Slash! Here I Come With Your Birthday Cake #POEM

Posted on December 23, 2011 in Short Stories & Poems

By Reeti Singh:

When shattered pieces of glass lie flat out there on the floor,
And I know you are here not, here not now, here no more….
Wishes blink, the mind yet fears-
Loosing you, sleeping no more in your arms,
Having you around no more when night yet falls…

Lie alone I in our bed, alone and alone, all yet alone-
Alone, all cold-
Old and quiet… need I now so much your being,
Need I now so much your touch-
Need I now so much your love,
Need you now-
Need you so much…

Its all so eerie-
You were here last night,
Last night when our breaths blew smoke-
Last night when you held me tight,
When we cuddled and slept in sweet delight-
Last night when the world went still,
It was here that we lay, naked, robed in content-bliss…

I hug now the sheets, all alone and bare-
Nothing but the dust of your unkept hair,
One that made me so very mad at you all the time-
Come now back, with your dandruff-filled hair,
Have I nothing, but your dust tonight, dust from the head-
Dust from your eyes, that filled me with love,
Filled me with delight…

Come back now, oh, come back tonight-
Lie alone I in our bed, alone and alone, all yet alone-
Alone, all cold-
Alone all night,
Alone all day, alone tonight…

The wind yet blows,
I stare at the open window.
Footsteps carry me from here to the knife-
I sit here now, where you sat often, the chair near the window-
With the arm rest on one side…

I raise my wrist-
And right where you kissed,
Slash I now, little marks right there and my hips-
Little wounds that burn in sweet delight,
Blood that flows like your endless life-
I head to you now as my eyes feel heavy,
I come to you now, where the world is all merry…

Here I come, oh, here I come-
Death shall do us apart no more.
Love shall cease not to bleed and die-
I shall not sleep alone, or I shall sleep no more,
Death shall do us apart no more…

As drops now fall,
Drop down on the floor-
It dawns on me you are here no more!
I seek now to zip back little mistakes I made-
Slashes that made no sense but blinded faith,
Dead not is what I shall be-
I shall live, shall cut your birthday cake.
Year after year if that is what it takes-
I shall keep you alive,
Alive with every single birthday cake.

Days,months , a whole year has now passed-
Your birthday is here,
Here at last!
bake I your cake, sweet and fresh-
Very carefully cast.

Sweet it is as I sit once again on the chair where I once sat bare-
Cake that I cut and a cut that I make,
Here it is, your birthday cake!
Death shall do us apart no more,
Drip-drop blood drops that drop on the floor-
Alone I sit here bare on your chair,
It is your birthday, darling, come cut your cake-
Here I come with your birthday cake…

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Another excellent poem by you. The poem starts and builds itself beautifully. The usage of “slash” at last sent a shiver down my spine. Outstanding work.

    reeti singh

    Thank you, prateeksha!

Juhita Sikdar

Loved your work again!!! well done reeti!!!!

    reeti singh

    thank you, juhita!


reeti!! gud going!! another masterpiece ……awesome u wil indeed get a gud response………..nd keep going like this!! :):)

    reeti singh

    thank you, kshitij!


reeti!!!! another masterpiece ……awesome………… u wil indeed get a gud response………..nd keep going like this!! :):)

urvashi singh

good work… me really very proud of u… :)


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