CCE Education System: Where We Got It Wrong?

Posted on April 10, 2012 in Learning+

By Udit Garg:

In year 2010, Kapil Sibal, chair person of Ministry of Human Resource and Development, under Government of India, introduced CCE Education System also called as Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation Education System in CBSE affiliated school all over the country for classes 6th to 10th.

The proposed benefits of launching new system were:

  •  Reducing stress on students so as to maximize student’s educational output.
  • Constantly looking over student’s performance at small intervals of course for better growth of student.
  • Preventing teachers on using negative comments on student’s performance so that he/she doesn’t get demoralized.
  • Teaching student through various techniques and examples so that he/she understands the concept completely.
  • Increasing the participation of students in the learning process so they experience everything themselves.
  • Participation of student in more and more co-curricular activities so as to recognize the abilities of an academically non-performer into other fields.

According to this system, the marks traditionally allotted to students will be replaced by grades. Each number division is allotted a grade like 45-50 — A1 and all. Nothing is perfect, everything has its pros and cons and the same is with this system.

Though this system has a lot of benefits but I believe that this system refuses students to transfer to other schools after 10th grade because if we take the case of a school which has a very good reputation and is very good overall, why will they take in a student who is from an unknown place and has been educated in a completely different environment as each student is being educated in a different manner now according to the new system? 10th CBSE board examinations assured that the marks/grades students got were uniformly understandable across the country.

The new grading system overlooks the real potential of a student. For example — a student has got 45 marks while another student has got 49 marks, they both will be falling in the same category of A1 grade which is a very big conflict of hard work and luck.

This system also includes the clause of ‘No Fail’ policy under which no student falling in the range of classes will be failed by any educational organization affiliated to CBSE. Now, the thing to notice is that if a student is not prepared enough then also he’ll have to go to next class and study, which will deteriorate his overall performance because his basics of the previous class will still not be clear.

This system is clearly derived from emotional attachment rather than practical commencement. It is to reduce the suicide cases that always crop up in the news. I myself gave 10th and 12th boards so I can derive that students and their parents have unnecessarily made board examinations a matter of life and death which puts more stress on students and they think suicide to be the best option.

I recommend further research into the curriculum, execution and consequences before the CCE Education System is executed in India. I think rather than giving school the right to choose course, I suggest that it must be student who must choose given minimum number of courses and if he/she is not able to cope up in them they should be stayed in the class to learn once again and not jeopardize their career some day in the future because of a shaky foundation.

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Ravi Raj

Cce system of cbse must be close because students are not getting their actual marks and many of the school are sending the marks and they are not sending the actual marks this is not the fair all are getting 10 cgpa and taking science sream and when they give their exam they faill not all bu many sooo what cbse is doing we dont know students do not have basicss due to cce soo plzzz remove this system..

vijay suryawanshi

cce is good but I suggest that do not change it because students have given 1 semister so it would create a problem

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