Uttar Pradesh Breeding Rapists; 5 Cases In 10 Days

Posted on June 21, 2011 in Society

By Alam Bains:

A 14-year-old girls’ dead body was found hanging from a dupatta in the police station compound of Lakhimpur Kheri Village in Uttar Pradesh. The Girl’s parents, Tarannum and Intezam Ali, claim that their daughter was raped and murdered by the policemen after she went missing on Friday morning. The girl had taken the cattle for grazing and did not return. Her mother noticed injury marks on her body but the police insisted that it is a case of suicide and told them to “take the body and run away”. They were later offered money to keep quiet.

Eleven cops, including the Station Head Officer, were suspended and the body was sent for autopsy. The first autopsy report claimed that the cause of death was asphyxiation due to hanging. This triggered angry reactions from the people, activists and the media. Under pressure, Chief Minister Mayawati ordered a fresh autopsy which said that the teen died because of strangulation but did not confirm rape. Four policemen – Constable Ram Chandra Kumar, Sub-Inspector BK Singh, Constable Uma Shanker and Constable Shiv Kumar – have been arrested on charges of tampering of evidence. Lakhimpur Kheri’s Superindent of Police, DK Rai, has been transferred.

The three doctors who carried out the first autopsy have been suspended. Mayawati has ordered a CB-CID enquiry into the matter but the congress is demanding a CBI enquiry as they believe that this CB-CID probe is a cover up. The National Human Rights Commission and the National Commission For Women have issued notices to the U.P Government but Mayawati went on to say that “NHRC and NCW are trying to malign the state Govt. They are behaving like a political opposition. They are hand in glove with the opposition”

This incident is another in a series of barbaric acts carried out by the police. The Police is trying to cover up as much as they can. Women’s activist Madhu Kishwar said, “The biggest threat to the people of India is from the police of India… I think we have the most lawless and criminalized police system in the world”. What is one supposed to do when the people who are supposed to protect the citizens turn perpetrators?

As of publishing, 5 more rape cases have been committed in Uttar Pradesh.

Let’s make our voices heard and do our bit to support the girl’s parents in their fight for justice and ensure that the policemen involved are given stringent punishment which may act as a deterrent to these criminals in uniform.

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Safety service men itself are spreading the poison!!
Yet another unfortunate incident in U.P. It’s high time to take a stringent action toward/against such cases which is not only making life of U.P girls/women as hell but it is effecting the living of every single female in India.

Your article talks about the facts of the whole issue which should be spread out among every corner of the Indian society!

Keep posting!
Good Luck..


Rape can not and must not become an issue which is politicized.
I am not referring to the fact that it is discussed on the government level which I definitely think it Needs to be – the fact of the matter is now, Mayawati has come under attack for her earlier silence and attitude towards the increasing rape cases which was initially – denial. She is supposed to have claimed, that the crimes against women in UP as compared to other States is less.
Which at least given the last few days and hours, has proved baseless.
The “Silence” was not only at the highest level of govt authority but also from the State Women Commission of UP who as Alka Pande in her article on this matter points out – made no remark on the issue of rape and the increasing attacks this week. ( http://www.indiablooms.com/NewsDetailsPage/newsDetails210611d.php)
State Congress chief – Rita Bahugana Joshi has called for a disbandment of the commission as expressed in Indian Express (http://www.indianexpress.com/news/joshi-seeks-disbanding-of-state-women-commission/806565/)
There is very little that makes the issue of Rape worse – as to emphasize that there is a more heinous crime – in my opinion is 100% wrong! But what definitely makes it worse is that the head of UP is a Woman – who isnt acting fast enough to ensure safety to the women of her state and is instead pulling out statistics to prove that there are such cases across the country.
Is this what our governments have come to? Instead of accepting responsibility – insisting that its not UP that is Rape Capital – but trying to show -“THIS HAPPENS ACROSS INDIA” ???!!! What’s Next??!!!

    Alam Bains

    Hi Radhika,
    You are absolutely right.The fact that a woman who also happens to the Chief Minister of the state is trying to dilute the issue by giving statistics of other states is utterly ridiculous.Moreover, in this particular case, it is the policemen who are the perpetrators.Any criticism of the Mayawati Government and its maladministration or lawlessness is termed as political movement to malign her image.It is high time that she took women’s safety seriously and takes stringent action against those involved in order to create a safer environment for women in the state.


Issues like this need to be raised.
Nice article…:).

    Kunal Balsara

    Is this only a article?? Or we need to learn something from this and start working on it??? And what brings the smile on your face? Sorry but i wish to share my views and want to know the reason for the smile.

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