See Me And Let Me Awake: A #Poem On Female Foeticide

By Nitin Dayal:

You show me the knife

And deprive me of life

I too wanna live

There is nothing that I cannot do

There is nothing that I cannot achieve

I am your mother

A friend a lover

I give you the strength to fight

And set things right

You hold my hands

I am the one who understands

I have a dream

A dream to belong

Sing my beautiful song

Please do not make this mistake

See me and let me awake


  1. preeti bharti 4 years ago

    please stop the female foeticide because it is very harmfull for the world.i wants support from all of u in this work.thanks

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  2. Sanyuktaanilsarda 3 years ago

    Female child is called as goddesses.And killing a female chid is to do a crime .”PLEASE STOP IT STOP IT”

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  3. HIMANSHI KATARIA 3 years ago

    its an awesome poem………………………………..
    may be it awakens the youth to protest against it.Its very difficult to see INDIA in this condition where female were recognised as”GODDESS”…………………

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  4. Ananya 3 years ago

    I started crying

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  5. jasmine 2 years ago

    I salute you for this wonderful poem

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  6. Mansi Arora 2 years ago

    beautiful poem

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