What Is The Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, And Who Gave Them These Rights?

Posted on October 14, 2011 in Politics at Play, The Opinionated, YKA Editorials

By Anshul Tewari:

Yesterday, 3 men, 1 from Sri Ram Sena, and 2 from the little known Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena barge inside Prashant Bhushan’s office and brutally assault him. Today, foot soldiers of this same Sena protest against Bhushan outside the Patiala House Court and bash up 5 supporters of Prashant Bhushan, again, brutally.

Emerged out of the blue, members of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena have swarmed news headlines since the past 2 days and have managed to get enough coverage to stay in limelight for the next few weeks. What seems more or less like a sub-group of Sri Ram Sena has the audacity to take the law in their own hands, first inside the supreme judicial body in India, and then outside the Patiala House Court. The incident came as two of those arrested for the attack on Bhushan – Vishnu Gupta and Tejendra Pal Bagga – were produced in court today. Both were sent to a day’s judicial custody.

Sadly, video footage shows the police doing not much about the attack that happened today. These goons against the right to freedom of speech and expression seem to be confident enough to deliver justice through fists and feet, a trait demonstrated previously by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, the Shiv Sena, Sri Ram Sena and many more local political hard-line groups.

These close minded citizens of this country, most of them in their 20s seem to be frustrated with life so much so that they would not give it a thought before going for a kill.

Talking of audacity, a member of the Sena clearly stated that they would beat up anyone who passes anti-national statements. Open threat!

Enough of all this. I wonder who gave them the right to take to such heinous methods to deliver their viewpoint? It’s better to stop them before they grow. Period!

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pranav rastogi

प्रशांत जी को सलाह है जो हो गया है उसे बुरा सपना समझ कर भूल जाएँ और हरिद्वार जा कर एकांत मे तीन दिन बिताएँ| पहला दिन आत्म चिंतन करें, दूसरे दिन प्राणायाम तथा तीसरे दिन देश विरोधी ताकतों का चूंकि उन्होने साथ दिया है वह सार्वजनिक रूप से देश की जनता से माफी मांग ले और अपनी सारी ताकत जन लोकपाल बिल के लिए लगाएँ! जय हिंद!

सभी सेकुलर एक बार इस पोस्ट को पूरा पढेँ और और सोँचे कि क्या हिन्दुओँ को अपने देश मेँ हिन्दू होने पर जान गंवानी पडेगी। काश “प्रशांत भूषण” को इनका दर्द समझ मेँ आता।

In the Kashmir region, approximately 300 Kashmiri Pandits were killed between September 1989 to 1990 in various incidents. In early 1990, local Urdu newspapers Aftab and Al Safa called upon Kashmiris to wage jihad against India and ordered the expulsion of all Hindus choosing to remain in Kashmir. In the following days masked men ran in the streets with AK-47 shooting to kill Hindus who would not leave. Notices were placed on the houses of all Hindus, telling them to leave within 24 hours or die. Since March 1990, estimates of between 500,000 to 750,000 pandits have migrated outside Kashmir[citation needed] due to persecution by Islamic fundamentalists in the largest case of ethnic cleansing since the partition of India. The proportion of Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley has declined from about 15% in 1947 to, by some estimates, less than 0.1% since the insurgency in Kashmir took on a religious and sectarian flavor. Many Kashmiri Pandits have been killed by Islamist militants in incidents such as the Wandhama massacre and the 2000 Amarnath pilgrimage massacre. The incidents of massacring and forced eviction have been termed ethnic cleansing by some observers.

At last no matter whether a member of the Sena clearly stated that they would beat up anyone who passes anti-national statements. Its a open threat from every true INDIAN……Those who pass anti national statements, they should hang till death……..and if sometimes violence is needed to suppress anti-national elements, I consider it as a right step..hope u get my point……JAI HIND


Mr. Pranav Rastogi…seems like you are the only patriot Indian in the present market!!

You know what, I would say YOU SHOULD BE HANGED TILL DEATH because you DARE to disrespect the INDIAN CONSTITUTION which upholds freedom of speech, one of the core values of a DEMOCRACY!! By your statement above you have grossly violated Indian Constitution and you should be punished for being a TRAITOR and an ANTI-NATIONAL!! If I meet you ever and I hear you saying the crap you have said I would like to bash your brains out because you disrespect the core values of my country!!


Twesh Mishra

@both hyper active pseudo intellectuals – A strong argument need not be laced with defamatory statement nor is it necessary that a rebuttal is in the form of cross accusation eventually neglecting the crux of the discussion.

1st – I openly condemn the statement by Prashant Bhushan as it suggested that Kashmir is not a part of India, further at the international platform, his statement can be used against India in order to formulate a situation similar to Iran and Gaza. Where by the geographically dominant nation is portrayed as the one who indulged in committing atrocities.

His statements may have a far reaching effect in the international domain, something which we are blatantly overlooking in the present scenario.

2nd – The acts committed by Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena are equally damaging as they would strengthen the claim of the separatists whereby India will be reflected as a dictatorial regime. In the worst case scenario invite action as was against Afghanistan and Iraq.

3rd – We in India need to realize the importance of our rights, the freedom of speech need not be exploited to damage the nation.

P.S. – Mr Tewari, nice write up, to the point and precise. An entertaining debate on facebook was witnessed courtesy this article.


mr. pranav rastogi i think u r not indian you are only hindu. janha tak mujhe pata hai hindu se jyda muslim mare gaye hai kasmir me.


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