Gau Grass Seva: A New Trend Of Feeding Cows #PhotoNama

Posted on October 1, 2011 in PhotoNama

By Jyoti Rathore:

Sri Krishna Gaushala, Bawana, New Delhi has started the Gau Grass Seva (service) for cows. Right now, fifteen Tri-wheelers have been placed in several colonies. They have more than four thousands cows, collected from MCD and those which were given in donation. Their mission is to care for stray, abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen, and orphaned calves. They provide them hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from injuries and stay peacefully. The photos tell the entire story.

Food is usually wasted on the streets.
Stray cows usually eat the junk thrown away on the streets.
Modified rickshaws painted in yellow carrying six steel drums and printed information, moves around the colonies to collect foods from them.
Each drum is for a different kind of foods: chapatis, vegetable peels, hay and so on.
Suresh, rickshaw puller, from Eta, works every day from 8a.m to 1p.m to collect food items for cows.
The cow bell acts as an indicator to call people.
People who have left over food have to contribute come out of their homes on hearing the bell and put the items in the relevant drums.
Once the rickshaw puller has covered the area, he ferries the food to the collectors.
The main collectors from Bawana meet these pullers at one point and collect the edibles.
The edible is then collected in the sack.
The food collected from one locality.
Pashu aahaar (food for animals) is now on its way to Bawana.

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naveen goyal

Gau seva, is the ultimate “yagna “. To serve and protect cows is the prime duty of every Bhakt. To feed cows with grass, to protect them with shelter,provide clean water to drink. We all want to do this, but due to the life style, the city life has made us disabled.


Great job. Please try to spread this concept in all India by contacting all the focal
persons of the gaushala’s. All the gau bhakt need to be united to do Gau Sewa
in various forms. One of them is this one. finally protecting cows is most
important. We need to know that even a non-milking cow (Indian Cow not jersy or
else) is highly useful for us and and our land. There is a great science behind
it. If people wish they can find the facts starting from our Indian mythology
to the modern scientific attempts.

Mahesh Gupta

I want to know the marits scientificaaly/astrolicially of Pehli Roti Gau Ki. How
We tell the common people about this.

Anoop sharma

What is your phone number this is a grate job and i want to help u

Chanchal srivastava

I wish to start this gau grass sewa in my colony.shalimar garden main b-block saibabad. How can we start it.

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