Reservations In India And Why The Concept Needs To Change

Posted on September 12, 2011 in Society

By Tushar Malica:

A country with 49.5% reservation- India. Being a college student there is no better issue that as a citizen affects me. The Indian Constitution provides a quota system which aims to increase social diversity by reserving a certain number of posts in the public sector units, in all public and private educational institutions with some exceptions. Now this great effort of taking the whole country forward together in fact, ruins life of a large number of students every year when results of entrance exams are declared. A person who scored 15 marks less in the entrance is thought to be eligible for the same course where I am denied admission. And I being a general category student. So is the government implying that brains or IQ has nothing to do with higher education but ones last name does?

So our birth in a certain community decides our future! Now this is racism. I understand that there is a lot of variation in the standard of living among Indian families. We have people below poverty line who work on daily wages and people who own a Audi living on the same street. The former living on the footpath by the street and the latter living in a huge mansion situated a little further alongside the footpath. I understand if government wants to give these underprivileged a chance. This kind of reservation is welcomed, but till the school level. After that it should strictly be about quality and not quantity. Every child should be given the right to education- that should be the kind of policy the government should be working about. If every child gets a fair chance to study till class 12th I do not see any reason why there is a need of reservation after that.

We have seen authority’s reaction on the film ‘Aarakshan’. The sheer stubbornness and opposition to the film tells us that a man’s (read Prakash Jha) simple perspective put on the celluloid screen is uncomforting and offensive to them. His thought about the existence of an India within an India is true. Politicians talk about unity and peace. How can India achieve ultimate togetherness when the policy-makers themselves are creating barriers by promoting caste system? Not to forget provoking citizens to indulge in corruption, the most recent being DU scam.

If this is about guarding rights of the minority then why have eunuchs not given reservation? Why have rights of the homosexuals or bisexuals not watched? As far as I can see, they too are not accepted in the society as well. Why does it have to be about our religion or some last name that our ancestors adopted? Every time I would apply to a government job vacancy these questions will disturb me. Each time my son/daughter fails to crack a competitive exam in the future I would console them being puzzled myself. Each time I would look at a less-qualified but senior in position person this question will come to haunt me. I, the general category, am baffled in the truest of sense and with so many different “backward/minority groups”, may need a reservation myself someday.

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Daksha Sharma

hi tushar…
Illuminating article. I like the last para the most… specially this part -“Why have rights of the homosexuals or bisexuals not watched?”
It is vivid that reservation is only creating discrimination. We can take the example of our college, we have 3 girls hostel for general, obc and sc/st. Do we really need that division? And what exactly our university trying to do or evince by making this division. Its a national problem and I think govt. need to grow up now and start acting logically. Thousands of student suffer every year. Wake up…..


Hey ,thanks for this article,I myself have been a vistim of these things and have been for a long time wanting to vent out my frustration via the article medium.See the politicians are the main problem creators and want to keep up the reservation system so as to gain the votes for elections.This is recently manifested in the parties in Pune suddenly springing up for the cause of sc/st and obc that they have started competing by publishing various manifestos and showing off who can write and articulate better than the other.The sad fact which remains is that the people who must be the actual beneficiaries are not even aware about reservations which are just usurped by the few who want reservations and at the same time cry foul over govt policies and over so called upper castes.My question is then why take reservations if you still are going to crib about the policies and people even after being a beneficiary of this system.Also I agree with your point on good quality education till class 12 .If good quality of education for all is provided in the preliminary stages then there would beno need for quotas and sub quotas .My college professor who belongs to ST category drives a skoda ,lives in a posh bunglow but while teaching us talks about atrocities to sc/st’s ,now even though he is very much educated with a PhD ,his daughter and all the coming generations will still continue to get free education and benefits under the reservation bias.Soon a day will come wherein all the capable but those who have been excluded from the education system ,people like us who lose out to category students scoring 35 and 40 pc will agitate and be forced to ask for reservations for us or there will be a huge brain drain to other countries and maybe then our govt would wake up from their ignorance and slumber one day and think about what is to be done to retain hardwork and talent……till then we are all the silent victims to this biased policy


Something tells me that I was not the only one frustrated with this issue. Not to forget, the hypocrisy and double-standards rampant in the society. :)


    nope you are most definitely not alone,infact there are many like you and me who are miffed and frustrated with this situation but choose to pass over it


hey tushar, very nice fact through your article you are voicing the thoughts of millions who have been a victim of this quota system.i believe there is a need of an unbiased system for the youth to pursue higher education. they discriminate on the basis of caste, why not on the basis of financial background? i don’t think that a backward category student who can afford traveling in a luxurious car needs a reservation for anything!

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