions ,
    Those are : i) Rich
    ii) Poor
    If reservation Must needed then reserve the B.P.L., & other people who really Needy . Plz , wake Up, It time to Do. Not for discussion ……
    ( Prasanta Kumar Dey,) send mail :- [email protected]

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  7. Deepinder Singh Sandhu 4 years ago

    I think the Seat Reservation system started by the Congress government of India is absolutely ridicolous. The BJP to followed this Vote Policy, but they don’t think that the General Category will vote against them. If there is Reservation Policy let it be for the poor people Below Poverty Line & not for those SC, ST & OBC above poverty line & being Middle class or rich. The government one day will have to pay for this. They can’t do this punishable act against most of the Indians. This should be banned & the Freedom of Equality should be given to every one of Indian people.

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    1. sumedha 4 years ago

      i totally agree with your statements.

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      1. Voncile 4 years ago

        Deep thought! Thanks for contrbiiutng.

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  8. siddharth 4 years ago

    i have seen even the reserved students feeling humiliated when they are asked by their batchmates that if they have got the seat on category basis…..what i want to assert is that merit comes to play now or then…the placement of a college would be 70% , the ones who would remain would largely consist of these reserved people only……..instead of spoon-feading such people the govt. requires to financially support the people with poor financial background and ensure that a skilled and talented generation makes it to the elite institutes of the country……..

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  9. taisha 4 years ago

    hey sumedha, im really impressed by your doing my research on the reservation policy of India.Could you please give me your views on reservation? research question is; ” Is there a direct link between reservation policy and the ultimate goal of equality?

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      1. Manoj 1 month ago

        well, sumedha Best way to remove cast ism is shuffling required from government. 1. Remove titles in front of names 2. Education – Hindu follow vedas / so vedic must be taught in children so they respect each others profession …… a bhramin child can be a good Sudra , a Kshatriya child can be good bhramin , a vaishyas child can a good Kshatriya . it depends on their profession they like to do and its called as varnas , i have not read vedas ..i believe solution is in it. 3. Each village will have its people work on R&D for progress of their village , so that each person know each other in their village and keep peace and harmony and also development.

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  11. Kranthi 4 years ago

    when i was doing my graduate course, my HOD(head of the dept a Brahmin himself) had complained my dad about my behavior in college. He told my dad that all my friends are Brahmin’s. he even threatened my dad the he will make me fail in the exam. i didn’t know about this until i failed in exam continuously. i didn’t care for the HOD’s words, nor my father advice everything was over and i started afresh. now i feel i am protected from few at-least because i have reservation. Brahmin’s are worst humans. the gene will not alter even for 1000years. such experience will haunt every backward class Indian. untouchable, atrocity, still exist in India.

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    1. indian 4 years ago

      same goes for you people who just think about casts

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    2. sham 4 years ago

      Mr. Dont count all the brahmins are same. ok.. what about those have sacrifies their life to give us independence have you forgot that? we have studied with sc and obc people and even we go for muslim friends house and join in their festivals. and now my employee is a sc candidate. and u people are enjoying the reservation and utilizing this . can you tell me a sc canditates father is a managing director and having a banglow and bank balance maintaning two cars and his children or grand childrens needs a reservation ??? is salman khurshid’s grand children needs reservation ? No Then make a reservation those are really poor and financially back word ….. being a human have u ever raised ur voices for general people?
      politicians devide us and militants united us. Due to political gain politicians playing with indians mind it.

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      1. Ashwani 7 months ago

        Hi Sham, you are right that not all the brahmins are alike, good or bad. I have read the comments posted by our people. I find some comments logical, but most of the comments seems to be superficial. Leaving the superficial comments behind, lets talk about the logical ones where it appears that the main aim is to eradicate this caste based systems, be it reservation in Govt. services, schools, hospitals or any other public organisation. I want to ask one question, are you comfortable with the thought of marrying your kins in the family of lower caste people??? (Even if they are financially sound)??? If you seriously want to get rid off this caste based system, just start accepting the people from lower castes as your own people and start making relations with them, the reservation system then will not have any meaning and it will vanish its own. Marry your sons/daughters in the family of SCs/STs and you will find the gap reducing and there will be no upper-caste or lower-caste people, only Indians. pL Give it a thought..

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      2. srilatha 1 month ago

        ooops!1u mentioned dont count all d brahmins same.. i would say dat dont count all d sc n st’s same coz not every one r equally well developed or rich as salman kurshid!!

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    3. Srinidhi Singh 3 years ago

      there is a difference in lack of intelligence and lower cast

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      1. Ashwani 7 months ago

        Not much ma’m, if you do not allow someone a good education, make them feel untouchable, crush their dignity for years, that person from lower caste will certainly become inferior to those given all the facilities and respect in the society… please think about it…

        If you seriously want to get rid off this caste based system, just start accepting the people from lower castes as your own people and start making relations with them, the reservation system then will not have any meaning and it will vanish its own. Marry your sons/daughters in the family of SCs/STs and you will see the gap reducing and there will be no upper-caste or lower-caste people, only Indians.

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    4. vg 3 years ago

      man some brahmins are bad so for that you give punishment all other good brahmin or open category who want to go to a particular college and they have nothing to do with destroying ur future

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      1. Ashwani 7 months ago

        Dear vg, its not about some brahmins… its the mentality and attitude we have towards everything we come in contact. We just think about ourselves and not about the society as a whole. I am not surprised that you just made this gross problem of Caste System in our country, a small insignificant issue. You are only bothered about the seats reserved for SC/ST in Govt. institutions. You termed it as a “Punishment to all brahmins” if some seats (15+7.5%) are reserved for people who have been exploited for generations… wow!!! You completely ignored the bigger picture of the society … where one lot of people in our society have been denied basic rights viz. education, right to enter in a temple, forced to do dirty jobs, denied any respect in society for thousands of years and sadly it is still going on. Who is responsible for all this ..please think about it. If you are not responsible for all this, you have not either tried to set things right. Because, somewhere in your heart, you also believe in this age old caste system especially when it suits you. I may be wrong, but then, you have done nothing to prove me wrong. I want to ask onequestion, are you comfortable with the thought of marrying your kins in the family of lower caste people??? If you seriously want to get rid off this caste based system, just start accepting the people from lower castes as your own people and start making relations with them, the reservation system then will not have any meaning and it will vanish its own. Marry your sons/daughters in the family of SCs/STs and you will see the gap reducing and there will be no upper-caste or lower-caste people, only Indians.

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    5. anonymous 2 months ago

      next time you comment on such articles, better say oc or general category but not brahmins.dont you dare comment on brahmins who are mostly living in pathetic conditions due to reservations and lack of governemt support and on top of all this people like you who only like to spread hatred. and you expect fair treatment when you are full of hatred. you try to be fair and behave like a human with no feelings abiut caste and you will have a right to expect the same from others

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  12. shanu 4 years ago

    thax 4 this article

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  14. Zhang Lui 4 years ago

    It is really intresting article. But these SC, ST, BC and OBC’s are comming to China they never mentioned about it. How these people they look like? Are they mentally having problems? Or Physically they have problems? Or are they some sort of defect people?
    And why Indian Government they never mentioned these things in there passports? So we don’t allow such type of SC, ST, BC and OBC people.
    It is very article and we must stop these type of bad people in our society.

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    1. Subodh Kumar Meghwal 4 years ago

      The main objective of the Indian reservation system is to increase the social and educational status of the underprivileged communities, enabling them to take their rightful place in Indian society. The reservation system exists to provide opportunities for the members of the SCs and STs so as to increase their representation in the legislature, the executive of the nation and states, the labor force, schools, colleges, and other social institutions.

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      1. vg 3 years ago

        what are u still poor huh………..why rich sc st obc should get reservations?

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    2. Ashwani 7 months ago

      Mr Zhang Lui, if you have read the history, you must have some idea about the colonization of China by foreign countries like, France, Germany, Britain etc. Just imagine, how these colonized Chinese people were treated by the foreign rulers and how important it was to get rid off this Foreign Rule by Chinese people. I hope you can understand that to live a dignified life a revolution was needed to overthrow the oppressive rulers. In India, we have Caste System here to exploit the poor people. These SC/ST people are poor Indians enslaved by powerful Indians, so called Upper Caste people. So you see, the SC/ST are not defective people or bad people. They are simply downtrodden people. Don’t worry, you do not have to stop them. They are as laborious and harmless as anybody else in this Universe.

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  15. Subodh Kumar Meghwal 4 years ago

    If there is someone there who thinks that once the scheduled caste people become rich there life is easy listen to this. A person from the village came in search of job to Mumbai. After all “Mumbai is a land of opportunities”. He soon became rich through sheer hardwork and determination. After he had enough money to live in comfort for the rest of the day…s of his life he went back to his native village. To help the villagers he dug a borewell on his land. He was found dead the very next day. And why you may ask? He was killed by the rich “higher caste” land owners because they believed that a low caste has no right to dig borewell on his own land. So even his coming up in life didn’t change the way ‘the pure caste’ saw him. And the sad part is that a person’s caste is decided by birth.So while in Cities you mayn’t notice the caste system it is very much there.

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    1. vg 3 years ago

      so for things going on in village u will punish the one in cities …………………….thats very bad we students never discriminated u we started when we came to know that u are getting admin to college less marks than us where we were not able to get

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    2. Ashwani 7 months ago

      I agree Subodh… We must join hands to eradicate this Casteism from India… This is possible only when we share and educate our countrymen about the atrocities the SCs/STs are facing…. and ask for an answer from those who are responsible for it.

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  16. Rajat Maheshwari 4 years ago

    This article was simply awesome.I also praise that there should be only economic reservation and not any caste reservation.I think we should give our effort to make people educated,so that they come to know their rights and not by giving oppurtunity to those who don’t deserve that by reservation.There are many people who belongs to general category are more poor than those of backward class,then how can our system give rise to this reservation system just by saying that those people belong to backward class.

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    1. sumedha 4 years ago

      thank you so much Rajat for your comments. I really hope a day comes in this country when we dont have to write about all this and there are only good things to write upon.


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      1. Asmi 7 months ago

        Dear Sumedha, i am a class 12 student and belong to a middle class family. Although, i myself have not really faced any discrimination being a backward but that’s also partly true because most people just can’t figure out
        that i am one as my
        surname won’t reveal my
        caste;i still find myself
        unable to understand that
        why the priests and the
        shankaracharyas and
        almost all kinds of heads of
        temples that are spread all
        over the nation and outside,
        whether big or small
        temples, why are they all
        under the sole representaton of only
        the brahmins and/or the
        forward classes?Isn’t that
        another form of reservation
        that needs to be dealt with?
        Now, to some, i may seem
        to be going off at a
        completely different tangent
        but if you give it a thought just once by viewing this as
        the bigger picture of discrimination and caste bias in our country, it’d be probably then,when u realise what needs to be uprooted.

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    2. Ashwani 7 months ago

      Why don’t you say that there should not be any Caste System in India ??? Because it suits you… you only show your apprehension when it comes to Caste Based Reservation. Eradicate Caste System first, then talk about Reservation. And only you, the upper caste people of India, the creator of Caste System, can actually eradicate Caste System. How ?? ….Just start accepting the people from lower castes as your own people and start making relations with them, the reservation system then will not have any meaning and it will vanish its own. Marry your sons/daughters in the family of SCs/STs and you will find the gap reducing and there will be no upper-caste or lower-caste people, only Indians.

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  17. Shreyasi 4 years ago

    U are exactly right sumedha, reservation is the reason of discrimnation faced by our society . we need to take urgent step on it rather then just pondering over it then only our nation and people living in it will prosper.

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    1. Ashwani 7 months ago

      No, my dear Shreyasi, its not Reservation. Reservation has come in our lives only recently, after Independence. Whereas, the caste based discrimination has been there for thousands of years…So please get your facts clear before commenting on this sensitive issue. You have to eradicate Caste System before removing Caste Based Reservations…

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      1. Asmi 7 months ago

        I couldn’t agree more, Ashwani. But the noticeable thing here is that none of these so called supporters of “anti caste based reservations” and “equality for one and for all” seem to actually oppose the whole idea and concept of the caste system itself. Many of them hardly realise the fact that reservations are made well and truly for the proper representation of the oppressed people. Why do the forward classes always quibble about eradicating the reservation system when they themselves have introduced the very concept of caste based bias in the hearts and minds of the people.

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  18. Shreyasi joshi 4 years ago

    I totally agree with u sumedha.Development of any nation is hindered by inequality among masses and that is what reservation has done.we need to take urgent step on this matter rather then just pondering over it.

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  19. amit 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone

    I am also one of the supporter of those people who are against reservation system. That’s why I am going to start my own website on this and not only this but where we will also discuss other social issues in India.
    About reservation system, it is totally discriminating. As Kishore has mentioned in his comments that bcz in old era Brahmins were used to harass Backward classes and bcz of that they lost their vision and were not allowed to go to schools. So they were thrown into darkness of illiteracy and poverty. But even if that is true it doesn’t mean now Government should do same with General Class. But on other side Government should give equal rights to everyone rather discriminating us on the base of caste. Also 50 + years is a long time to achieve that objective to uplift backward classes and if government couldn’t achieve that yet then it can’t achieve it ever.
    Rather this reservation system is still creating a wall between us by discriminating us on the base of caste system. Like this we can never forget that we are from different castes and can never go together.
    We should give it a deep thought and bring a change.

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    1. Ashwani 7 months ago

      Hi Amit, I agree with your vision to vanish discriminating practices be it Reservation or Caste System itself. I also agree that the Caste Based Reservation could not do full justice with downtrodden people in the last 50+ years. But I have to admit and you have to agree that it certainly helped many to come out and achieve success in their lives to some extent. The Caste Based Reservation was not primarily to create equality among people of India. It came into existence to give the socially backward people, those who were exploited for generations, in fact more than thousands of years, a chance to come into the mainstream and uplift the quality of their lives. If you want to create equality, you have to eradicate completely the Caste System from our country. This can be achieved only by accepting these SC/ST people as your own and start making relations with them. Marry your sons/daughters in the family of SCs/STs and you will see the gap reducing and there will be no upper-caste or lower-caste people, only Indians. The reservation system then will not have any meaning and it will vanish its own… Give it a thought my fellow..

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  20. nishit ranjan 4 years ago


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    1. Ashwani 7 months ago

      …apply your mind first..

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  21. arpeeta basu 4 years ago

    i have read your article. its wonderful.i want to be in touch with you for my research project.i am a student of political science from calcutta university.please help!

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  22. Srk7azad 3 years ago

    i think you are not aware of worst impact of caste system on the lower caste people in a country like India where govt. is formed whether union or state, with the support of some particular caste or community….. Am sorry to say but if u want to remove reservation system based on caste, firstly remove the caste system. If there would be no caste then there would be no caste based discrimination and there wont be any need of caste based reservation. Because for e.g. if you think there should not be reservation on economic basis then firstly you have to remove the difference between rich and poor in the same way as said earlier……..  The reservation is given to uplift the particular caste of the society.

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  23. Manoj 3 years ago

    We should not allow such reservation on cast basis. Any amount of financial help for poor but meritoreous students s fine. Those who believe so, shall meet Primeminister at Lal Quila on 15 Aug. Let us send this to all in our email address book, for vast publicity for this noble cause.

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    1. Ashwani 7 months ago

      This cause is not noble my dear Manoj… The Nobel Cause would be ” Let’s join hands to remove Caste System from this Great Country”… Think about it.

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  24. komal sihag 3 years ago

    thats amzg  article , would like 2 apprecate u ….

    as per me thts the truth bt if it is said that India provides equality to al that would be competely wrong coz sc / st / obcs are gettg reservations  then wt abt fcs they r educated & sittg at home its idiotic
    ya reservation must not be provided on the basis of caste bt on other factors like economic , there status or wt so ever 

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    1. Ashwani 7 months ago

      You know, based on caste system, many were not allowed to educate themselves for thousands of years, from generations to generations… was according to you right?? I think yes, because it suited you, you never raised your voice against Caste System of India…. the main aim is to eradicate this caste based systems, be it reservation in Govt. services, schools, hospitals or any other public organisation. I want to ask one, are you comfortable with the thought of marrying your kins in the family of lower caste people??? If you seriously want to get rid off this caste based system, just start accepting the people from lower castes as your own people and start making relations with them, the reservation system then will not have any meaning and it will vanish its own. Marry your sons/daughters in the family of SCs/STs and you will see the gap reducing and there will be no upper-caste or lower-caste people, only Indians.

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  25. Ravi Kukreja 3 years ago

    Solution to the Big Issue:
    I think from the time the concept of reservation has started, people who have already been benefited with the reservation; their siblings, parents, future generations must not be considered for reservation as they must have already “uplifted the social status” of their family. which was the sole objective of the reservation. I personally feel that I being A Talented Young Male Middle-class Hindu so called citizen of India is being demoralized and being forced to withdraw my whole faith from education and legislation of India as it taught me since my childhood the “Right To Equality” which I don’t posses right now. This content is not with intention for offence its just a suggestion which must be considered for recommendation.

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    1. Kaiser 3 years ago

      Someone’s social status apparently in society does not change just because they are uplifted economically.

      Look at Mayawati, she’s so rich but in the eyes of the media , she is just another Dalit.

      Stuff like Social upliftment through reservations is a brainwash.

      Reservations are meant for representation, just like how it is in US. Yes, USA has reservations for Blacks , Hispanics and Amerindians because of the discrimination they face. That is the same logic applied here and is applied to SCs and STs. They need representation of their own people to understand their problems and help them out. After all, no Brahmin is going to come and help out the Dalits, isn’t it ?

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      1. Ravi 3 years ago

        May be you don’t know USA.. Its point based system.. Less income more points..

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    2. Ashwani 7 months ago

      Sure, my dear friend, you must have lost your faith in the system because of the 50% reservation in Govt. institutions. Because you are not intelligent enough to grab a seat for yourself in the left 50%. But dear, do you know the Govt. jobs comprise only 2% of the total employment of this country. If you take pain to look at the 70% rural population of this country you will see that the majority of the lands are owned by the upper caste people. If you check with the Govt. records you will know that 99% of the Safai Karamcharies belong to SC communities. You talk about upliftment, the policies made for the upliftment of SC/ST never gets implemented because the upper caste people have occupied all the big positions who make sure that the benefit does not reach to the needy SC/ST people. Clear your facts before commenting on this issue, my dear. Have you ever realized or imagined about those who were denied basic education for thousands of years just because they were born in low caste? Not only education, anything which might give them a sense of treating themselves as HUMAN, they were denied. You think a time span of 50 years with reservations in only Govt. agencies are enough to uplift these people who have been exploited for thousands of years??? think about it…

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      1. Him 3 months ago


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  26. subash 3 years ago

    This reservation is just a card for getting vote for the government.So Don’t Trust on this reservations.It only destroys our own capability.Let us say if a person A scores 90% and Person B Scores 50%.Both are completing their education in good college.Later on once they enter on to some good non government jobs,person A will survive easily but person B will be struggling to make himself unto the mark.This is what happening with the current job scenarios.Even Government is trying to have reservations is some Indian MNC’ s , but none of them are ready to accept this until now.So ignore this reservation and prove our own potential to reach heights.The government is just going with the same British concept of divide and rule & they just want to be in the power and loot the country.

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    1. Indain Dalits 3 years ago

      best solution is have inter caste marriage and after a decade the babes are from mixed caste and after decade there is no much difference , Wi
      l you a
      l ow your son are daughter to marry a boy or gir
      l from
      l ower caste,

      people like you should read this and then comment

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      1. True indian 3 years ago

        SO what you are trying to say that this move of having reservation will encourage ppl to have inter caste marriages just to enjoy benefits of reservation…………..and in the process everyone will be dalit as those with no reservation must have moved to some other countries or must have committed suicide as they have no job to support their family…………….great going man……..Why dont you bring the reservation to 99.99%………….and implement it in both public and private sector……..that way to get a job you have to be from reserved category and you can actually force them to marry someone from reserved category……………………………what i believe that ppl in favour of even .1% of reservation are not only traitors as they are trying to bring country down but also enemy of humanity!!!!!!….be realistic make primary education free for all instead of doing all this crap………………it has been 65 years and not much has changed……………..earlier it was britishers now politicians………formula is still same”divide and rule”………..and it still works!!!!!!

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        1. Udit 4 months ago

          1. you forgot to mention (Brahmins then) Britishers now Politicians……formula is still same”divide and rule”………..and it still works!!!!!! (There were more in history, but let us mention only the main villains.)

          2. you said (.and in the process everyone will be dalit as those with no reservation must have moved to some other countries or must have committed suicide as they have no job to support their family)
          Bro, if dalits population will increase then general population will decrease at almost the same rate, and hence less competition in general category… enjoy….. plzzzz think…!!!!….yes it will like forcing general category people to marry sc/st/obc people…….but itna to karna padega so as to remove caste system……caste basd reservation will fade away automatically……be realistic…!!

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  27. Kaiser 3 years ago

    This is one of the worst, poorly researched articles there ever was !

    First of all, one should realise the fact that

    1) Ambedkar had compromised his demand for seperate electorate to have reservations, rather, representations. Would you have been happier , if something like Pakistan had happened for the Dalits ? Just saying.

    2) I would like to know the author’s stand on women’s reservations. I find it appalling people say women deserve representation because they are “discriminated” in society. But the truth is a Dalit is million times discriminated more ! Just disguise yourself as a Dalit and try finding a house, you’ll find atrocious replies, irrespective of the economic status a Dalit belongs to. You’ll know how difficult it is to be a dalit.

    The author’s assumptions that reservation is strengthening caste system is laughable to the extremes. If so, why haven’t the Brahmins , who do not enjoy any caste system given up their caste ? After all, they don’t need a caste identity since they are Forward , isn’t it ? Why not question matrimonial ads which specifically have ads like (Caste no bar, but SCs not preferred). It is in fact caste system which existed for 1000s of years which culminated in reservations.

    The author needs to get a grip of reality and tour rural India and if possible, even notice patterns in urban India which reek of this malaise of caste system. When you see how rotten the current system is , you’ll know Dalits have no protection in this world, other than the reservations ! True story !

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    1. Raj Johari 3 years ago

      As far as reservation is concerned it was built by Indian constitution for helping poor people about 60 years ago. At that time caste was prime measure of poor and rich, but now a day this completely vanish since there are many lower caste people who are rich, hence there should be no reservation based on cast or religion. All the young guys try to understand the politics of our old generation “Netas” who are trying to apply “divide and rule” on Indians with help of these types of rules.

      They wants our young generation to be indulge in “cold war” among themselves so that they can rule smoothly.

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    2. Parnika 3 years ago

      Hey,I’m a student currently researching on Dalit History. Not really well versed with these issues but i have a question. In one of the above comments, some one mentioned that sometimes discrimination doesn’t end even when one has achieved a superior economic status, because ultimately his/her caste is given more importance. So reservation on the basis of caste is justified because uplift-ment of the entire caste is needed to end discrimination against them. I am asking, would that help? Sure it would take many years for the entire caste to be uplifted, but if and when this happens, wouldn’t they still be associated with their previous status? Wouldn’t they still be discriminated against on the basis of their caste? If one Dalit person is discriminated against even when he becomes rich, wont they all be still discriminated against even if they all become rich? Because ultimately their caste matters, India being a caste based society.

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    3. Divineom 3 years ago

      Completely agree,, this article is completely biased/inflammatory and retarded !! More ever the language used by the author completely reflects his disdain attitude towards the less privileged/fellow being.

      Off course, meritocracy must prevail but for the merit based system, one prerequisite is a level playing field for everyone and in India there isn’t. I suggest the author and the prejudiced people to move their ass out of their home and visit their nearby village and try to understand the rural Bharat.

      Note: i would like the administrators of YkA to review articles before publishing it online as i have gone through many articles on this site which are poor in taste, biased and no way matches the standard that YkA has achieved. I guess many articles are published by hot headed teenagers. Peace

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  28. mitali 3 years ago

    We should not have Reservation Stuff… its totatly unfair with the open class… and they are not happy with this….
    and the person who doesnt have any talent, any skills… still they get everything through reservation…
    Reservation should be done only on the economical bases.. who dont have house to live, dont have cloths to wear, dont have food to eat…
    The people who are poor are till now poor and the rich people are getting more and more rich day by day…
    For our Country Progress we have to boycut all these things….

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  29. kiran Deep 3 years ago

    thank you , this information was very very useful for my project . thanks for the comments too.

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  30. rathanbabu 3 years ago

    ok. i am agreeing with the misuse of the cast card by our politicians. yes we , indians need reservation, not just for the upbringing the downtrodden but to avail a secured place to live in society. from the first days of our human society, we have oppression of weaker sections. with the generations it took several forms like caste, colour ,place, religion, even with gender. so oppressed people need a way to get on with their lives. the way is, i think, reservation in education, reservation in jobs. till today we have dalits and tribals not having an idea of ” why sanitation is required” . so until they feel the real meaning of confidence and stress-free life, we need resrvations. i request those who are against the reservations to come forward and make it possible as soon as early we can reach it. then reservation will go down automatically.thanks for the place given for my views.

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  31. true indian 3 years ago

    @@SO what you are trying to say that this move of having reservation will encourage ppl to have inter caste marriages just to enjoy benefits of reservation…………..and in the process everyone will be dalit as those with no reservation must have moved to some other countries or must have committed suicide as they have no job to support their family…………….great going man……..Why dont you bring the reservation to 99.99%………….and implement it in both public and private sector……..that way to get a job you have to be from reserved category and you can actually force them to marry someone from reserved category……………………………what i believe that ppl in favour of even .1% of reservation are not only traitors as they are trying to bring country down but also enemy of humanity!!!!!!….be realistic make primary education free for all instead of doing all this crap………………it has been 65 years and not much has changed……………..earlier it was britishers now politicians………formula is still same”divide and rule”………..and it still works!!!!!!

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  32. Arpit Jain 3 years ago

    is there any kind of racial benefits or reservation in any field to blacks in USA..??

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    1. Swapnil 12 months ago

      There were but most of the States banned it and those who have it, now base it on financial backwardness.

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  33. Guest 3 years ago

    the best solution for this problem is economical help & financial help …!!!! than 2 provide reservation..!!! cause students frm its own strenth n hard work will move forward instead of reservaton…!!!!! there are many students frm my coll “” AREY Y 2 STUDY RESERVATION IS THERE WE WILL GET ADMISSION”””””” this should not happen

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    1. Sudheer 1 year ago

      in Andhra Pradesh, free education of higher studies is being provided to students from two years for those who claim to are from economically backward caste(ebc) that is also applicable to general category students…..what worse happened is even the most economically well settled general category students got ebc certificates and claimed the fee reimbursement …….so what am I supposed to say is RESERVATIONS BASED ON FINANCIAL POSITION ALSO DOESNT WORK …….if reservations are spoiling the fate of IITs then why don’t general category or so called merits are not one among the great scientists in the world…….according to statistics people who opposes reservations are the who are loosers and incapable students who doesn’t really have any kind of skills those will better his life and find excuses such as reservations ,financial support ,not good institute,no good friend etc etc…….

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  34. Victor 3 years ago

    this is a stupid article …

    due u know that sc/st’s were not allowed to have education, wealth, lands etc. for thousands of years. sc/st’s are of great population of any other castes. 80% of them are still under poverty line. out of them how many are benefited through reservation ?? reservation must be based on caste.

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    1. Sai Viswanath 4 weeks ago

      If 80% of the SC/ST’s are under the poverty line, then we need to provide reservation based on their income not by caste, that benfits everyone and because of the cast system many of the SC/ST’s are under poverty line till now.

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  35. Aniruddha 3 years ago

    Kranthi : The trauma is terrible and I agree this is unfair but honestly have you met all Brahmins in the world ? If no then giving a genral statement about Brahmins is wrong isn’t it ?

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  36. Rahul Narayan 2 years ago

    It doesn’t take a genius to prove reservations are injustice, but the problem is Caste based reservation and not reservation itself, as people are okay with Economy based reservation .. But when the problem “caste based reservations”, why to clamor only against reservations leaving caste alone!! , if we could wash out caste then these reservations will automatically vanish,
    But, how many of these anti reservation folks speak against caste , how many of them speak about the Injustice done to these low caste Hindus for than 3500 years now, where these people are not even allowed to walk on the roads, for gods sake leave schools, hospitals, and all other social institutions alone, What can be done to compensate the injustice incurred to these unprivileged people. Are these mere 60 years of reservations good enough to heel the wounds that these people have been compelled to suffer from?

    Is there any anti reservation folk here ready to keep his SURNAME aside!! ..
    Until unless Some insane and idiotic writings like Manu Dharma are washed out and HINDUISM itself undergoes some radical and fundamental changes, CASTE will not be uprooted so will be the humiliations and injustice…

    Once reservations are removed, these unprivileged people will again be slowly moved away from the society, which can only take us back to those inhuman and barbarous olden days. Think from the other perception too, before criticizing the reservations .. Cheeers : ) ..

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    1. muthamizh 2 years ago

      Well said…..

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    2. Khan 2 years ago

      What 3500 years… you are taking about.. We only have written history for 1500 years, and rest are just assumptions. Were u there for 3500 years? If that is the case every hindu and sikh should blame Islam for atrocities that were done on them for past 700 years. What a weird logic. It is the same way that if a person is murderer then all his coming generation should be treated as murderer, what a stupid logic.

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      1. Udit 4 months ago

        Vedic era is not an assumption dear… this had been the land of Hindus for a long time before invaders came and ruined everything. Nobody is blaming anybody, invasion is a natural phenomenon in the history of human civilization….so just cheers.!!

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    3. Swapnil 12 months ago

      Caste based reservations were effective when they were introduced as at that time the backward castes were economically backward so the two went hand in hand. Now the situation has changed and this policy needs to be discontinued. Economic condition should be the basis for reservation as this “caste” based system is being misused. When we propagate economic reservations, we are giving the less fortunate, the economically backward a chance to flourish. This ensures that those of the SC/ST/OBC quota who are financially well off and do not need the taxpayers’ money to uplift them will be cut off and the truly “underprivileged people” who ARE economically backward will be taken care of. After all, isn’t socialism a key feature of our constitution?

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  37. muthamizh 2 years ago

    if everyone is given same education from childhood irrespective of caste, religion, poor or rich, urban or rural, than there is no need of reservation on any basis…. but present situation needs reservation based on poverty, and you know one thing in some places some people got rejected in interview just because they belong to lower casts….. and what is your opinion about inter caste marriage……. if everyone is saying that all are equal than everyone is so reluctant to inter caste marriage?

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  38. sajeevknu 1 year ago

    now a days it is seen that the benefit of reservation to backward community is taking only by rich people in the backward community.Its not reaching the poor families in backward communities. only way to overcome this to introduce financial reservation,

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  39. umesh 1 year ago

    instead of doing all this why dont we just collapse the entire cast system.
    Why there should be any bramhanas and shudras. Do you think that removing reservations can enable a sc st personal to walk who is superior in caste category.
    Reservations are our weapon unless that you could have chewd us by now.
    Cast based Reservation should be present there unless and untill there is a cast system.

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  40. anirudh 1 year ago

    shame on Indian politics …..reservation is solely intended to meet the political end of the political wolves of our nation…. they just hijacked the true interests of the county..we as indian are becoming incompetent day following day in international community because we have so many scientists doctors researchers but till the date we have not posted any notable invention….. its one of result of quota system…..please remember sacrifices of our freedom fighters during the freedom struggle…. They envisaged to make India of there dream where equality,humanism is the only cast…..but shame on this Bullshit !

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  41. RITIKA 10 months ago

    Hi Sumedha,
    I read this and it is very helpful. I am a student and my ASL paper is approaching. Can you give me some more information on reservation i.e., how much present % of reservation is given in India and more information on any other cause. Please reply me now only. I am waiting.
    Thank you.
    Have a good future.

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    1. pravin 7 months ago

      Remove one community i.e priest then the entire nation will leave peacefully

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      1. anonymous 2 months ago

        yea right. with no priests india will become an islamic nation.if you guys are against brahmins, you are against hinduism. brahmins are mostly mild people and dont try to harm others. but hell knows why you are against this community when there are so many other castes in oc.

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  42. anmol 6 months ago

    The article is quite impressive and quickly gets to the point of concern. Reservations is debatable topic.
    But reservation based on caste has shown some results. Although the results are not as they should have been but they still have made some difference. So saying that we don’t need caste based reservations puts your article into question.

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    1. Amitesh Kumar 1 month ago

      Yes, I support reservation, We accepting we are not talented as you from many decades…But we are surviving good life that is all by this reservation…..As like many people in our caste also still having no food ,shelter, education…..So we need reservation….Dont blame on us…….Work hard ……Ask govt to give more recruitment but not on our reservation….

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  43. Gagan 1 month ago

    Your article is too good but am unable to understand why There is no movement till took place regarding caste base reservation system?

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    1. sumant singh Rajpot 1 month ago

      Because till now we all are nt a aware about reservation thats why no one standing to abloished the casteism which comes from Reservation

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  44. Namita 4 weeks ago

    Wow…really eye opening. On one side you are telling lower caste is still facing issues in todays world( just one line) and one other side u r telling an entire essay that they should not be given any reservation. On one hand u r telling there is discrimination with them and on another hand u r telling they dont deserve to have reservation based on caste. Its really double mouthed essay. U r telling indirectly that to avoid caste based discrimination we have to remove caste based reservation. Amazing solution really…now tell me for 2500 years upper castes enjoyed 100 % reservation to educations and jobs but then y lower caste faced discrimination for those years. There are 7 dalit women being raped evry day is there a reservation in that y do u not ask or right about that. How many SC / ST colleagues do u have in your institution i bet there is none…even thoug SC/ST are highly qualified u will not hire them…even somehow they manage to do so…because of ur thinking they will not survive in ur institution…tell me if i am wrong. India have f** matrimonial sites based on caste being nationally advertised. I tell u what…if we have 1 SC/ST prime minister and 1 SC/ST media editor and 1 SC/ST main role actor, then u r right to ask for it. Untill then enjoy the 50% reservation.

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  45. Just a human with no gender no religion and no nationality 3 weeks ago

    Reservation is not going to benefit the underprivileged. Reservations in colleges and universities is not what is necessary. What is necessary is that give the underprivileged the equal good quality education that the others receive. Not giving them proper education and then giving them reservations is just like putting a kid in a golden cage-they learn nothing.Let us just hope that we will se no more SC or ST or OBC or GENERAL in any forms in future and let us hope that everyone gets equal education, skills and opportunities. And everyone recognises and receives their freedom and rights.

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