NUMB: A Poem Against Sexual Abuse

Posted on June 30, 2011 in Society

By Reeti Singh:

Numb…I feel numb through it all…
I know you’re there…I know you’re wronging me…
That’s all I have left in my mind…
you numbed my voice…you forgot to numb me?

You numbed my voice…you numbed my flesh,
Numbed my mind…numbed my sight…
You forgot to numb me?

You stole me-
A child!
Away from home, away from my cradle…
Cowards! Cowards are you!
You numbed my voice, you forgot to numb me!?

You thought I couldn’t see you?
You thought I’d sleep through while you stole my dearest from me?
You left me, open in the fields!
My dear sirs…it was cold, you know it!
I still can feel the cold metal of the bench against my skin…
Just as I could feel your hands…everywhere.
You beat me…the other laughed!
Oh! How it rings in my ears!

Cowards are you!
You numbed my voice…you numbed my flesh,
Numbed my mind…numbed my sight…
You forgot to numb me?

I spend my day,
Now in a daze…
All the familiar now seems a haze…
My cradle doesn’t feel mine anymore!
You’re a thief!
you stole not only of me…you stole from me…
am angry now!
Am angry now, but my voice is numb…
Am scared now, but my tears are numbed…
Am in pain now!
Dear sirs, can the pain be numbed?

Can your laughter be numbed?
Can your hands be numbed?
Can you be numbed?
You cease to feel that am only numbed, not dead…
You cease to think that I will wake up…
You cease to feel the pain I do…
Sirs, I scream and scream and scream!
But how you’ve numbed each one of them!
I scream within, I wreath within,
Oh! How you cease to pause!

The night is dark,
And so is your mind!
Lost in a few flashes, all that was mine…
Applauses for you, dear sirs…
I remember not your face,
But your hands will I ever forget?
Your beating will I ever forget?
Your laughter will I ever forget?

You left me there, out in the cold…
A piece of rag, ain’t i?
Nobody’s daughter, nobody’s friend?
Or did you think you can numb me into being nothing?
Am sorry, dear sirs!
You failed here…

The night is now past,
I sit here now, on this steel expanse,
You succeeded, my dear sirs,
I now sit bare, not bare just in front of you,
But here, on this expanse…
To make note of your deeds…
In one night, you took away my covers…
You numbed me forever.
A silent tear runs down my cheek, as I now sit bare again…
This time, on my own,
I still feel numb as I see my clothes being “handled”…
The tear drops as I am told to bend…
Bare am i…
No longer, numb, my dear sirs,
No longer numb…
No longer, numb, my dear sirs,
No longer numb…!

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tears in my eyes and knees shaking . you’re not just a good writer, you’re perfection. so damn precise!


OMG.. this poem… it drove me mad… i cud feel those pain again… i just went through molestation.. nd m still dying inide…. i cant imagine what i would have if i was raped… this poem is amazing and good to know that some one else understand my feelings… very very well written.. the words a so sharp.. i feel like i could tell those to my molester

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