Bookaholic: Are You One?

Posted on November 27, 2011 in Specials

By Harinie Thiagarajan:

Have you ever been teased by your friend because you are just too obsessed with the book you are reading; too involved in it that you missed the private joke that you friends cracked in cafeteria? Are you the kind of person who cannot leave a library without borrowing a book or cannot take your hands off the new edition novel for which you have been waiting for ages? Well then, join the club. People call us, “nerds”, “geeks” or “book-worms”. But we call ourselves, “the bookaholics”. It is more fun to be a bookaholic than it seems. Here is how it works.

You start a book, feeling damn bored. Then you get into the heart and soul of it, too absorbed that you have no idea what is going on around you. Hunger and sleep will not even be the matter of concern. The only thing that matters will be to know if the last page of the book rips your heart or heals your scars. Most impossible task will be the one where you had to close your book without getting to run a study-marathon. That’s not all! Days and nights run too fast. You start reading a book and once you decide to stop reading, you notice 3 hours have gone. There are times when you start reading a novel to make your travel less-boring but eventually realize you have missed your stop (Again!!), yet feel clandestinely pleased cause you can have a couple of more time to read during your journey in reverse direction.

The most exciting thing is to follow the author very carefully, listening to every interview to know when his/her book is due. When the date comes, you rush to the nearest book store to grab the first copy. In case you are obsessed with online book reading, you haunt every e-book portal to know if that book had been posted. Every request board contains your thread. There are times when, even after reading 3 to 4 novels in a week, you feel your appetite not satisfied. Books have the amazing ability to transform you to another world. By the time you finish reading a book, you may have laughed, cried, blushed or even cursed the villain in that book.

Most of the novels are converted to movies these days with elaborate screenplay and added characters. But the pleasure of knowing the story from reading a novel is incomparable as you get to get to imagine the casts and the scenes; you let your imagination go wild; sometimes even placing you and your crush in the lead roles of the book.

In case you smiled at any point while reading this article, then you are certainly a bookaholic. And I am proud to say, Welcome aboard!!

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Muthukishor K. Ganesan

Hi Harinie! first of all thanks for introducing me to Youth Ki Awaaz thru ur LinkedIn acc. I cud see me somewhere in your article. its my habit to forget my world ( including food nd water) when i start reading Chetan Bhagat’s or some novel online. Even i’d missed my classes once. so i’d already joined the club it seems.

congrats! bye


@ Muthukishor: Welcome aboard!

Radhika BGhose

The past many years, the internet has taken over: but I couldnt help but smile through the article.
It reminds me of the incredible power if books, and how I do feel once hooked!!
Most of my life I was one, and then I let other aspects of my life take over…
But upon reading this, and finding so many out there, I vow to renew my membership as a Bookaholic for Life!!
( Can we all form an online book-a-holic group and read and discuss together through google hangouts or something…and meet up when in the same city??!!)
Thank you for this reminder, and wake up call!!
Will find and follow you on twitter as well!!!
— A renewed Bookaholic!

Rhea Kumar

i completely relate with this! and i think bookaholic is a much better phrase than bookworm!! 😀

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