Carnival Of Rust #POEM

Posted on September 23, 2011 in Short Stories & Poems

By Shivendra Pati Tripathi:

I know I’m tied,
to live the obverse
of what I desired.

With my limbs fatigued
of crawling back.
After every defeat.

With two scorched and dull eyes,
of facing the sun’s cruelty,
and my society’s demise.

Now ‘tis only myself I can trust,
to keep on dancing in this
carnival of rust.

I see my feet tethered,
knowing I can’t,I still try,
my will has not yet withered.

I feel I don’t have many options,
go to sleep ,or keep on breathing
and stop my breaths from being auctioned.

My frail cries of mayday calls,
to this noise of busy footfalls.

They all are players, all over
‘You Shall Not Help’,
is one rule of the game.

I call out to no avail,
you’re crowded yet all alone,
to walk this path of rusty nails.

Now ‘tis only myself I can trust,
to keep on dancing in this
carnival of rust.

Strongest survives,
on the weak
it will thrive.

Minds etched with this thought,
souls lamenting,
to this disposition has them brought.

But somehow..

I guess I was too fast,
to consider myself
an outcast.

As I’m not the only dancer here,
all are unequal yet all the same,
with similar worries and same fears.

I KNOW, I was too fast,
to consider myself
an outcast.

Take each hand
as you walk through the rust
and make them dance,
love, smile and trust.

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reeti singh

b’fully written!
love the rendition, image and the idea. easy to connect, this poem talks of everyday lives, everyday’s passing thoughts that one does think, but lets pass on. well-“tethered”, shivendra. well danced too.

    Shivendra Pati Tripathi

    thanks a lot Reeti! :)

    reeti singh

    When all shall go down, ash down,crumble down to dust-
    What shall remain standing till,
    Is this carnival of rust.

Preeti Tripathi

very well done! :))

Yashi srivastava

Its so beautiful and sensible!!!Keep writing…

    Shivendra Pati Tripathi

    thank you Yashi… :)


superb!!! someone just grew up..:-)

    Shivendra Pati Tripathi



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