Of Scarves And Scars And The Gaze And Liberation #POEM

Posted on November 25, 2011 in Society

By Reeti Singh:

Her scarves, that hide her scars
flutter every now and then…
reveal they much not, but reveal they still-
a marked world’s words, a mapped road’s travel.

Sounds they have nothing to share with you,
Words none either.
If you can peep and see and understand and move on,
The scars that peep through her many scarves that flutter just once in a many whiles-
You’ve been touched by a world beyond the seen,
A world, that has connected by a rare trick of chance…
Gaze back at it, and if her many scarves flutter again
and you see her many hidden scars yet again, gaze into her eyes if you dare
and tell her in words, words that shall stay with her the way her many scars do.

Tell her that her many scarves that flutter are really no use,
they flutter and tell, the tale she hides-
Of every single bruise.

Free her of all the fluttery paraphernalia,
let her breathe…
see beyond the scars, the marked-mapped skin that breaks at places.
look into her eyes,
and if she can hold that gaze, stare right back into your eyes-
not crumble down in “shame”,
you have then liberated her-
and me.

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Dhruv Gargesh

A poets words are priceless HATS OFF \m/

parth juneja

awesome reeti took me on a journey


Nice re……

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