English Honours: An Inside Picture for all the Aspirants

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By Nitum Jain:

While the most sought-after in all of the courses in the Delhi University are the one which offer a sure-shot entry into the corporate world (BCom, Economics Honours and professional courses like BBS, BBE etc), a Bachelors degree in literature, also known as English Honours, too seems to hold a distinct attraction to aspiring students. Counted among the ‘cool’ courses, this one has many takers.

Now English Honours finds so many takers because of the large scope of career options that it still leaves open for its students even after its culmination. Despite the myth that one can only go into the teaching field after graduating from this course, one can also venture into journalism, writing, editing, go for Civil Services, MBA etc. Hence, it automatically also becomes a boon for all those who are yet indecisive about the career path they have to choose.

Its popularity had lead to concerns in the faculty circuit about whether the students choose it for the love of the subject or simply for reputation sakes where they just missed the cut-offs of the abovementioned courses but managed good enough to match the English cut-offs. — And thus CATE was hatched.

The Combined Aptitude Test for English was a means to separate people who were skilled in the ways of English language from the ones who didn’t, whatever their 12th percentage may be. It ensured that even students didn’t enter the wrong course forced by societal pressures to enter DU under a reputable degree course. This particular entrance examination allowed students who would never have gotten into the top-league colleges to get a chance to pursue their passion even if they couldn’t quite manage a good score in their Math or Physics board exams.

The details of the exam can be referred to by the aspirants from the following link: http://entrance.icbse.com/cate/

Aspirants have to keep in mind that pursuing literature is done in its truest sense at college level and is very much different from what one studies in school. One dissects popular texts and poems and the course is not just limited to the syllabi but to a general awareness of one’s surroundings. No one teaches you English here; that is taken as a prerequisite. What you do learn is using that language to address issues in the society and issues that have been prevalent in history. Sometimes students find it difficult to cope with the subject and often wonder why they were being given history and sociology lessons. But it needs to be understood that literature is a record of human civilization and thus a study of literature and human history can never be mutually exclusive.

Rigya Singh, a 1st year student of IP College for Women, and a Trainee Editor of Youth Ki Awaaz, says “It is an amazing course. Very liberating and teaches us to think outside the box. I feel very empowered doing English Honurs.”

Another of the attractions that this course holds is the less study pressure. There is nothing one has to practice (hence less homework) and nothing that you can mug up (hence no 30-day preparation before the exams). You will find many English students calling themselves or being called ‘vella’. But the truth lies in the fact that this is one course where the exams are probably the truest tests of skills; someone’s superior aptitude could never be denied in this arena. So one may not be buckling under the pressure of learning all those sentences, but the pressure of performance and the wish of super-analytical skills plague every English student out there. A few strategically placed hours in the library, a few good reference reads and tons of research can get your boat across that sea of questions which demand minimum 5 page answers each.

Currently, the best faculties for English can be found in St. Stephen’s college, Miranda House and IP College for Women in North Campus, and Jesus and Mary College and Lady Shri Ram College in South Campus. CATE is yet to be applicable in all college and many like Stephen’s still go by the rule of cut-offs (refer to the aforementioned link for a list of colleges under CATE). The course may not run in the leagues of B.Com Hons. but don’t be fooled into thinking that cut-offs would be conveniently low. DU takes out three different sets of cut-offs for each stream- Commerce, Humanities and Science. Commerce usually suffers the highest cut-offs and a few examples of English cut-offs for Commerce students (general category) from last year are:

St. Stephens College- 97%

Ramjas College- 93%

Hansraj- 92%

Even CATE cut-offs, too, are quite high and only students up to rank 400 find themselves among the best colleges. The lesson in these alarming percentage figures is that whatever the course may be, DU is a place everyone wishes to enter into. Demand is much much more than the supply and thus even aspirants for English will find similar hurdles placed in front of them as a student who wishes to get into SRCC.

On a personal note, take a deep breath and I’ll tell you a secret. English language has a lot to do with confidence, why do you think the British were so cocky? My point is, CATE is one of the easiest exams you will ever give because they don’t test what you know, they test how you see things and what you do about it. It’s all a matter of believing in what you think and then putting it in words (which should be more convincing than just impressively long). There are as many perceptions as there are people; the task is to form a more well-rounded perception, which is what this course is about, from its beginning to the very end.

For all those who wish to go for English Honours, it’ll be probably the most liberating and fun ride you’ll have in your life. Many congratulations for your results and a big ‘Good Luck’ for your CATE!

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  1. I’m currently pursuing Masters degree in English. I had set my eyes on this subject when I was in Std 8. My parents were cool with it, but many people questioned why I took a subject which requires me to ‘write more’! Fact is I have always loved to write. And, contrary to most subjects, English allows you great freedom to play with words and you make your own rules here; no formulas, no nothing! Students of B.Tech know how important the subject is. But, there are some who think students from Commerce (B.Com, BBA,etc) make more money, and that’s why boys don’t take it! I have been told this by many of my friends. But, as always, I didn’t care!
    I must thank you for writing such an awesome article.

  2. sanjana

    And plz do even that if i continue doing eng hons and
    do mba ater eng hons which field of mba would be the best

  3. sanjana

    Am in dcac 1st year pursuing eng hons…… am passed my 12th from the sceince stream but didnt wanted to do engineering so i choose d.u as my option .. this was the best college and best course i could get but now pretty much insecure of the decision i made .. as bsc would have provided me with better career options ,, what should i do ?

  4. Aiswarya

    Actually , I am studying MPC math phy and chem right now and my parents want me to do engineering. I don’t like it very much. But, I am from an ICSE backgroud and scored 94% in 10th boards. I love English and its always been my best subject. I want to do English hons. I read all the previous comments and inferred that CATE is removed for the year 2014. Is that true? And will be able to get into a good university though i am not from delhi? Coz apparently there are no other universities in India with good faculty. I am totally confused! please help!

  5. Aiswarya

    Hi! Im a student doing my 12th grade in Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh. Is CATE held only in Delhi? Can’t we write it online? Will my chances of getting into one of the universities be narrowed down because i dont belong to Dehli? Please answer these questions and help!

  6. Tanya

    Which is the best choice, lsr, stephens, Miranda house or Hindu? I’m stuck.

  7. Tanya

    I’d be very grateful if you could solve my query. An indecision, if you will. I really love English and plan to take it up after my 12. But I’m confused between LSR and Stephen’s. I’m inclined towards LSR, somehow. Please help! Btw why were the cutoffs lower in stephens for english than lsr? Any idea? Thanks a lot!

  8. Kavya Vidyarthi

    English honours truly is much beyond developing a career in teaching… it provides a base in EVERY competitive exam we might want to take after graduation. A wonderful base for media and journalism, civil services, public relations and one can even take a degree in MBA post English hons. Truly a much needed article.

  9. Sj

    Hey i’ve got english honours in miranda house. Can u pls give me some tips to get good marks in english?? Also how can i improve my writing skills.. Waiting for your reply, thanks! :-)

  10. Bhavna

    I am really confused between English(hons) and b.el.ed. Actually I am inclined towards civil services after graduation. What should I opt amongst these two. And also I Have applied both the courses in amity university. Which course has a better faculty?
    Please do reply as early as possible. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

    • Nitum Jain


      I will be misleading you if I give you a decision on which course will be better in Amity, as I have scarce knowledge of these particular courses from the university. But what I do know of these two courses in general is that they can’t really be compared as one is an academic course and the other professional. You will have a better job probability in B.El.Ed. But if you are ready to study minimum 3 years more after B.A. English and go for lectureship (or do a B.Ed. after it for English teacher positions in senior secondary schooling) then by all means, go for English. So the answer boils down to your career choice here.

      • Bhavna

        thanks for your suggestion.

  11. Aman Khetarpal

    Learning any other foreign language with English hons. does give a good opportunity ahead..???

    • Gandharv koushiy

      What about my question aman

    • Nitum Jain

      Aman, I won’t say it will provide you any extra opportunity to do English simply because English Hons is not a language course but a Literature study course. English is a language which is taught in India from primary levels, so its not an advantage. Doing a foreign language course with any course will have the same opportunities as doing it with English. I hope that answers your query sufficiently. :)

  12. Gandharv koushiy

    i have got admisaion in english h. in kirorimal college
    , but i have qualified for the cut offs of all the colleges of north cpus except st. stephens.
    so which college would be best for me. please tell

    • Nitum Jain


      I suppose it’s too late for the answer, but if it helps, KMC has a pretty good faculty and the only other Co-ed college I would recommend if you do want to upgrade, is Hindu. The best faculties, unfortunately, are mostly women’s colleges and Stephens. But if you have decided on KMC, then many congratulations!

  13. chessie

    i want to go into corporate world as i m a comm student so doing english hon. has good scope for me or not

    • Nitum Jain

      Honestly, Chessie, for the corporate world, I would recommend you not to do English. I mean you can do MBA after English but that is when you wish to change career paths. But if you have already decided on Corporate, then I recommend you to take more Commerce-related courses.

  14. SJ

    And yes more importantly, is english hons scoring? I’ve heard that you can score in 60s if u read ur text well but not more than that.. Is this true? :/

    • Nitum Jain

      I would agree with you on the scoring. Till the time the Annual Mode was there, the scores were pretty low. With perhaps 4 people in a class getting 60% and above. But the changing systems in DU, like the semester system and now FYUP have increased scores in English, so I suppose there is hope.

  15. SJ

    Hello. Please reply to me as soon as possible. I always had great interest in history and cultural studies. My basic aim in life is to become a travel show host, i want to travel the world. My emphasis is more on doing add on courses. So my question is that would eng hons allow me to study certificate courses in french, tourism etc? I mean is eng hons difficult? I love reading but my writing skills are poor. Im really confused between hist and eng..i like hist more but i feel that hist wont allow me to learn a new lang. Help pls! :)

    • Nitum Jain

      Hello SJ

      I know it is probably too late an answer but if it helps, any course you wish to do can be done along with English because I as have mentioned above, it’s a pretty breezy ride. You have plenty of time to do other things.
      As you have mentioned writing skills, those are absolutely necessary, so I recommend History in that case.

  16. akanksha

    I’ve scored pretty low in my boards. 75 % with PCM. (CBSE board). However, my best four is exactly 80%.
    In spite of people telling me that there’s no scope after English Honors, I really want to go for it. I’ve filled in the common pre admission form for DU. But CATE is discontinued from this year, and the cut offs would be really high.
    Do i still have any chance of getting into DU with my best four being 80%? According to last year’s cut offs, I am getting Ramanujan college. Is it a good one when it comes to the faculty? Please help!

  17. Hemant

    so i filled up the admission form for du,but my marks in 12th are pretty low(BEST four : 68%). Do i still have a chance to get admission in one of its colleges? And if i get a less known college,will i have the same future opportunities as others will? Also if i couldn’t get admission in DU,can i try in other universities like MDU(Rohtak),KU(Kurukshetra),i mean Are their Eng Hons degree beneficial too?
    Hoping for a quick and detailed reply,thank you :)

    • Nitum Jain


      I suppose it’s late now but I would still like to answer your question. Unfortunately, since CATE has been removed, the cut-offs for English are extremely high.
      A less-known college will definitely have a poorer faculty but if you read your texts properly and go through available research material, I am sure hardwork will pay off. The name of college is of little importance then, if you have the marks.
      I would say that you can pursue degrees from other universities too but yes, that would be a little detrimental when it comes to search from jobs as there are many applicants for one vacancy. But you can try for MA from a premier university, or go for school education by doing B. Ed., which too is a great career option.
      I hope this helps.

  18. aniket basu

    I got 95 in HSC in 2013 in CBSE . total 74% in science stream……. can i get admission in English in hindu.???

    • Nitum Jain


      You have to sit for CATE which is the entrance test for English in Hindu. The score is considered for admission.

  19. Alankrita

    hey…i am a class XII student and i wish to go for eng hons but I am not really sure of the career option.
    Would you also suggest some career options too?
    Your article was really inspiring :)

    • Nitum Jain


      What I would always suggest is to be sure of the career option first and then see if you want to do English Honours in the journey to that goal. But since you are asking me the converse, I shall try my best to help in that. English-related career options are plenty – there is obviously academics, then there is media and lastly the copyright, editing and translating industry is soaring nowadays.
      If per chance, you change your mind by the end of the course, there is always the well-trodden path through MBA or Law course afterward. I hope this helps! :)

  20. megha sethi

    dear sir ive read all your answers.they were very helpful. im going to give cate this year (2013)
    i want to know whether there is an option to take other languages as well say french latin etc…
    along side english hons. ?

    • Nitum Jain

      Of course you can apply for language courses available in colleges such as Hindu and Daulat Ram alongside. Those however will be diploma/certificate courses and not degree ones as you can only do one degree course at a time. These usually hold classes in the weekends, and after college hours.

  21. mikky jha

    i am in eleventh standard n have a lot of interest in english..even i get highest markks in my class..i love reading novels n i have a strong passion towards english n want to make ma career in that..i just want mental satisfaction in whatever i do..pls tell me what i should switch to after completing my school as english my first priority????

    • I am a student from kolkata reading in class 12. I love literature n I am dreaming to persue my carrier with english hons after my boards. Its just that i had to take up commerce as my streem after passing class 10 due to some personal reasons, rather against my wish. I got a 88% in english in my ICSE. Now the point is I am weak in accounts. my question is do this subject really matters if i want to opt for english as my subject in future? If my marks for this subject is not good, will It be effecting my hons? I am anytime a 90% student in english (according to my teachers) n i love this subject a lot. I love reading stories n novels. please help.

      • Nitum Jain


        It is only your overall score in your 12th result that matter, that too only in college admissions. Otherwise, the score you get in school in English or in any other subject have no consequence in the course itself. The marks that will matter are the ones you get in college as they would be considered when you apply in a field related to English or English Literature.

    • Nitum Jain

      Nikky, as I have said in the article, the course is not just about Literature but the history of the world contained in Literature. So if it still rocks your boat, then I don’t think anything else can give you more mental satisfaction!
      However, the first priority should always be your end goal – the career you wish for in life. I have listed all the careers one can go for after doing BA Hons English, and if you wish for a career among them, then by all means do go for English Hons after your 12th standard graduation.

  22. Soham Goswami

    This was really interesting. Just completed my boards this year and I really want to get into Eng. Hons; can anyone tell me if the CATE will still be held this year? Also, does anyone know if Jadavpur University is also a good place to study the course? Lastly, is it a good idea to study law (LLB) after English Hons, or BA LLB directly?

    Thanks very much!

    • Nitum Jain

      Sohan, CATE has been removed as the new 4-year-course has been introduced. The new framework at DU is a mess and so the University portal itself is perhaps the best place to visit.
      I personally wouldn’t recommend Jadavpur University.
      And its better to do BA in English than the 5 year Law programme after school. But I do understand that with the new format, it will cost a student a total of 7 years so I suppose it becomes a personal choice. If you can devote that much time to that career path, nothing could be better.

  23. Anirudh

    It was a very helpful article! so here is my situation I am doing a 3 year French course and I want to do a degree course along with it.I have to choose between BCA and English hons. personally I feel like doing English hons. but people all around say it has not much scope. Also I am planning to do MBA after my graduation. Just in case i don’t do MBA will English hons. and French be a good combo? please advice me. Thank you.

    • Nitum Jain


      I will be honest and say that English will not give you an extra edge, except perhaps making you more confident and polished to make an impact in job interviews. French will certainly help as foreign languages are valued and have weightage in transfer decisions.

      • Nitum Jain

        But I do think that you should go for a professional course instead of English because doing two language courses, especially when none of the two languages is obscure (rarer the language is, more opportunity in translation and interpretation sector). The career prospects otherwise will be dim.

  24. Anirudh

    It was a very helpful article! so here is my situation I am doing a 3 year French course and i also want to do a degree course along with it. I am confused between BCA and English hons. Personally i feel like doing English hons with my French course but people say it has no scope. I am planing to do MBA after my graduation so will English hons. be any help for my MBA. Suppose i am not able to do MBA then will English hons. and French be a good combo? please help me out. Thank you.

  25. aastha

    I have come to know from my teachers that Punjab university basically Chandigarh offers very good english hons. course as well! Is it like if I go for Chandigarh it would be equally fruitful?

    • Nitum Jain

      Aastha, I would give DU the designation of the best place to do English Lit. (after JNU). I am not too sure of Chandigarh university. Perhaps you can also try for Jamia Millia Islamia.

  26. Aashi

    It was a very helpful article! I have to do BA(hons) English and I really love reading too would you mind suggesting where can I do this course apart from DU?

    • Nitum Jain


      English Literature is a course available in most deemed universities all over the country. If you do not live in Delhi, you can enroll into your regional university.
      As such, no proper course of the same is taught at any private university.

  27. muskan

    i am very confused for my career option…i have been thinking of a lot many one options at a single time…but my interest in English is always at top of my list…but now i am totally confused what to do after English hon??

    • Nitum Jain

      You can do a number of things after English Honours as I have mentioned. Though I concede that the luck wouldn’t be on your side if you wish to get a job after college because college placements are usually for the corporate sector, but you can enter the same after doing an MBA.

  28. radhika

    should i join any coaching institute for cate preperations??

    • Nitum Jain


      I have seen very many bogus centres offering coaching for the same but do ask exactly what they’d be teaching you as if they are offering to teach bits of 1st year course etc, don’t go.
      Besides, if you feel confident in your English skills and read sufficiently, you’d be fine.

  29. Jaya

    what preperation is a prerequisite for CATE ?

    • Nitum Jain


      CATE has two sections. One is multiple choice where it tests your language skills as well as your knowledge of the world of Literature (this is where you can lose or earn most marks, depending on your knowledge – though do not be intimidated as it is not very difficult for anyone who likes to read), the second set is subjective and mostly from what you have already done in school.

      You can’t really study for CATE but yes, you can brush up on your own course poems etc.

  30. Spandana

    CATE is 75% exam score + 25% Board results, you said. I was wondering if the Board results they consider are your overall average- or is it just your score on English?

    • Nitum Jain


      They consider your best 4 average and not just English so you will have to concentrate on your papers. All the best for your exams!

  31. sahil

    actually i passed this year(2012)12th with commerce without maths with 75%(best 4) and so confusingly i have taken admmision to BCA in IP university, and shockly i came to know in BCA , maths and physics is there, as my subject.i am studying from 3months in this college and it does’nt feel me excited or good even students are not giving compettiton to me ,like not some innovative ,creative so i think i m better than all of them, also faculty is not impressive, also college is far from my home BECAUSE of all these reasons i am also supressed, and one day IN AUG i just open d cut off list of DU and saw ENG(H)and bcom , in b com cut off is against my perc. in eng(h) i saw there are without cate colleges also like ramanujam and aurbindo are in favour of my perc. but i m late this year. SO i am thinking next year for eng h and i m thinking this beacause side by side i want to do german language. from du also from d next yr, please suggest me i m thinking good,,,also tell me, if Eng H i do next year obviously i will appear CATE if i can’t get good rank, then colleges which r without cate which college is good between aurbindo and ramanujam(deshbhandu). pls reply i m too confused…after reading this..

    1st.- tell me as you know i have no interst in bca so its good to opt eng h. and german.next year

    2nd-which college is good between aurbindo and ramanujam(deshbhandu).

    • Nitum Jain

      Dear Sahil

      If you are creatively inclined and like to read then English Hons or any language course if a good option for you.

      Also I would ask you to try for CATE before you decide on either of the colleges as they do not particularly rank high on the list of good English faculties in the universities. As for a choice between the two, they are about the same level but I would ask you to consider leaving your course on the basis of these two.
      Its best to change streams if you make the cut-off (CATE or otherwise) of a college with a good English dept.

  32. Shubhra

    I just want to know if miranda house & Lady Shri Ram College takes cate or they refer to tthe cut-offs?

    • Nitum Jain


      Both these colleges consider CATE results but you need to know that your CATE score is a mix of 75% exam score + 25% Board results.

  33. Vishal Rana

    what can we do after doing BA in english honors and MA in law ?

    • Nitum Jain

      I am sure you mean LL.B as you cannot do Masters in a subject that you haven’t done Bachelors in.
      You can do anything in the field of Law, if you wish. Sit for judiciary exams even.
      Also, you can sit for the civil services examination.
      But, I will only be able to give you a more definite answer if you could explain more about why you took up English and then Law next.

    • Nitum Jain

      Yes, Vishal, you most certainly can! In fact its quite lucrative if you wish to go into advocacy.

  34. piyali

    presently i’m a 3rd year student in english honours..can someone plzz suggest me with what should be my take on this stream?..like any possible and useful courses that can be done along with this that will be helpful for my further success in this field?

    • Nitum Jain


      You can do MA and go for a lecturer position or you can do B. Ed. for teaching positions. Otherwise you can intern at any reputable media house so its easier to step into that field once you graduate (you can also post-graduate in a Journalism or Mass Media course).
      As I have mentioned, Civil Services is an option as well.

  35. Amanda

    What exactly should be my daily routine for studying.. no acing.. Eng Hons?

    • Nitum Jain

      I won’t prescribe a daily routine but I would say that be regular with reading beyond what is prescribed in your syllabi. Make the library a familiar place. Always read the critical essays in the textbook and also look for other essays by known critics. You can consult your teachers regarding the critics; I am sure they will be more that happy to help.
      Also, always read your texts before they are taught in class, and re-read a text of you feel you are forgetting- Never leave reading of the text for the exams as that is the time you have to give them a LAST read and not a FIRST.
      Hope this helps! :)

  36. navneet

    i want to take up eng hons bt i am constantly been told that it has no scope so my parents want me to tahe up b.com(p) and then further study MBA….and now m totally confused….i even missed my counselling for b.el.ed….what di i do now?

    • Being an English Honours student, I will strongly recommend you to do what you want. If you are not interested in B.Com, do not take it. English Honours has a lot of scope. Publishing, Editing, Teaching, Journalism, IAS, Literary Agent and so forth. It is so much fun to do.

    • Nitum Jain

      Rest assured, You can do MBA after English and will in fact get more time for your MBA coaching than B. Com. Also, I would caution you against B. El. Ed as it is a limiting course.

  37. twinkle

    hey thanx a lot .dis information has proved to be very productive.
    bt i would like to know that is the faculty for english hons good at motilal nehru college or atma ram college??as i m getting through both..

    • Nitum Jain

      The Faculty in both is not much known so I will not be able to tell you exactly. But if you were to compare then they will be about at the same level so you can take admission in any.

  38. ayushi

    is the faculty for english good at shaheed bhagat college?i was getting dcac as well but left it and got into shaheed bhagat.is it good?

    • Nitum Jain

      Both are equally good in terms of Faculty, so I would suggest judge on the basis of other factors as well.

  39. Deeksha Gupta

    Can you please answer this ASAP? I have got into Shaheed Bhagat Singh College for English Hons. and i just recieved my rank for B.el.ed..that is 4th and hence, ill get a college in north campus easily..I love english..and teaching as been a dream of mine..but since englsh hons offers a variety of oppurtunities ahead.i find english honours more rewarding..but b.el.ed will mean a good college in North Campus..what to do?

    • Nitum Jain

      B. El. Ed is good course but you have to understand that it is limiting and once you are in DU you will realise that college name doesn’t matter all that much as we thought when we were in school. Its better to always choose according to the course.

  40. Anahita

    I have got into Kamla nehru college and IP college for women with english hons. But IP is too far from my house. Is Kamla Nehru’s faculty good enough?

    • Nitum Jain


      Very honestly, IP has a much better faculty in English but if North Campus is very difficult for you to commute to every day, then I suppose you should go for KNC. It only falls behind relatively, but on its own, KNC is quite good.

  41. Anamika Kanchanbaras

    hey NICE INFO BUT NOW can you tell me that can i get a job after english honours in the corporate world and is MA in eng. compulsory or imp. after eng. (H)?

    • Nitum Jain


      MA in English is not compulsory and is usually for people who want to go for lectureship As for a job in the corporate world- you can always do an MBA after your graduation. Options after English Hons are many; there is civil services, there is MA in other subjects such as Law, International Relations etc. In today’s world, it hardly matters what undergraduate course you do, as for corporate, a person from any field can apply for it.

  42. Prateek

    I’ve qualified for the interview round of BA English(honours) of St Stephen’s college. I would like to have some tips regarding how can I clear the interview. Anythng that can help me in the interview is welcome.

    • NitumJ

      For the interview, they are not going to ask you any tough questions. They will be instead be noting your use of English and confidence in the language. Also, typical questions like your favourite literary piece can come, for which they may ask what you liked about that book etc. Stephen’s conducts a very vague interview for all its aspirants, its not subject-specific or has any questions that you can prepare for. Its more like they judge you if you have it in you to be a Stephanian or not. Kind of pompous of them, but well, that’s their MO. Don’t worry or panic, that’s all I can advise. Good luck!

  43. Rebecca

    I’ve got into JMC and Miranda for English.
    What would be a better option?

    • Congratulations! Both colleges in name of prestige are equally renowned. I think it depends more on your location according to which you should choose between the South Campus and North Campus. Miranda does have an excellent faculty in English but if JMC proves to be more convenient location-wise then don’t hesitate to go for it as its pretty good too. I hope this helps. :)

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