Lokpal Bill Passed In Lok Sabha After Much Debate And Voting

Posted on December 28, 2011 in Politics at Play

THIS JUST IN: The Lokpal Bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha with a majority voting in favour of the bill. Even though the BSP and SP walked out of the house, the bill was passed amid heated discussions and debates.

SP and BSP staged a walk out from the Lok Sabha shortly before the voting on the lokpal bill in protest against the government bringing a “weak” legislation.

Lok Sabha was comparatively easy for the UPA, since the house has been dominated by the UPA. The real test will be in the Rajya Sabha where the NDA dominates the house.

Meanwhile, in a strong speech pitching for the Lokpal bill, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday said a final decision on the legislation must rest with parliament and stressed that the CBI should be independent of Lokpal.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha during the debate on the bill tabled last week, the Prime Minister said the bill “lives up to the promise that members of this house collectively made to the people of the country by the way of ‘sense of house'”.

He also said that it is wrong to dub all bureaucracy and politicians as “corrupt” or “dishonest.”

“The broad provisions of the bill have been debated both in public domain and by political parties. It is my honest belief that the bill which is now before the house lives up to the promise that members of this house collectively made to the people of the country by the way of ‘sense of house’,” the prime minister added.

Criticising politicians for passing a ‘weak’ Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare said that dictators are ruling this country.

“Our fight is for the common man. We want justice for him. Even after the departure of Britishers, we are struggling for good governance. It has become difficult for comman man to survive,” he said.

What do you think about the passed Lokpal Bill. Is it the right step by the Government?

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