The Young Senior: Magical Hands at Work

Posted on August 17, 2011 in Culture-Vulture

By Mahalakshmi Ganapathy

Life after retirement is another important point in one’s life. It is a period wherein one is actually free from all responsibilities and duties, but is a also a stage when insecurity and a feeling of being unproductive creeps in. In this nuclear and fast paced world, we often think whether we are an obstacle or trouble to the people around. Some get lost in the whirlpool of thoughts that cloud them but there are some who feel renewed, get a feeling of real independence and enjoy life on one’s terms. One such person emitting this positive spark and not being bogged down by doubts and questions is Mr Potdar.

An engineer and consultant by profession Kamlakar Vasantrao Potdar bade goodbye and sought retirement from TELCO, Pune in 2003 and thus found time to convert his hobby of bringing into such life forms from items found at home since his childhood days into his full time passion. Since the beginning he would like to create toys, creatures and interesting items and would want to share his creations with people around him, and just watch the way it would light up many a faces.

His objects and works of art have been showcased in many a schools and exhibitions and has been received with a lot of awe and praise for his creativity. A chance encounter with Mr Arvind Gupta at the Muktangan Vignan Shodhika at IUCAA, made him pursue this art seriously, especially after Mr Gupta praised him and even showcased his works in his websites and educational tools.

Entering Mr Potdar’s home, one cannot miss the articles made out of cut plastic bottles, miniature wind mills, dancing men and women made of wires and discarded brushes, pencil drawings and paintings with such fine detail. The walls have items made of straws, thermocol, insects made of paper and groundnut shells. Also his paper flowers, dolls, footwear, insects made from telephone wires and erasers, all form part of his ever expanding creations. His art work reflects his simplicity and eye for using items easily discarded and available in our surroundings.


His motto is simple: to create  new items, bringing cheer and happiness to people and being busy using his time in a fruitful manner. He has often been praised, which only gives him reinforcement to make newer and better things and also teach kids how to do the same. He is known to the children in the building as “Potdar kaka” who always entertains them by making new models of aeroplanes, helicopters, cars and trucks. He not only creates but also spreads cheer and happiness by gifting his new creations to whomsoever comes to his home. He also shares with great passion his endeavour to bring in an element among children to create and innovate and thereby learn new things as they grow up.

We all somewhere have a child hidden within us and somewhere down the years have become so busy that we have buried that child. But there are some like our Potdar uncle who, with their child like enthusiasm and creativity, want to spread a thousand smiles along the way.

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Deepak Dalai

I have had the privilege of getting to see Sir’s work in person. N you really need to actually see it to be able to appreciate the brilliance he exhibits in the most humble of his creations. Keep up the good work sir.



hey hi deepak,I have seen his work and was really amazed by the creativity…….kudos to uncle

Ramamoorthy N

Dear Sirs / Madam,

I’m Ramesh, 49 years old, male, unmarried, purely vegetarian, professionally employed with a precision engineering manufacturing company solely handling account and administration for the past 3 years. Previously I was employed as a “Manager” with Tata Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society Ltd., (Bombay House), Mumbai and due to circumstances beyond my control I had to quit the job.

I’m very much pleased that I could find you in this site of acquaintances and knowledge and should admit that I am very much become interested in you.

I am living with my widowed sister, Rama and my nephew Adarsh who is doing 3rd year diploma in Electronics & Telecommunications field with Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Polytechnic College @ Chembur, Mumbai. After completing the diploma he would like to pursue for a degree in the same field.

In this current year he has to prepare and submit any new electronic projects to the College as a part of his curriculum.

I hereby request if you can to please provide me with a few tips by which he can handle the project and submit the same to enable to get good marks in his career.

Your earnest and extended co-operation is solicited and will be much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Ramesh N
T. V. Chidambaran Marg,
Sion (East),
Maharashtra – 400 022.
(email) – [email protected]


    Hello Sir,

    I am not able to understand whether you are seeking help from me or Mr Potdar about whom I have written ,because he is an engineer

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