Life Has A Role To Play! #POEM

Posted on July 31, 2011 in Short Stories & Poems

By Nandini Garg:

Far and far I tried to reach
But never could keep my silence asleep.
For better or for worse I did not know
That I had to surrender all my needs.

Time to time I came across
The different versions
Of all I knew, but never ever I thought
Of the roles that were kept for few.

Thinking of all the colours of life
As to how it turns into black and white.
Such strange roles do we all perform
That we don’t come to know as to when our parts are over after all.

The image we portray is familiar to all
But no one knows the pretentious of it all.
As another fact of life that comes our way.
We know our parts are not meant for all, by the way!

I play my part and go forward but something upholds me from behind,
Why can’t I rise, why can’t I laugh?
Is this how I am going to play my role?
I know you all are full of surprises and you have something stored in, for all

But one thing that always comes to my mind
If I am one of them all?!
Never said a word, sulked in silence,
Ever thought as to why?

The only answer was the river never stops
And always continues to sway.
What you are in life hardly ever matters,
What you think doesn’t as well.

Don’t believe as to what I say
You might get a better role than me to play.
Here are your chances, here are your goals.
Don’t surrender for the sake of all.

Choose your path, choose your goal
As there are many who don’t ever get to play a role.
Take an oath, take a path.
Lead the others and never follow blind.

Sincerity and patience is all that you need
As life is nothing but what you want it to be.
Be a fighter, stand with pride.
You are the lucky one
Who’s got two chances in life!!

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