Not Safe In My City [Poem About Molestation In Public Transport]

Posted on September 23, 2011 in Short Stories & Poems

By Udita Garg:

Happy I was,
for a new beginning awaited me.
I was happy as I was
nearer to my dreams.

With excitement and some anxiety
after sometime, I boarded a bus in my city
to reach my college on its first day,
and as I was on my way.

I still remember how comfortably,
how easily and fearlessly,
almost as if rightfully
those hands felt me!

I was disgusted,helpless and afraid;
the crowded bus was his aid.
I was angry and tearful
but mostly fearful.

I tried to hit him;
I tried to run away.
I was helpless and he,
shameless and unafraid!

I tried all I could
in hope, stop he would.
But my suffering ended
only with the journey.

And I was shocked
and almost shattered
the man who had stalked
me, to him it did not matter.

But I have this fear;
at nights have this tear.
The incident had shook me
and though it was not first time,
that this way some one took me
but I fear every day and night.

And sometimes in nightmares I fight
with shameless men who think they have right,
on every woman who pass by
but I still don’t have fearless nights.

Though it happened to me before too
but I, could really not get over through
the plight I suffered that day
and though I travel in bus each day

I can never travel fearlessly
as I don’t feel safe in my city.

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Vijay Vj

Nice poem… Wishes to author for conceiving the feel through poem… Clearly reflects the cruel intentions of most males on women and the nasty face of Indian society… Great! Hope people can change


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