Now You Know It #POEM

Posted on October 18, 2011 in Short Stories & Poems


By Ayushi Vats:

Would an embrace suffice it?
Or shall you give me a better fraction of you?
You seek to know.

I utter not a word, I look into your sight, deep inside.

I summon moxie to pierce through your verve.
I draw you closer to reaffirm the lurve.

You are not embellished with words any more.
I seem to have quitened you down and you may not lure.

My penchant settles in and I feel defined.
The votary shall be me, and master be thou.Kind.

So now you may know,

The Sun canst not be bright, when you do not reside.
The ripples canst not be moist and the Universe canst be flouted.
The Ultimity shall be reached and the Alpha be doubted.
You are the paramount. Preside over me.
Servility.? No. It is not. It is immense glee.

Myriad words have been put down. Some said some held.

Do you now know?

If an embrace would suffice it?
Or shall you give me a better fraction of you?
You sought to know.

I did not vouchsafe to you. I sommer uttered sheer love that shall always grow

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